Attack on Titan Evolution Codes - Free Spins and Cash

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April 22, 2022: If Attack on Titan Evolution doesn't launch on April 29, the team will have broken their original April release promise. Patreons can play right now (and even get a 500 spin code), but others will have to wait.

If there's one Roblox game that's making waves this week, it's Attack on Titan Evolution, and the latest Attack on Titan Evolution codes that have arrived in time for this weekend's stress test are sure to help give you a good idea of the final product.

The name itself has probably made this very clear already, but this particular Roblox experience is based primarily on the Attack on Titan anime and manga franchise. It's a gory action-heavy series all about regular humans fighting a war against mysterious man-eating giants, so you can probably imagine what the gameplay is like.

And what are you to do once the Attack on Titan Evolution stress test concludes? Play around with Anime Punching Simulator codes and Anime Clicker codes while you wait for the full release, of course. For mobile-specific games, the latest Awaken: Chaos Era tier list can have you fighting off similarly large beasts with optimal efficiency as well.


When Is the Attack on Titan: Evolution Release Date?

At the start of April, the developers announced that the Attack on Titan: Evolution release date would land on a Friday within the month. Since then, they've confirmed that April 22 wouldn't be the day, leaving April 29 as the last possible date before the game is officially delayed.

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All Working Attack on Titan Evolution Codes

  • 10KLIKES - 50 spins (NEW)
  • PEAK - 175 spins
  • FIXES - 10k cash
  • STRESSTEST - 25 spins

The following AoT Evolution codes were last checked and confirmed expired on April 25, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • No AoT Evolution codes have expired just yet.

More AoT Evolution codes are expected for the full release. Check back then.

Here's how to use Attack on Titan Evolution codes (or AoTE codes) in Roblox.
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How Do I Use Attack on Titan Evolution Codes?

  • Launch the game through the Roblox site or app
  • Tap the Settings button on the main menu, then 'Codes'
  • After launching into actual play, tap the bottom-left menu button, then select 'Settings' from the radial menu, then 'Codes'
  • Enter your AoTE codes

Using the latest AoT Evolution codes in Roblox is a simple enough process. Like most other games on the platform, all you need to do is launch the game, open up the Settings menu either on the main menu or by tapping the menu button in the bottom-left while controlling your character, then tap the 'Codes' buttona and toss your AoT Evolution codes into the box that pops up.

How Do I Get More AoT Evolution Codes?

If you're hoping to get more Attack on Titan Evolution codes even before we have time to add them to this list, here are all the places you'll need to regularly check and set up notifications for.

First off, you'll want to follow the AoT Evolution Twitter account. New codes are likely to drop there as the game matures.

Secondly, the Attack on Titan Evolution Discord server is where the very first code was dropped, so you'll want to keep a close eye on the 'Game Announcements' channel for any more that might drop throughout the stress test.

Lastly, there's the AoTE game group. Codes are sometimes promised here in other Roblox games, but it's rare for the developers to actually follow through. Still, it's worth a shot.


Is There an Attack on Titan Evolution Trello?

As it turns out, there actually is an AoT Evolution Trello board you can check out for a few little bits of game info. It's looking a little sparse and the moment, and there's never any guarantee that it'll be kept up to date, but if you're looking for every sliver of Attack on Titan Evolution information you can get your hands on, the Trello board is worth checking out.

How Much Are Attack on Titan Evolution Spins? - AoTE Robux Price

  • 1 spin = 20 robux
  • 5 spins = 95 robux (5% discount)
  • 10 spins = 180 robux (10% discount)
  • 25 spins = 425 robux (15% discount)
  • 50 spins = 800 robux (20% discount)
  • 100 spins = 1500 robux (25% discount)

New AoTE spin prices were announced on March 7. Though a single spin hasn't seen a discount, every other set of spins has - with the discount being larger if you buy more spins in one go.

How Do I Play Attack on Titan Evolution?

Anyone can play Attack on Titan Evolution during the stress test weekend that's taking place from Feb 25–28. That's a full weekend of playing the game to your heart's content. To do so, just log into your Roblox account, check out the AoT Evolution game page, hit the play button, and you're good to go fight some titans.

And that's everything you should need to know about Attack on Titan Evolution codes for now. With the game still in testing, there aren't many codes to go around. If you like the thrill of spinning, Shindo Life codes and Slayers Unleashed codes are probably grabbing.