Pokémon Unite - Best Defenders

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Pokémon Unite follows in the footsteps of the countless other MOBA titles to have come before it. Two teams of five Pokémon drop onto either side of a symmetrical map and fight it out in a bid to score more points than the other. And to create a balanced team dynamic, the playable Pokémon Unite characters fit neatly into set roles. One of these is built around the bulk needed to shrug off attacks and protect their allies as they work toward the objective. Here's where the best and worst sit on our Pokémon Unite Best Defender tier list.

What Is a Pokémon Unite Defender?

As briefly explained above, the role of a Pokémon Unite Defender is exactly as it sounds: to defend. But this relates not only to their teammates, but the goal itself as well.


Other MOBA titles centre their objective around pushing through powerful towers and ransacking the opponent's base at the other side of the map. In Pokemon Unite, however, there's a little more to it than that.

You don't simply destroy the other team's base, but infiltrate their side of the arena and deposit Aeos Energy gathered from taking out other Pokémon to score points. That means offensive and defense both play an integral part throughout; and finding the perfect balance to throw the opposing team's synergy off is part of the larger tactical equation.

Defenders need to on their toes, protecting teammates from enemy attacks and acting as a blockade keeping said enemies from scoring in the goal. But at the same time, it's important to identify moments where a Defender can sneak in with enough Aeos Energy to gain points for the team as well.

So which are are the best for the job? Here's how we think the Pokemon Unite Best Defender tier list will look at launch:

Pokémon Unite Best Defender Tier List



Passive Level 1 Level 4 Level 6 Level 9
ObliviousWater GunScaldAmnesiaSlowbeam

Slowbro's mobility, endurance, and scoring ability isn't quite as high as the larger-than-life Snorlax, but its rock-solid endurance paired with his stellar support skills solidifies Slowbro where it matters in his class. To get it, just level up your Slowpoke to level four.

His unite move "Slowbeam" can lock opponents into place, not only stopping them from scoring, but leaving them completely vulnerable to the rest of your team to knock out. Surf can even be used to push the enemy team back as well.

With the right kind of backup, Slowbro will be a formidable defender able to keep the opposing Speedsters from scoring, but also stopping any Attackers looking to shut down your own squad. Its ranged attacks means that, with careful movement and strategy, it can sometimes avoid melee damage, increasing its survivability even further.



Passive Level 1 Level 6 Level 8 Level 10
GluttonyTackleHeavy SlamBlockPower Nap

You've never seen Snorlax move this fast! While he's certainly not a Speedster, Snorlax has access to a bunch of dash and other high-mobility attacks that can constantly get in the way of his opponents.

Beyond his immovable presence, Snorlax can briefly stun targets with Yawn before rattling off a bunch of physical attacks. Though he has no way to group the enemy team up himself, by combining its Heavy Slam or Flail and Power Nap Unite Move, it can dish out heavy area damage at a moment's notice.

But the reason why Snorlax lands high up out Pokémon Unite Best Defender tier list is simply because of its wide-reaching Block. With it, Snorlax can actually become a physical wall between the enemy team and the goal, allies, or even the enemy's own teammates; all of which can have serious benefits to your team.



Passive Level 1 Level 4 Level 6 Level 9
SturdyRock SlideRock TombStealth RockRubble Rouser

Evolving from Dwebble at level four, Crustle uses rocks--and lots of them--to hit and hinder the opposing team. Most of Crustle's moves revolve around building and placing structures to complicate the battlefield.

A curved wall can be erected to stop an enemy retreat or block entrance to an area, which it can then follow up with a move that leaves damaging rocks in an area nearly as big as the goal itself for a short period of time.

For its Unite Move Rubble Rouser Crustle briefly stuns enemy Pokémon around it and summons a sandstorm around itself that damages nearby Pokémon and stops them from getting close enough to deal melee damage.

By using both its placeable wall, its own body, and a damaging swirl of stones in a target area, Crustle can make getting around very hard for its opponents.

It's not going to be able to deal with any major threats on its own, but it should be able to scare opponents off or withstand their advances long enough for allies to turn up and pitch in. The lower Crustle's HP gets, the tougher it becomes.