Shindo Life codes (April 2024) - Free spins for Shinobi Life 2

A Shindo Life logo screen.

A Shindo Life logo screen.
April 18, 2024 - We've checked if there are new Shindo Life codes.

On the hunt for the newest Shindo Life codes? We’ve got you covered. Shindo Life is inspired by various ninja anime and it is one of the famous Roblox games that gets updated frequently. Boost your character’s level, ability, points, and overall strength by using the latest Shinobi Life 2 codes that are available today. Thankfully, these coupons appear frequently, so you would not run out of these freebies quickly.

Other than the ninja adventuring aspect, most people love the gacha spins system of the game. The codes also give out spins, so make sure to grab them whenever you can. By using spins, you will get powerful bloodlines and boosts that will make your ninja a beast. By redeeming the newest codes, your ninja will surely be in line with the current meta.

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New Shindo Life codes (April 2024)

Shindo Life Working Codes

Code Reward
EmberKageisL!RellCoins and spins
HazeNobuffs!RellCoins and spins
SandFlightNerfYes! RellCoins and spins
PokeshindoMon!RellCoins and spins
RELLCSparrow! RellCoins and spins
NimbusCarriedBySpecs!RellCoins and spins
ObelisktakingLs!RellCoins and spins
OneTappedHimBeastBomb!RellCoins and spins
RayySpecCarried!RellCoins and spins
AidennGruntWork!RellCoins and spins
ImADuneKun!RellCoins and spins
RELLGems!100 spins and 10k RellCoins
A screenshot showing how to get more spins in the Shindo Life game in Roblox.
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How do I use Shindo Life codes codes?

  • Launch Shinibo Life 2 through Roblox.
  • Click on the down arrow twice just below the play button and select the Edit button
  • Type or paste the Shindo Life codes into the box in the top-right (press Tab on PC if the Roblox UI is in the way).
  • Working Shindo codes will be redeemed automatically when entered.
A screenshot showing how to use spins in the Shindo Life game in Roblox.
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How do I use spins in Shindo Life?

  • Enter the 'Edit' menu from the main menu
  • Click either the 'Elements' or 'Bloodline' buttons around your character
  • Click the 'Spin' button beneath any unlocked Element or Bloodline slot to use a spin.

Once you've claimed your Shindo Life codes and accumulated spins, you'll probably want to use them straight away. You can hold up to 500 spins without the Spin Storage Gamepass, but where's the fun in that?

It can take a good long while to use up all the spins you get in Shindo Life. You need to do them one at a time to ensure you don't reroll a good trait. Stick with it, though. There's nothing worse than wasting a code by forgetting to use the spins you already have.

How do I get more Shindo Life spins?

Using Shindo Life codes isn't the only way to get spins. While you'll get a nice boost this way, you can also earn free spins just by playing the game.

You can get more free spins in Shindo Life simply by completing daily quests and leveling up your character. You'll even gain a few naturally while logged in and as daily log-in rewards. Of course, you can buy spins with Robux as well.

To do so, just click where it shows you how many spins you currently have. You'll find this opposite the code entry box in the 'Edit' menu. Click whether you want to buy 15, 30, or 60 spins and go from there.

Why are my Shindo Life codes not working?

Shindo Life codes are time-limited and come with an expiration date. Redeem all Shindo Life codes before they expire, and check out the list of expired Shindo Life codes from the list given below.

Shindo Life Expired codes

Code Reward

Expired Codes


That will be the end of our list of the newest Shindo Life codes. If you are deep into a lot of Roblox games, our newest AFSX codes and Reaper 2 codes will probably help you in their respective games!

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