Pokémon Unite Halloween Update Release Time and New Event Features

A brand-new Pokémon Unite Halloween update is coming. It's the first proper seasonal update since the game's launch, and it's bringing a lot more themed goodies than any other patch or content release before it. Set to have a bunch of new and exclusive holowear for you and your Pokémon, you won't have time to dawdle if you're hoping to collect the lot and make the most of the temporary changes. Here's what's new in Pokémon Unite for the spooky season.

Been away from the game for a little while? Before we dive into the good stuff, why not take a Pokémon Unite refresher course. New Held Items and even few new Pokémon have arrived since the mobile launch. Check out our guides on Mamoswine, Slyveon, and Blastoise. We even have one for Greedent, who'll show up to play at the start of this event. Check out the Pokémon Unite patch notes page for the accompanying balance tweaks and our Pokémon Unite tier list to see where each character ranks.

When Does The Pokémon Unite Halloween Event Start and End?

  • Start Time: October 20 at 12 AM PT/3 AM ET/7 AM UTC/8 AM BST
  • End Time: November 7

The Pokémon Unite Halloween event starts on October 20 and wraps up on November 7. That leaves you with close to three weeks to get all of its rewards and experience its unique twists.

How to participate in the Pokémon Unite Halloween event.
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How Do I Participate in the Pokémon Unite Halloween Event?

The Pokémon Unite Halloween event has a bunch of moving parts, but you can get neat rewards just for playing while the event is active. By completing in-game tasks, you can earn Pumpkins. Earn enough, and you can exchange them for a bunch of free items.

What Are the Pokémon Unite Halloween Event Rewards?

So what's the point of collecting all the Pokémon Unite Halloween event pumpkins anyway? They're essentially tokens. Tokens you can trade in for some time-limited rewards. These include new Trainer outfit pieces and profile accessories, as well as new Pokémon Greedent.

Can I Get Every Pokémon Unite Halloween Pumpkin Reward?

You can technically get every Pokémon Unite Halloween Pumpkin reward, but not without a good amount of luck.

You can earn a total of 57 Pumpkins just for logging in for a total of 14 days of the events 21 day run. By actually playing the game, you can earn 39 more by winning matches on the event-exclusive Mer Stadium mode and landing pumpkins on the heads of opposing Pokémon. That's 96 guaranteed Pokémon Unite Halloween Pumpkins you can earn just by completing some easy in-game tasks.

The most valuable reward is Greedent. Costing a whopping 70 pumpkins, you can earn this just by completing most of the in-game missions over the course of the event. But with the Pointed Hat (Halloween) Trainer Outfit piece costing 50, that'll put you above the pumpkins you can earn. So you'll have to choose your rewards wisely.

On top of that, there are around 40 pumpkins worth of rewards on top—like trainer poses and profile borders. If you're feeling lucky, you can turn two pumpkins in for a Pumpkin Box that may contain more than amount of pumpkins it cost to buy. Or less.

The Pokémon Unite Halloween Pumpkin Box odds are displayed in-game.
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Pumpkin Box Odds and Rates

  • One Pumpkin = 63.27 percent chance
  • Two Pumpkins = 31.64 percent chance
  • Five Pumpkins = 3.64 percent chance
  • Ten Pumpkins = 1.58 percent chance
  • 20 Pumpkins = 0.32 percent chance
  • 50 Pumpkins = 0.03 percent chance

With the Pumpkin Box odds and rates above, which are listed in-game as the item's description, the odds of getting more Pokémon Unite Halloween Pumpkins than it cost to buy the Pumpkin Box are very much stacked against you. You have a higher chance to lose pumpkins, a 31.64 percent chance to gain the same amount back, and a measly 5.57 percent chance to make any sort of Pumpkin profit.

What's New in the Pokémon Unite Halloween Update?

Mer Stadium Halloween Mode

One of the biggest differences in the Pokémon Unite Halloween update can be seen on the Mer Stadium stage. For the duration of the event, the whole match will feature a spooky accenting and accessories, with a unique Halloween gameplay mechanic.

During the event, your Battle Item is replaced with a pumpkin on this stage only. Rather than choosing an item to fill a unique strategic purpose, everyone will be on the same page with the Pumpkin. You throw it, then it sticks to your opponent's head. That's it. It's just a bit of seasonal fun.

New Music

For the duration of the Pokémon Unite Halloween event, the music in the main lobby will be changed to match the occasion. Someone even graciously posted the Pokémon Unite Halloween music to YouTube prior to the start of the event.

