Pokemon Unite tier list (June 2023) - Best Pokemon for ranked

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Image of Pokémon battling to score a point in Pokémon GO.
May 31, 2023: We've added Umbreon to our Pokemon Unite tier list.

Looking for a Pokemon Unite tier list for May 2023? Following the game's first anniversary (and its first world championship coronation), Pokemon Unite has introduced dozens of playable characters since the first wave, with the tier list far deeper now than it was at launch.

Despite the odd nerf, we've used our experience on the ranked ladder and the opinions of top streamers to create the ultimate Pokémon Unite tier list, ranking the best Pokemon in the game right now.

Refer to a Pokemon's individual build guide for their ideal loadouts by clicking their name on the tier list below. It's worth remembering that any Pokémon in the top tier could get trounced if its Held Items and Battle Items aren't ideal. It's what makes the existence of a Pokemon Unite pay to win mechanic a little irritating for new players.

Pokemon Unite tier list (June 2023)

Tier Pokémon
STyranitar, Hoopa, Trevenant, Greedent, Sylveon, Lucario, Zacian, Goodra
ADelphox, Greninja, Espeon, Duraludon, Dragonite, Blastoise, Alolan Ninetales, Cinderace, Crustle, Gengar, Scizor, Zoroark, Lapras, Chandelure, Umbreon
BMew, Aegislash, Decidueye, Mamoswine, Absol, Wigglytuff, Blissey, Gardevoir, Pikachu, Snorlax, Zeraora, Glaceon, Buzzwole, Sableye, Urshifu, Dragapult
CMr. Mime, Garchomp, Machamp, Venusaur, Charizard, Aegislash, Dodrio, Clefable, Comfey
DAzumarill, Eldegoss, Slowbro, Cramorant, Talonflame

Pokemon Unite splits its Pokemon into five categories: Attacker, Speedster, All-Rounder, Defender, and Support. Pokemon largely fit in with where you’d expect them to be, although the lines between Attacker and All-Rounder are especially blurred.

All-Rounders seem to be the easiest to learn, and the best spot for newcomers to enter the game. However, Speedsters in particular seem like they could have the highest skill ceiling.

Not all Pokemon are created equal, but this tier list is a little skewed towards Attackers and high-scorers. Therefore, we've broken down this into separate tier lists for each role. After all, Support Pokemon play an important role in keeping your goal scorers alive, which is difficult to reflect when pitted against each other.

Pikachu ranks high on the Pokémon Unite tier list.
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Pokemon Unite attackers tier list

Tier Pokémon
SSylveon, Chandelure
ADecidueye, Cinderace, Pikachu, Glaceon
BAlolan Ninetales, Gardevoir, Dragapult
CCramorant, Greninja

Pokemon Unite Attackers specialize in dealing incredible amounts of damage: usually from far away. They're able to pressure opponents on lanes early on if left to farm and can easily carry an otherwise lost game in the right conditions. The best rank high in this Pokemon Unite Attacker tier list.


Duraludon is a powerful attacker, armed with strong ranged moves like Laser Focus which lessens the damage taken for a short while. It also boosts basic attacks! The attack can also turn into Dragon Pulse, an incredibly effective move.

As a large Pokemon, Duraludon’s ability is Heavy Metal; allowing it to resist being thrown or moved by an attack once. This can allow some close-up attacks by making a rare opening. Similarly, Duraludon can use its size with Dragon Tail to shove other Pokemon, while also boosting attacks.


Sylveon has absolutely broken the Pokemon Unite meta in just a few short hours. Upon its release on October 6, the Intertwining Pokemon has made Twitter headlines with players parading ridiculous match statistics pages that show 26+ KOs.

The reason for that is Sylveon's rapid scaling. Dealing and receiving damage increases its stats throughout the match. Then choosing to boost that further with an assassin-negating Calm Mind or siphoning HP with Draining Kiss, it's a pick you poison type of Pokemon through and through. It deals increased amounts of damage as the match goes on.

Given it evolves as early as level four, it starts to ramp up in power before most Pokemon even get a decent move. Paired with light CC, Sylveon absolutely shreds through anything but the bulkiest Sp. Def sponges.


