Sponsored and Affiliate Content

You are here after reading an article tagged as 'sponsored content' on GfinityEsports - we sometimes work with partners to produce editorial, video, and social content around their product or service and promote it to our readers!

We always look to only work with commercial partners that fit the ethos of our brand and have a product that our staff have either used or played and genuinely enjoy! We add as much authenticity to our sponsored content as possible and always strive to drive it to relevant audiences on our sites.

Content sponsorship

In addition to advertising on the site, Gfinityesports has established content partnerships with brands that sponsor some of our articles. Through this funding, we are able to produce even more of the entertaining editorial content you enjoy.

The majority of the content on Gfinityesports.com is written by our editorial team and is independent of any advertising or sponsorship. However, Gfinityesports also works with brands who are interested in sponsoring specific types of articles and bespoke articles about their product, services or events.

To maintain trust with our audience, we are transparent with readers when we produce articles that are created in partnership with brands, ensuring that we label them clearly as 'sponsored content' or 'supported editorial'.

These articles are written by Gfinityesports writers, and depending on whether it is 'sponsored content' or 'supported editorial', they will occasionally collaborate with our partners to obtain the information they need to write about their products. As these features are funded by our partners, they will include external links to their products.

Here is everything you need to know about the different types of content sponsorship.

Supported editorial

Articles labelled as supported editorial are funded by a commercial partner, and while they may feature advert links to their products, the editorial is not written to advertise the partner’s products. The subject matter of a supported editorial article will be agreed upon with a funding partner in conjunction with a Gfinityesports editor and our marketing team. The article is independently written by a member of the Gfinityesports editorial team with guidance from an editor, and it is not sent to the partner for approval.

Advertisement features

Advertisement features are articles paid for and approved by a commercial partner. The copy will be produced by a member of Gfinityesports staff who will work with the partner to get the information required to produce the article. After it is written, it will be sent to the commercial partner for approval. Advertisement features are commercial content that usually promotes a partner’s products and, as such, do include advert links.

Affiliate advertising and deals standards

Affiliate links help Gfinityesports bring the best coverage across gaming, tech, and TV & movies. Affiliation is a common practice across digital media, and it provides retail links for readers to easily purchase the products being written about. For example, if we are writing a review of a new keyboard, game, or show on Netflix, we may include a link to a retailer or streaming service where you can purchase the product should you wish to do so after reading the review. Should you click on the product link, we will earn a small commission on anything purchased from the linked retailer.

Affiliate links appear on many different articles across Gfinityesports, and we are always transparent with our audience, with a clear disclaimer at the bottom of any article that includes product links to retailers.

Deals standards

Purchasing new gaming and tech products can be expensive, so Gfinityesports works with retail partners to bring you the best deals around to help you save money. Whether it’s a Black Friday sale or Amazon Prime Day, you can find links to bargains on Gfinityesports. Deals are often time-limited. However, we strive to keep our pages updated with the best offers where possible, especially around Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day, when we’ll keep our pages updated with the latest offers, ensuring that you don’t miss out.

We are not paid directly by retailers to promote their deals, and our editorial team will only highlight products that we think our audience will like. After all, a good deal is only a good deal if the product you are purchasing is good.

Placing links to retailers makes it easier for our audience to take advantage of these deals, but we will earn a small commission on anything purchased on the retail site. Any deals article that includes product links will feature a clear disclaimer.

If you have any questions about a piece of sponsored content, feel free to reach out to the team at diogo.moreira@gfinity.net.