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Pet Simulator X Codes - Diamonds and Coin Boosts

Looking for the latest Pet Simulator X codes? This popular companion-collecting game is all about gathering a group of furry and feathered animal friends, then raising them to grow up big and strong. Just like Adopt Me! or any of the other popular pet Roblox games, Pet Simulator X starts with you buying eggs and caring for them until they hatch.

Once they do, you can trade them to other players or even combine them to create new ones. But buying new eggs and keeping up that constant supply of pets is going to cost you. That's where our Pet Simulator X codes list comes in.

We've got plenty of free diamonds and coin boosts to help you buy eggs, so you can get your hands on all sorts of pets. We've also got details on where to potentially find more Pet Simulator X codes, as well as how to redeem them.

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Without further ado, here's our list of the newest Pet Simulator X codes.

All Working Pet Simulator X Codes

  • morecoins4u - Two triple coin boosts (NEW)
  • anothertriple - Triple coin boost
  • Underworld - Free diamonds
  • Clouds - Boost
  • halfamillion - Free diamonds
  • plaid1234 - Triple coin boost
  • big1234 - Triple coin boost
  • morecodes3 - Ultra lucky boost
  • Back2Back - Free diamonds
  • blamedavid - Triple coin boost
  • SuperUltra1 - Ultra lucky boost
  • FirstUpdate - Boost

The next code is expected to land when the game hits 700k likes. The game's latest update is now live, and it's a big one. Next time you log in, you can expect to see a new tech world, dark matter pets, 22 new pets, four new eggs, a new pet collection tier, and much more.

The following Pet Simulator X codes were confirmed as expired on September 23, 2021.

Expired codes:

  • TripleCoins999 - Triple coin boost
  • FreeDiamonds0
  • Triple275k
  • Ultra225k
  • MoreCoins180k
  • EzDiamonds150k
  • Easy125k
  • Release
  • Super25k
  • Triple80k
  • Lucky50k
The redemption menu for Pet Simulator X codes in the game
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What Are Pet Simulator X Codes?

Pet Simulator X codes are freebies that the developer gives out to players whenever the game reaches a new milestone. This could be a brand-new content update or simply hitting a certain number of visits, but either way, it's a good chance to grab some freebies. Be sure to check back with our list if you never want to miss any.

How Do I Play Pet Simulator X?

To play Pet Simulator X, you simply need to head to the Roblox website. Currently, it's super hard to find Pet Simulator X on the game directory, as there are a lot of copycats, so we suggest heading to the game page for Pet Simulator.


In the description below the game, you'll find a link to the Pet Simulator X page, and once here just press 'Play' to enter the game. You can also find links to the developer's Twitter and Discord lower down the page.

How Do I Redeem My Pet Simulator X Codes?

In order to redeem your code in Pet Simulator X, you must be at least basic rank. Once you are, just follow these straightforward steps:

  • Open Pet Simulator X
  • Tap on the plus symbol next to the diamonds marker on the right of the screen
  • Scroll down until you see the redeem code section and tap on it
  • Enter your Pet Simulator X code
  • Tap redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!
The Pet Simulator X code redemption screen in-game
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How Do I Get More Pet Simulator X Codes?

The best places to find more Pet Simulator X codes is on the game's official Twitter, Discord, or YouTube channel. These are not only a great way to stay up to date with the game, but they are also the best place to spot freebies as soon as they arrive. If you can't be bothered sifting through Discord and Twitter, you can always just check back with this list, as we'll add new rewards whenever they are released.

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