Decidueye is Pokemon Unite's idea of a raw ADC—an "attack damage carry" from other MOBA games. It strikes hard, fast, and from a distance, but it can't take much of a punch if it's caught out in the open or lunged upon by a speedster. In ideal conditions, Decidueye can absolutely shred the team, but its success depends on its ability to snowball early on. Its slower start can make this difficult.

Inexperienced players or those who overextend will lose out on this early scaling needed for Decidueye to shine, which can affect the rest of the match. And with a Defender meta emerging in recent patches, sometimes its damage just isn't enough.


Cinderace is a natural attacker, and a fan-favourite starter Pokemon from the Galar region, so it’s no surprise it appears in Pokemon Unite. Only three Generation 8 Pokemon are currently playable in the game, and Cinderace is a great attacking option. It’s got a lot of speed as well as its stellar attack stat, perfect for enacting guerilla tactics on unsuspecting opponents. 

Simply put, it's the best attacker in Pokemon Unite, and that's why it heads up our tier list alongside Pikachu.


It may surprise you to learn that Pikachu has one of the highest attack stats in Pokemon Unite. However, this means its other stats suffer a little bit, and the fact that it doesn’t evolve leaves it a little frail. However, if you can get attacks off without receiving hits in return, Pikachu could be a high-risk, high-reward option. 

Pair it with a Zeraora ganking from the jungle, and you've got a winning combination that's difficult to stop.

Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales is a ranged attacker that uses moves that “freeze its opponents in ice.” This makes it somewhat of a supporter, too, as your opponents’ movement will be impacted by Ninetales’ attacks. You try attacking when inside a miniature glacier.

Ninetales boasts great range and some interesting attacks that can block off routes or force opponents to rethink their strategies, which puts it high on our tier list. Evolve as soon as possible, though, because Vulpix is very weak.


It's early days yet, but Mew doesn't seem to be the absolute powerhouse that we expected. It can hit hard with a variety of special attacks, but it's far too squishy to work well for most players or teams.

Mew, as it's typically built, plays best in the hands of a pro. With its Mr. Mine-style barriers, it's made to hit hard and bait attacks it can quickly block, slowing its opponent down and cutting them off, making the prime for a burst combo.

In practice, though, most Mew players aren't capable of pulling this off, instead managing to take on more than they can chew, resulting is a swift KO. It lacks any decent retreat method and is soft enough for long-range attacks from Cinderace or Talonflame to finish it off.


Gardevoir is the first DLC Pokemon available in Pokemon Unite. It comes with the ability to teleport and has an almighty Sp. Atk stat. Future Sight is its bread and butter. It's a powerful ranged attack that detonates in a large area after a short time.

Its delayed fuse means it can be dodged if you're paying attention, but it's not easy. Paired with virtually any sort of CC from Alolan Ninetales to Venusaur, Gardevoir can hit like a truck without really trying. The only way to shut Gardevoir down is to get close. Fast.


Cramorant is an interesting pick in Pokemon Unite, but not a terrible choice. Level it up to level nine in order to access its Unite Move, Gatling Gulp Missile. Cramorant will launch multiple Pokemon out of its gullet at high speed, inflicting ranged damage on any opponents daft enough to come close.

Its Unite Move can destroy entire teams, but the rest of its kit isn't up to the same standard, unfortunately.


The bane of Generation six competitive play, the ninja frog looks like it could cause havoc in Unite, too. Greninja can create a smokescreen and copies of itself so enemies will have to work out which one is really you. This could come in clutch in awkward situations but will be infuriating to play against. 


Venusaur has a good range on its attacks, but as with all three-stage evolutions, you’ll have to level it up plenty to evolve it fully and make the most of its power. Bulbasaur can seem a little weak in the early stages, especially compared to the likes of Lucario or Snorlax, but the tables will turn when you evolve.

Solar Beam was buffed in the most recent patch, but it's not enough to propel Venusaur from the bottom of the Attacker pile.


Glaceon is one of the newest Pokemon to arrive in Unite, and is already worth your time. It's widely considered most effective in the bottom lane, and while its damage scaling isn't as effective as other Eeveelutions, it still packs a mean punch.

Icicle Spear and Ice Shard are the best moves to pick, proving very effective in mid-range encounters.


Added to Pokemon Unite in late 2022, Dragapult is an attacker almost entirely focused on ranged moves. Starting off as a lowly Dreepy, it harnesses the OP Astonish move to slow down enemy movement, letting your tanks roll in to land damage. On top of that, its Unite Move, Dreep and Destroy, sends out two Dreepy to wail on opponents, with their damage stats increasing the lower their target's HP.

