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OMG Tier List Hub

Tier lists are among the most helpful of all guides. In the case of gacha games, they highlight which characters are worth putting the effort in to unlock and which are best avoided. A good tier list can save you both time and potentially some cash, so we like to put one together for all of the latest releases.

If you play games like Nier Reincarnation, Punishing: Gray Raven, and KonoSuba: Fantastic Days, you can be sure that we've got plenty of helpful tips to help you along on your many adventures.

Down below you'll find a regularly updated list of all of our tier lists. If you don't see one for a new game just yet, chances are we're still working on it, so simply check back later. We've also compiled some of our other guides over on our Roblox guides hub and code guides hub. Now, on with our handy list of tier lists.

A battle breaking out in Nier Reincarnation.
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Our Tier Lists


And that's all of our tier lists so far. We'll keep this hub updated with our latest lists as soon as we release them.