Pokémon Unite Blissey Build - Best Items and Moves

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Looking for a killer Pokémon Unite Blissey build to take advantage of the recent buff? With heals, hindrance removals, and a bunch of other tricks in its egg pouch, Blissey has upset the meta in some serious ways. Despite being a powerful ally at launch, the game's newest support Pokémon has only become stronger as updates have rolled out. Learn it well and you'll be the carry the team never knew it needed.

Blissey is a melee support that uses the Sp. Atk stat. bear that in mind if you switch out any of the items below to suit your personal preference. You can read more about the Pokémon Unite Physical vs Special attack split here.

If you haven't already, read up on what those Pokémon Unite medals mean at the end of each match. Paired with knowing how to check the Pokémon Unite statistics screen, it's a great way to work out what went right and wrong. Likewise, knowing the exact effects and stat buffs Held Items and Battle Items give can help piece together the opponent's strategy before the match has even begun.

Stats related to each Pokémon Unite Blissey build.
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The Best Pokémon Unite Blissey Build Options

Pokémon Unite Blissey Build - Soft-Boiled Support

Best Items Best Moves
PotionLv. 1: Pound
Focus BandLv. 3: Heal Pulse
Score ShieldLv. 4: Soft-Boiled
Assault VestLv. 6: Helping Hand

Best for: Team support

Blissey isn't much of an attacker. In fact, it has one of the worse offensive ratings in the game right now. That leads this Pokémon Unite Blissey build to focus more on what the Pokémon does best—supporting the team. It does this with rapid, stackable heals and stat-boosting buffs designed to keep the team's main damage-dealer happy and healthy.

This primary Pokémon Unite Blissey build is relatively self-explanatory. Paired with its solid HP pool, Pound and Heal Pulse allows Blissey to level up without too much trouble. Once it evolves, Soft-Boiled comes in early to keep its bottom lane partner topped up, enabling them to apply more pressure to the enemy team. This should go a long way in helping the team comfortably lead as late-game changes come into play.

Once Helping Hand is unlocked, the Blissey can spur its partner into even more aggressive plays, boosting their Basic Attack power to new heights and giving them the movement speed needed to stay on the offensive. The focus should be on using it along a steady stream of heals to ensure the team's carry reaches its final evolution in time for the bigger fights.

Though you'll want to stick around the team to help the carry clean up, Blissey's massive Max HP pool allows Score Shield to turn it into a decent dunker as well. If things are going smoothly, think about using the speed boost from Helping Hand to sprint straight to the goal. Just make sure your softer allies don't rush alongside you expecting heals to keep them alive.

Blissey in Pokémon Unite.
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Pokémon Unite Blissey Build - Rock Egg

Best Items Best Moves
PotionLv. 1: Pound
Assault VestLv. 3: Heal Pulse
Float StoneLv. 4: Safeguard
Buddy BarierLv. 6: Egg Bomb

Best for: All-rounder support

Where the last build focused on supporting the team's carry, this one attempts to empower the team's speedsters and all-rounders. It works by having them ignore the hindrances that can shut them down while allowing Blissey to not necessarily deal tons of damage.

This Pokémon Unite Blissey build forgoes the support creature's stellar healing completely, instead opting to increase the odds of the team's bursty melee attackers to get in and out without taking any serious damage. In the early game, you'll want to stick to the bottom lane to support the ranged attacker with Heal Pulse. You don't want them falling behind.

Then, when the middle area ally decides its time to strike on a lane, you should have at least Safeguard ready to heal any crowd control the enemy team hopes to fend it off with. This works on the carry as well, of course, but a speedster or all-rounder tends to suffer more from these hindrances.

Once Egg Bomb is in your arsenal, Blissey can play ever-so-slightly more aggressively. It can be used to pick up a distant kill in a pinch, but it's best used to help the team engage, knocking an enemy up for them to strike back down. Paired with Safeguard, it's a great way to send your melee brawlers straight at the enemy crowd-control king or speedster. Think Alolan Ninetales, Pikachu, or even maybe Cinderace.

The more you help, the faster you'll charge your Unite Move, giving Blissey the means to sprint in to help its partner fight even longer with some big shields and stat boosts.

The progression screen showing at what level Pokémon Unite Blissey evolves.
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When Does Blissey Evolve in Pokémon Unite?

In Pokémon Unite, Blissey evolves from Chansey at level four. As is the case with any Pokémon with a pre-evolution form, this isn't present in the game, meaning Happiny isn't playable.

What Counters Blissey in Pokémon Unite?

Pokémon Reason
TalonflameTalonflame can avoid Egg Bomb entirely, dunking Blissey and bursting it down before it can escape.
MachampMachamp can easily push through the slowing effect of Egg Bomb and sprint toward Blissey, stunning it long enough for the team to play as if it weren't there while Machamp works to remove it entirely.
SlowbroBlissey's high Max HP means it survives in battle longer than most Supporters. If that's too much for your team to deal with, just have a Slowbro use Telekinesis or its Unite Move to effecively remove Blissey from the fight long enough for the team to cripple the opposing team that relied on its support.

If you're struggling to defeat an enemy Blissey, it's important to think of why it's such a popular pick. Blissey excels at enabling the enemy team. Once Helping Hand is out of the equation, it has very limited mobility.

Blissey has high Max HP, but its Defense is sorely lacking. Speedsters and All-Rounders can deal heavy damage to it. If you're still struggling, just find a way to remove it from a fight. Slowbro's Telekinesis is a good option here.

What Is the Best Blissey Pair in Pokémon Unite?

Pokémon Reason
CinderaceCinderace regularly attacks from its farthest point. It keeps it safe, but it can cause it to easily over-extend when opponent's step just out of range. Blissey can keep Cinderace healed as it pushes more, encouraging it to be ever-so-slightly more aggressive. Helping Hand boosts its already stellar Basic Attacks to new heights.
ZeraoraZeraora is particularly susceptible to crowd control. One stun or slow and it's more or less useless. Blissey can remove these with easy, giving it a second (or third) chance to strike.
GardevoirGardevoir suffers from some of the same weaknesses as Cinderace. With a push from Blissey, though, it can really shine.

Blissey is build to support some of the glass cannon Pokémon—typically Ranged Attackers that can dish out the damage but struggle to stay on their feet when taking it. It's not going to offer much to Defenders, but it can help All-Rounders and Speedsters do their thing without getting tangled in an attack-ending crowd control cycle.

How to unlock Pokémon Unite Blissey.
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How Do I Unlock Blissey in Pokémon Unite?

The game's newest Support character has shown up in the Aeos Island Unite Battle Committee storefront, joining the larger Pokémon Unite roster. You can unlock the Pokémon Unite Blissey Unite License here for 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems, putting it perfectly in line with the game's other Support Pokémon.

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If at the end of all this you've decided that Blissey just isn't the character for you, you might want to look at some more offense-oriented support options: whether that's a dedicated Support Pokémon or a Defender that helps peel attackers off the rest of your team. Mr. Mime is a slightly more offense-oriented Support Pokémon that can dish out heavy damage if backed up by sufficient crowd control. Wigglytuff, while difficult to master, can crush entire teams as well.

On the Defender side of things, Crustle is still a powerhouse, whereas Snorlax has been pulled back a bit in the latest patch. It's still great, but maybe not quite as game-changing as it was before Blissey joined the fray.

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