Talonflame ranks quite low on the Pokémon Unite tier list.
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Pokémon Unite speedster tier list

Tier Pokémon
A Zeraora, Absol, Zoroark
BTalonflame, Dodrio

Speedsters are primarily meant to dart around the map scoring goals for their team. Their speed helps them weave around and dunk without getting caught. The thing is: they're great damage-dealers as well. Speedsters can run the match simply by surprising enemies who think they're safe. The Pokemon high on this Pokemon Unite Speedster tier list can keep the enemy from ever evolving.


Absol has great mobility and also a very good attack statistic, making it a great choice for any offensive Unite players. Its Unite Move, Midnight Slash, deals heavy damage as well as throwing opponents away, which can be perfect for clearing a route for more fragile teammates to score points or make it out of a fight safely. 

Absol was a strong pick to start with, but it actually got buffed in the balance patch - to most players' surprise. It's an underused choice and can be difficult to master, but the skill ceiling (and rewards) are potentially huge.



Gengar is a stealthy Pokemon that makes no noise and can even disappear entirely. High speed and attack stats combined with a favourable scoring statistic make it a great choice for performing surprise attacks on opposing Pokemon before returning to the Goal Zones to score. 

The combination of Sludge Bomb and Hex was so broken that it got nerfed in the balance patch, although something happened that completely broke the functionality of the latter move. Hex is currently listed as bugged, and Gengar is fairly useless without it. As soon as this is fixed, however, the Ghost-type will be back to its best.


Talonflame is the least subtle Speedster Pokemon, as it charges head-on at opponents to deal quick damage. It has the useful ability to be able to fly over obstacles, which makes up for its average attack stat. It's a great choice, especially if you're taking the jungle, and is fairly easy to learn compared to the other Speedsters, too.


Zeraora is the only playable mythical Pokemon in the game (so far), the Electric-type is born to be a Speedster. With great mobility and offence, Zeraora can deal some big damage with surprise flanking manoeuvres, but don't expect it to offer much in terms of support. Its Plasma Gale Unite Move deals massive damage to a fairly large area, hitting foes in range with brutal lightning strikes.

Zeraora seemed pretty brutal in the first weeks of the game, but as players have learned to deal with its Volt Switches (and it's had a small nerf, too), it has been used less and less. It's still powerful - especially when paired with Pikachu - but it has fallen from the top spot where it once resided.


Dodrio is an unconventional choice for a Pokemon Unite speedster, but can run quite quickly. As such, if you're a player focused on charging to enemies early, soaking up damage while your teammates score some points, Dodrio could be a good choice.

Equally, it's no pushover when it comes to combat. Its Drill Peck move can be incredibly effective once you unlock it, and Jump Kick lets you not only stomp on enemies to deal massive damage, but hopping over it to escape as well.


Zoroark is a fairly new addition to the Pokemon Unite roster, but it's already worth checking out if you fancy playing as a new speedster. As expected it is fairly slow to score and can't sustain much damage, but zooms across the arena to get behind enemy lines, dealing a fair bit of damage in the process.

Its Unite Move is Nightfall Daze, which lands an AoE attack to eviscerate any enemies lurking ion the damage radius. Not only can that clear the way for scorers to get through, but it'll get you up the leaderboard as well.

Garchomp struggles to climb the Pokémon Unite tier list.
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Pokemon Unite all-rounders tier list

Tier Pokémon
STyranitar, Machamp, Dragonite, Zacian
ACharizard, Lucario, Tsareena, Aegislash, Scizor, Urshifu
BGarchomp, Buzzwole

All-Rounders tend to be scary-looking Pokemon with a tendency to rush into battle with a barrage of melee attacks. They're not only great for smacking through Defenders, but do well defending and attacking goals as well. These are the best on our Pokemon Unite All-Rounders tier list.


Introduced during the one-year anniversary event, Tyranitar has appeared so powerful on paper that its 2k coin mark-up suddenly started to make a lot of sense.

Tyranitar's passive ability changes from a temporary damage up when hit, to a status clear and defense buff, to a damaging field as it evolves. If that wasn't enough, its final skills have some of the longest character counts in the game. The only thing you need to know is that it seems relatively easy for this one to wipe a team while it stomps around during its Unite skill, which executes any opponent hit with low HP.


