Roblox codes - free cosmetics and accessories (September 2022)

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Image of a group of Roblox characters.
September 23, 2022: We gave the guide an accuracy pass for the month.

Looking for the latest Roblox codes for free accessories and emotes? With so many different games and crossovers happening all the time, there's always loads of free stuff to redeem.

Free hats, emotes, pets, and even headphones are commonly up for grabs, so we've created a complete Roblox codes list so that you can get claim all the freebies in one convenient place. And if you're new to roblox codes, read on to learn how to use and redeem them. It can get complicated.

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Every free Roblox item for September 2022

  • SPIDERCOLA - Spider Cola shoulder pet
  • THEBIRDSAYS - The Bird Says Shoulder pet

By heading to the Roblox Avatar Shop and filtering your search to only 'Free' items, you can quickly find loads of cosmetics and emotes that won't cost you any Robux.

These free Roblox accessories are often released to celebrate crossovers, holidays, and events with brands, celebrities, and popular Roblox influencers, so you know they're worth picking up.

A lineup of characters wearing different Roblox accessories.
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How do I redeem Roblox codes?

  • Log into the Roblox website
  • Head to the Roblox code redemption page
  • Copy a Roblox code from our list and paste it into the field
  • Tap redeem
  • If you get a green thumbs up, it's been redeemed
  • Find your rewards in your avatar inventory

It's easy to redeem Roblox codes. Just follow the steps above to claim your in-game goodies straight to your Roblox account. It shouldn't matter which device you're on when you try these steps: they should be the same. Just ensure you're logged into the account you use when you play Roblox. You wouldn't want to send the freebies to the wrong account.

How do I get free Robux?

For most, the idea of Roblox codes will probably invoke the thought of getting free Robux. While it's true that you use the Roblox code redeem page to get free Robux from gift cards, that doesn't mean every Roblox code you come across is going to give you free Robux.

The age-old saying of "If it's too good to be true, it probably is" is something every Roblox player needs to remember.

Though you will find genuine free Robux giveaways in the Discord channels of popular games, they're just too risky to participate in - and actually against Roblox's terms of service, which can result in your account being banned.


Just like how no stranger on the street will ever give you money for nothing, the same goes for strangers on Roblox, Discord, or any other in-game community. There is no genuine, safe way to get free Robux, and the only Roblox codes you should redeem for free Robux are those you personally bought from a store or were given (in physical form) from a trusted friend or family member.

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A previous version of this guide was written by James Wright.