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GTA Online's Oppressor Mark One.

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GTA Online players want weaponless Oppressors to stop flying bikes being unusable in passive mode

29 Nov 2022
GTA 5's protagonists, who know a thing or two about North Yankton.

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GTA Online players want to carry out a heist in North Yankton before GTA 6 arrives

28 Nov 2022
GTA Online's Vigilante and Diamond Casino.

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GTA Online player finds interesting way to add rooftop parking to the Diamond Casino

25 Nov 2022
Some GTA Online players rocking new t-shirts.

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GTA Online players hope Rockstar’s $2 trillion heist challenge rewards are more than just clothing

24 Nov 2022
GTA 5's Michael on the phone.

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GTA Online players aren’t too impressed by the idea of GTA+ getting an instant fast travel taxi service

23 Nov 2022