Newcomer Azumarill entered the game early in April and has made its way straight to the top ranks. This is down to its almost constant damage as an allrounder with move Huge Power. Note that this works better for crit damage on a single opponent, not a group.

Azumarill is an excellent choice as it can level up fast in the beginning, however it should be used with caution around the likes of Zapdos or late-game brawls. This drawback is what excludes it from the highest rank.


Starting as a small sword named Honedge, this Pokemon will evolve at levels 5 and 7, into Doublade and Aegislash respectively. It starts out equipped with No Guard, which increases damage dealt, but with the penalty of increasing damage taken.

Aegislash is a fantastic choice for all kinds of battles, as it can focus on boosted attacks with higher damage, or can focus on itself with healing moves. This relies on its’ two Formes: Blade and Shield Formes respectively.

As Blade, it is faster and a little stronger on the attack, whereas Shield, boosts the Def and Sp Def. Aegislash utilises these for its Unite move Coup De Grace, which deals extra damage to opponents with low health.


One of the more recent additions to the game, Dragonite is a fantastic ranged all-rounder that actually counts as a physical attacker. If you've ever seen the gif of this iconic 'mon beating down a door, that's what you're getting here.

Dragonite is a highly versatile fighter that's only marred by being a late bloomer with too few ways to resist the wider roster's reliance on crowd control. Thankfully, its incredible range and high mobility can keep it far from the enemies capable of stunlocking it. With proper spatial awareness, Dragonite can reign supreme like a true drake.


Machamp has four muscly arms which make it a great option for close-quarters combat. Its Fighting-type attacks do big damage at close range, but you need to play well to get there, as it will be vulnerable to ranged attacks. 

Machamp's Submission is currently a little broken, as it can pull enemies back from anywhere on the map if they started in range - including if they teleported back to base. However, we expect this to get patched soon.


Lucario prioritizes movement over attack, so we'd recommend it as a good starting option for players who want to move to a Pokémon in the Speedster category. Its endurance is a little on the low side, though nowhere near as bad as Speedsters, so it should be more forgiving for new players. 

Lucario has been our favourite All-Rounder to use so far, with Bone Rush taking most of the glory.


Dropped during the Commemorative Update Bonus and available for free throughout it, Tsareena dips in the All-Rounder tier list due to her Expert-level difficulty. Here ease of availability means many new players will flock to this presumably power-crept character without being properly able to utilize her kit.


We see a lot of All-Rounders in Pokemon Unite, partially because they are pretty simple to use and forgiving to newcomers, but also because a lot of fan-favourite Pokemon fit into this category. Charizard is one such Pokemon, which boasts a good attack stat as well as reasonable points in each other category – barring support.

It's a decent pick, especially with its ability to fly, but Lucario outshines it in most scenarios.


Another fan-favourite Pokemon, Garchomp is primarily an attacker but has reasonable stats all around, hence its category. Its Rough Skin may hurt opponents who hit it but watch out because you need to level it up to Level 10 to evolve Gible into its final form – one level higher than most other monsters. 

Unfortunately, this leaves it lagging behind the other All-Rounders.


One of the newest Pokemon in the game, Buzzwole works best in the bottom or middle lanes. His Lunge attack is one of the most powerful in the game, only getting more powerful as you level up throughout a match. The only downside is its weakness at short range, meaning you'll need to dodge away from enemies if things are getting tense.


Starting off as a regular Scyther, this Pokemon is one of the fastest-moving in the entire game. Bullet Punch is its main attack, which you can quite easily spam to whittle down opponent HP. The only thing Scizor lacks is endurance, meaning you can quite easily get caught out if outnumbered by the opposite team.


Urshifu is melee-focused but still works well as an all-round fighter. Using its fists is the best way to lay waste to enemies, with the styles Single Strike and Rapid Strike both dealing plenty of damage depending on which choice you opt for. Either way, you'll likely end the match with the most KOs!


Arriving on Pokemon Day 2023, Zacian is arguably one of the strongest fighters in the entire game. This all-rounded focuses on melee combat, with an incredibly powerful Unite Move that uses the Slash ability to waste enemies. It isn't the best at scoring or moving around quickly, but you'll strike fear into your opponents when using Zacian.

