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Pokémon Unite Sylveon - Release Date, Role, and Moves

Looking to get the best Pokémon Unite Sylveon build around? Announced during the Pokémon Presents showcase on August 18 alongside the imposing Mamoswine, it's one of the first two post-release Pokémon Unite characters revealed since before it launched on Nintendo Switch in July. But what will the newest Eeveelution bring to your future battles? Until it decides to raise the curtain on its own debut, that's exactly what this guide aims to figure out.

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Before we dive deep into speculation, why not read up on what we do know about Pokémon Unite? If you haven't already, memorizing the game's Held Items and Battle Items isn't a bad idea. Knowing both will help you identify an opponent's strategy before the match starts. Learning how to unlock every Pokémon Unite license will keep you ready to counter the new meta as well. Knowledge is power.

Pokémon Unite Sylveon Release Date

We don't currently know exactly when a Pokémon Unite Sylveon release date is coming, or even when one might be announced. TiMi Studios, the developer of the game, have made a habit out of announcing things like this just a day or two before they land. And with one more Pokémon of the first batch still yet to arrive, a Pokémon Unite Sylveon release date could be a while off yet.

Going off the game's previous release schedule, we can guess when Sylveon might arrive in the game. Currently, Pokémon Unite has added two of the three characters it announced as post-launch content: Gardevoir on July 29 and Blissey on August 18. Assuming the previously announced Blastoise is the next to arrive to Aeos Island, the current three-week release pattern could have a Pokémon Unite Sylveon release date scheduled for September 22 or October 6.

Sylveon in Pokémon Unite.
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What Role is Pokémon Unite Sylveon?


Pokémon Unite keeps most of the important details under its belt when it comes to new additions—that includes the role a new Pokémon might play in a team. Though we don't know for certain, we suspect that in Pokémon Unite, Sylveon will play the Ranged Attacker role albeit with a more support-oriented approach like Alolan Ninetales.

In the quick gameplay footage included in the Pokémon Presents video, we see Sylveon charm a wild Ludicolo with a ranged move and smite down a bunch of players at once with its Unite Move. This is reason enough to believe it will be able to deal decent damage but will probably pitch in with supporting the team with hinderances as well.

Is Pokémon Unite Sylveon Physical or Special?

When it comes to working out the best Pokémon Unite Sylveon build, knowing if the Intertwining Pokémon uses the Physical or Special attack stats can make all the difference. There's no point wasting a Held Item slot boosting a stat it doesn't use, after all. If you don't know already, check out our explainer on the Pokémon Unite Physical vs Special attack differences to understand why this is such a key bit of info to know.

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We still don't know for certain, but there's enough reason to believe that in Pokémon Unite, Slyveon will be a Special attacker, using the Sp. Atk stat in damage calculation. This means it won't gain much from the stats of a Muscle Band, but it will make good use of Held Items like Sp. Atk Specs and Shell Bell.

The reason for is speculation boils down to the fact that Sylveon has traditionally had a relatively high Sp. Atk stat. Compared to its regular Attack stat, at least. That's enough to suggest it'll rely on ranged energy-based attacks to deal damage.

Sylveon using a Charm and its Unite Move in Pokémon Unite..
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What Moves Will Pokémon Unite Sylveon Have?

If we're running with the idea that Sylveon is a ranged attacker with a support focus that uses hinderances to help the team survive, we can expect the Pokémon Unite Sylveon moveset to look a little something like this:

  • Basic Attack
    • Tackle
  • Basic Moves (Lv. one/three)
    • Swift
    • Baby-Doll Eyes
  • First Move Upgrade
    • Draining Kiss
    • Disarming Voice
  • Second Move Upgrade
    • Moonblast
    • Double-Edge

This speculative moveset uses data from past Pokémon games to guess which moves Sylveon will have in Pokémon Unite. Assuming it starts off as an Eevee at level one, we suspect it'll learn Swift as a ranged attack similar to Vensusaur's Razor Leaf. Baby-Doll Eyes will come in as the other starting option, giving Eevee the Fairy-type move it traditionally needs to evolve into Sylveon. It'll also help give players get to grips with being a more support-oriented Ranged Attacker on the bottom lane, charming opponents in place.

After it evolves (presumably at level four like Alolan Ninetales) we expect Sylveon to learn either Draining Kiss or Disarming Voice. The first will prep Sylveon for a melee-focused approach to battle like Venusaur's Giga Drain, giving it some serious self-sustain. Disarming Voice, on the other hand, will retain its ability to stun targets in place just like Baby-Doll Eyes. This is probably what was shown affecting Ludicolo in the reveal trailer.

As the match heads into its climactic final phase, Sylveon will get to choose whether to stick with close-range combat with Eevee's popular Double-Edge or move more into ranged combat with Moonblast. The former could knock targets back or stun then, whereas the latter could stick to its main series roots, lowering the Sp. Atk of those hit and proving very useful against other Ranged Attackers like Gardevoir. If Moonblast ends up being its Unite Move, a more defensive option like Light Screen might get reused from Mr. Mime to give Sylveon a way to wall off objectives.

How Much Will Pokémon Unite Sylveon Cost?

Before it actually arrives in-game, we have no real idea of how much Pokémon Unite Sylveon will cost. It'll be available from the Unite Battle Committee shop alongside the rest of the game's Unite Licenses, be it might be some time before we known the exact price. Don't worry about holding onto your coins just yet.

What we can do, though, is use past releases to guess the final Pokémon Unite Sylveon cost. Right now, the only two post-release Pokémon have both set players back 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems. If that pattern holds true for future content drops, expect Sylveon to command the same price. It's a fairly standard asking price for Pokémon Unite Licenses at this point.