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Group News Editor

Lewis White

With over eight years of experience in tech and games journalism with expertise in the Xbox gaming platform, Lewis White has been praised for expert news coverage and deep investigative reporting.

FPS Editor

Jon Nicholson

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Jon is our Call of Duty expert and our FPS Editor. He's worked with Gfinity since 2014, covering Activision's shooter franchise. When he's not topping the scoreboards, you'll find him on EA Sports FC or sim racing.

Evergreen Editor

Aimee Hart

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As Evergreen Editor, Aimee makes sure everything at Gfinity is nice, fresh and relevant! Former EIC of Gayming Magazine, Aimee is passionate about video games that tell stories so often untold.

Guides Editor

Rory Norris

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As our Guides Editor, Rory makes sure you’re never stumped in the latest and greatest games. If he’s not cooking up the best builds and loadouts, there’s a good chance he’s waxing poetic about Deep Rock Galactic instead.

When he's not obsessing over the characters of Persona and Final Fantasy, or worshipping Nintendo, Nico is busy chilling with his cool girlfriend, watching wrestling, and reading comics.

Marco loves talking about numbers as long as they’re about equipment stats or frame data. When not exploring the world of Final Fantasy XIV or Baldur’s Gate 3, you can find him in his cave, blaming the lag for his latest loss in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Evergreen Specialist

Ramses Miaco

Ramses is tech nerd who will play any video game he can get his hands on. When he's not gaming, you'll probably see me mindlessly browsing Reddit.

Staff Writer

Syed Hamza Bakht

A passionate gamer there for everything new and challenging, with over 2 years of experience in covering all sorts of gaming content. He has been gaming for over a decade with his finger on the pulse for the latest releases, breaking news, and guides.

Hardware Editor

Callum Self

If he's not talking about hardware or the Meta Quest 3, Callum is almost certainly playing or thinking of Marvel Snap

Weekend Editor

Andres Aquino

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Writer and some would say gamer extraordinaire. When he's not raging in fighting games or losing his mind raiding in Destiny 2, he's lost in the captivating worlds of Square Enix RPGs... or Football Manager.

Staff Writer

Vie Amor

Vie is always a passionate writer and a gamer by heart. She's also a loving mom; when she's not writing she's outside spending time with her daughter and family.