Slowbro ranks low on the Pokémon Unite tier list.
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Pokemon Unite defenders tier list

Tier Pokémon
STrevenant, Crustle, Goodra, Lapras, Umbreon
ABlastoise, Greedent, Umbreon
BMamoswine, Snorlax

Characters in the Pokémon Unite Defender class generally sacrifice raw damage for high max HP and rock-solid defences. They defend goals, wall off areas around objectives, and otherwise just refuse to go away. Here's how each stacks up on the Pokémon Unite Defenders tier list.


Umbreon is a balanced Pokémon that is not hard to use. This defender is great against very mobile Pokémon like Urshifu. Not only that, but Umbreon also offers cool mechanics, like healing and shield stealing.


Goodra offers a well-rounded kit that helps the whole team. This gooey pokemon deals consistent crowd control that is a menace for most team comps. Not to mention, Goodra has strong sustain abilities that help the carries to deal damage safely.

However, Goodra is an immobile champion, and it may be a problem against certain Pokemons. But with the right items and gameplan, Goodra is a force to be reckoned with.


Trevenant is difficult to use, but those who learn its intricacies and effectively fight on death's door will reap the rewards of this Grass/Ghost-type Pokemon.

Trevenant possesses a bunch of control-control abilities designed to keep the enemy away from its goals or to protect scoring allies. This works regardless of skill, but professional players will gain a lot out of purposefully keeping Trevenant at low HP.

The lower it gets, the more damage it tends to deal. To help with that, it has a bunch of ways to restore HP, which will generally keep it within this key range. It's a scary thought for novice players, but those who know the ins and outs of the game can put its peculiar skillset to good use.


The new kid on the block for Halloween, Greedent is an absolute beast. It's Pokemon Unite's equivalent to Big Chungus. Able to heal itself by consuming the berries it accumulates by attacking, Greedent is an aggressive Pokemon that balances attack with sustain and durability.

It struggles with movement without the right moveset, but whether you're holding the line or bowling through to the opposing goal, Greedent can take the hits, dish them out, and recover its HP without relying on a support. But having one around makes it virtually invincible.


Crustle is an absolute menace. It evolves from Dwebble at level four, meaning that you’ve got a fully evolved Pokemon earlier than your teammates or, more importantly, before your opponents have had a chance to get a Charizard or Garchomp. 

It offers great utility with Rock Tomb, which can either trap enemies so they can't escape from your teammates' wrath or block pathways so they can't steal Rotom or Zapdos from you. Don't expect many kills from Crustle, but it will enable your teammates to succeed.


Blastoise is the newest member of the Pokemon Unite team. It offers a surprising amount of utility.

The likes of Hydro Pump and Water Spout will be your primary damage-dealers, but Rapid Spin gives the blasty boi some decent mobility, allowing it to spin into position. It also modifies its aforementioned moves, changing their effects. With Surf as an extra mobility move, Blastoise can go in hard or attack from range.

Its Unite Move deals damage in a wide area around it, so there's another case to be made for Rapid Spin and the damage reduction that comes with it. At the moment, Rapid Spin and Hydro Pump is the go-to build, but that could change in subsequent patches.


Snorlax is a great Pokemon to pick up if you’re just starting Pokemon Unite. Its immense bulk means you won’t be punished too hard for misplaying, and its decent support stats mean you can provide valuable help to your team. Plus, its Unite Move is called Power Nap, which is just great.

The best thing about Snorlax, in our opinion, is Block. It doesn't do a lot of damage, but this single move can hold an entire enemy team off a point at crucial moments. Whether your teammates are respawning, you're waiting on a gank from your jungler, or opponents are lining up 50-bomb dunks in the final moments of a match, Snorlax can delay for long enough that it matters.


Relative newcomer Mamoswine made a pretty big impact on the meta when it was released in late September, but it hasn't stuck like Blastoise, Sylveon, or Blissey. You'll still see it fairly often. Its combo-heavy moveset can be quite satisfying to pull off, with great crowd-control really sealing the deal in the right hands, but it's too situational and tricky to pull off in more hectic battles.

Its moveset demands precision, its weight makes its attacks slow and easy to dodge, and its way of blocking a goal with sheets of ice can get ignored. But it does have decent survivability—if you can live long enough to reach that point. Mamoswine only hits its prime at level 10. Before that, it's a bit of a liability.