New Pokémon - Greedent

Though obviously not exclusive to the Pokémon Unite Halloween event, Greedent will become available to purchase and play at the same time. It's not the scariest Pokémon out there. In fact, it's one of the cutest. But the weight it can throw behind a body slam will echo the early days of Snorlax.

Every piece of Pokémon Unite Halloween Holowear available during the event.
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Pokémon Unite Halloween Holowear

During the event, a bunch of new themed Holowear will be available for a few of the game's playable Pokémon. Charizard, Lucario, Wigglytuff, Blastoise, Slowbro, and Eldegoss will all get their own costume, and they're not all scary.

Lucario - Costume Party Style

  • Cost: 2499 Aeos Gems
  • Features: New audio/visual FX, for Unite Move, Scoring, Returning, KO, Movement

Lucario gets a cavalier/bandit outfit that's vaguely reminiscent of the one its trainer wore in its debut movie 'Lucario and the Mystery of Mew'. While wearing it, the visual effects of some of its moves will be changed to feature (you guessed it) pumpkins.

Wigglytuff - Pajama Style and Unknown Style

  • Cost: Unknown
  • Features: Unknown

Embodying its skill at putting Pokémon to sleep, the new Wigglytuff Holowear is a comfortable pair of pajamas and a watching nightcap. For its second Holowear, Wigglyfull dons a red woolly hat, a large pair of spectacles, and a yellow bow-tie. We don't know why.

Blastoise - Firefighter Style

  • Cost: 400 Aeos Gems
  • Features: None

For Halloween, Blastoise decided it wanted to be a Fireman, donning the full uniform to mark the occasion. Put it on and go quench the flames of Charizard, Cinderace, and Talonflame. They can't be left to burn.

Charizard - Bonfire Style

  • Cost: Unknown
  • Features: Unknown

Charizard is skipping Halloween and wrapping up warm for Bonfire Night instead. Its beanie has carefully cut holes for its head spines, and its knit scarf looks thick enough to keep the Pokémon nice and toasty by a big fire of its own making.

Slowbro - Bonfire Style

  • Cost: 400 Aeos Gems
  • Features: None

Suggesting the vacant Pokémon is even aware of its own surface temperature, Slowbro is rocking a Bonfire Style Holowear to keep warm – a tiny beanie and a rather snug and smart sweater.

Eldegoss - Space Style

  • Cost: Unknown
  • Features: Unknown

For Halloween, Eldegoss is getting Holowear that matches the style of Gengar's recent premium skin. Rather than bows and ribbons, Eldegoss has adorned its dandelion tuft with shooting star motifs.

Talonflame - Bonfire Style

  • Cost: 350 Aeos Gems or 18 Holowear Tickets
  • Features: None

Talonflame was one of the first to tease its Bonfire Style Holowear. Though its feathers should keep it warm enough for an Autumn night by the fire, perhaps the flat cap and sweater around its neck will keep it from migrating somewhere warmer soon after.

Zeraora - Space Style

  • Cost: 400 Aeos Gems
  • Features: None

One skin that won't have a name until the event kick sin is Zeraora's new jacket and hat combo. It features a neat galaxy pattern that might have it look like a modern show magician, but it's on the verge of looking like a hotel concierge without proper context.

The Pikachu Mask (Halloween) trainer outfit arrives with the Pokémon Unite Halloween update.
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What Are the New Pokémon Unite Halloween Trainer Outfits?

  • Pikachu Mask (Halloween)
  • Pointed Hat (Halloween)
  • Candy Bag (Halloween)
  • Costume Party Set

Pokémon aren't the only things getting new costumes to celebrate the season of spook. A fair few new pieces and complete player outfits headline the event as well. One of the most popular is bound to be the Pikachu Mask (Halloween) piece, but the Pointed Hat (Halloween) is sure to bring more viable outfit options to the fashion-conscious trainer.

There's the cute Candy Bag (Halloween) accessory as well as a bunch of new player poses and other ways to tweak your trainer card.

Can I Unlock the Pokémon Unite Halloween Trainer Outfits After the Halloween Event?

For the most part, no. The cute and colourful Pokémon Unite Halloween Trainer Outfits are only available to purchase during the event. You'll keep them should you obtain them during the event, but you won't be able to buy them once the event ends on November 7. If you need a reminder of when they'll disappear, look them up in the Aeos Emporium. Limited-time items will have a timer just above the Obtain button.

And that's about it for this year's Pokémon Unite Halloween update. Besides a few skins, the seasonal tweaks shouldn't upset the game's main modes. The competition will remain fierce on the ranked ladders. But if you're in need of a break, Mer Stadium is where you'll want to be to celebrate the game's first proper event. Hopefully there are many more to come.

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