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Anime Fighting Simulator X codes (September 2023) - Free AFSX boosts and Chikara

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Beta players jumping around in Anime Fighting Simulator X.
September 20, 2023: We had a look for new AFSX codes.

Looking for new Anime Fighting Simulator X codes for update 1? That’s smart. They’re a great way to stay ahead in the revival of one of the biggest Roblox anime simulator games around. Being mostly clicker-type experiences, codes are a great way to save time (and your mouse) without shelling out for an auto-clicker Game Pass.

Down below, we’ll do what we always do: provide you with a constantly updated list of Anime Fighting Simulator X codes, and even catalog those that no longer work. Why? To show what you’ll miss out on by not redeeming them quickly. Roblox codes never stick around for long. They’re valuable. By using them as soon they drop, you’ll avoid only seeing them once they’ve expired.

For more Roblox goodness, check out some of the most popular games on the platform with the help of further freebies. GPO codes, Shinobi Life 2 codes, and Blox Fruits codes continue to be huge, with Arm Wrestle Simulator codes proving to be the summer’s biggest surprise.

New Anime Fighting Simulator X codes (September 2023)

  • 150K150K - Two stat boosts and two yen boosts
  • UPDATE2OUTNOW - Two stat boosts and two yen boosts
  • 75KLIKESOMG - 10k Chikara and two stat boosts
  • UPDATE1OUTNOW - 10k Chikara and two stat boosts
  • AWESOME50KLIKES - 10K chikara and two stat boosts
  • SubToToadBoiGaming - 2K Chikara
  • SubToMrRhino - 2K Chikara
  • subtigretv - 2K Chikara
  • SubToVanilla - 2K Chikara
  • subtodwax - 2K Chikara
  • anotherBugFixes - Stat boost
  • 35KWOW - 10K Chikara and 2 stat boosts
  • bruh3shutdowns - 5K Chikara
  • bugsFixes - 1 stat boost, 3 shiny rocks
  • OMG20KLIKES - 2 shiny rocks
  • RELEASE - 5k Chikara

The next AFSX code will drop when the game gets 100k likes.

Expired codes

The following AFSX codes have expired:

  • 10KLIKESTHANKYOU - 10k Chikara

How do I redeem Anime Fighting Simulator X codes?

Redeeming your AFSX codes is a really simple process. Just launch the game from the Anime Fighting Simulator X game page and you’re already good to go.

To use codes, you just need to tap the three dots button on the top of the lot on the left side of the screen. That causes a lot more buttons to appear. Tap the bird icon button to bring up the code redeem box.

Copy and paste an Anime Fighting Simulator X code in the box, hit redeem, and you’ll get your rewards.

A cropped screenshot of Anime Fighting Simulator X beta testers.
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Credit: Emilio (RbxSoft) on Twitter

How do I get more Anime Fighting Simulator X codes?

If you’re hoping to beat even us to the punch for new Anime Fighting Simulator codes, you’ll want to set up annoying notifications for a few different places.

Roblox codes are typically distributed via YouTube, Discord, and Twitter. That’s on top of any that are added to even the game’s Roblox page description box.

For AFSX codes, you’ll want to follow the BlockZone Twitter, BlockZone YouTube, and join the BlockZone Discord. There’s also a good chance individual developers working on the game will leverage its popularity to drive followers to their own Twitter and YouTube channels, making Emilio one you’ll want to follow.

The original game was also known for collaborating with big Roblox YouTubers, often giving them codes in their name to dish out, too. So pay attention to your favourites making videos about it, or just search for anyone playing the game on YouTube and hope for the best.

Is Anime Fighting Simulator X the same as Anime Fighting Simulator?

Yes, but no. Anime Fighting Simulator X is heavily inspired by the classic Roblox experience - check out Anime Fighting Simulator codes if you’re up for playing it as well - but it’s not the same game with a name tweak.

With this one, you’ll be starting fresh, training from the ground up. As it’s by the same developers, expect plenty of the same mechanics, only with a new lick of paint, some added extras, and some modern gameplay tweaks. It’s a sequel that isn’t replacing the original. Unless it’s applied as an update.


Is Anime Fighting Simulator X by the same developers as AFS?

Yes. BlockZone, the development studio collective behind the original Anime Fighting Simulator Roblox game, is behind Anime Fighting Simulator X as well. That means this isn’t some knock-off trying to gain popularity off the back of the original game’s name.

It isn’t clear how many original staff members are back, but with BlockZone’s blessing all but confirmed, there’s little reason to believe it won’t follow in its footsteps.

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