Slowbro is a bulky Pokemon with equal weighting of endurance and support stats. However, as with most Defenders, it has little mobility and scores few points. Slow opponents down with Slowbro’s Unite Move, then let your Speedsters or Attackers clean up.

It has great crowd control utility by freezing opponents with mind control, but you need good communication with your team to make the most of it.

Mr. Mime struggles to keep on top of the Pokémon Unite tier list.
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Pokemon Unite support tier list

Tier Pokémon
SHoopa, Wigglytuff
ABlissey, Mr. Mime, Sableye, Comfey
BEldegoss, Clefable

Support Pokemon do more than attempt to heal their allies. They back the team up with slows, stuns, and even stat swaps as well. Their damage is never the best and they'll struggle to stay on the offensive, but with a good ally nearby, the creatures on our Pokemon Unite Support tier list can truly change the outcome of every battle they're involved in.


Considering that Hoopa is a supporter, its attacks can still pack a punch. Hoopa’s moves include Astonish and Confuse, coupling with the Magician ability to bamboozle opponents and move ally team members to strategic spots to ambush. The Magician ability can be used to heal allies too as it can move all important Berries around the field.

Hoopa has two forms to utilize - Confined and Unbound. Usually, it will be in Confined form but can be changed into Unbound via its Unite move Rings Unbound, which will increase Hoopa’s max HP as well as create rings on the ground to warp allies again.


Wigglytuff can shield allies from damage, therefore fulfilling an important role on any Pokemon Unite team. Playing a Supporter is a thankless role, but good support can be the difference between winning a match and losing. With the right build, Wigglytuff's Unite Move can basically guarantee your team will get Zapdos. That's a real game-changer.


Blissey is one of the bulkiest Pokemon in the game. Its huge HP stat means frankly ridiculous buffs from held items like Assault Vest.

It won't produce much in terms of attack, but it should help keep your fellow Attackers and All-Rounders alive for long enough for them to do the damage. Having multiple charges of a handy heal means you'll play a major part in allowing your allies to snowball early on with aggressive tactics.

Blissey was powerful enough when it launched, but a buff in the latest patch notes has only increased its usability. While we still just about prefer Wigglytuff's Double Slapping shenanigans, Blissey is an incredibly strong pick, especially if your team has an unbalanced number of Attackers already.

Mr. Mime

Although he was likely added as a bit of a meme Pokemon, stunning opponents is no joke. His shields and barriers can be incredibly annoying (for both sides) and can be the perfect distraction to finish off Drednaw or for protecting a Goal Zone. However, we'd still probably prefer Snorlax to do this job.

A word of warning: if you pick Mr. Mime, however, you will have to look at his horrifying face all match.


Eldegoss is a great option for learning the Supporter ropes, especially with its Unite Move, Cotton Cloud Crash, which deals area of effect damage to opponents while restoring the HP of allies in the same area.

You see a lot of Eldegoss at the highest levels of play, but if you're solo-queueing it's not a great pick. The already underused Pokemon also received a nerf in the first balance patch, further reducing its utility. Sadly, Eldegoss needs some love.



As you may expect, Clefable isn't exactly much of an offensive Pokemon. Instead, you'll want to play this role to boost other teammates and provide crucial HP restoration. Its main move Heal Pulse is really useful in this scenario, providing a radius of HP restoration to yourself and nearby teammates.

Disarming Voice is another handy move, slowing down nearby enemies and sapping their HP, giving your more nimble allies the perfect opportunity to knock them out.


Sableye is a reasonably new addition to Pokemon Unite, with sneaky movement its key focus. As expected, its attacks aren't especially powerful. That said, Sableye's basic attack slows down enemy movement speed, allowing your tougher teammates to come in and land a killer blow.

Confuse Ray is its top-tier move, not only damaging an enemy, but leaving them confused so they hit their teammates and hinder your opposition's progress. If you're more of a sneaky Pokemon Unite player, Sableye is a great choice.


Comfey is a ranged support Pokemon, making it one of the most unique fighters on the roster. It's very easy to use if you're a newcomer, with its ability to create a radius of wild grass that moves with you as you play.

This is incredibly handy, because it provides your teammates with cover in places where they'd normally be exposed. Don't expect to use Comfey as an out-and-out attacker, but if you're planning on helping out your team, it's a great choice.

An earlier version of this guide was written by Ben Sledge

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