Blox Fruits codes - Free boosts and money (September 2022)

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Blox Fruits Codes - Free Boosts and Money
September 24, 2022: We had another good look for some new Blox Fruits codes.

Looking for a little help on the high seas? Our list of Blox Fruits codes has the perfect range of freebies to aid you in getting started in your Roblox pirate adventure; whether that's double XP boosts, in-game money, or stat refunds so you can re-spec your character. Down below, we'll list every working Blox Fruits code available right now.

Blox Fruits is based loosely around the popular pirate anime One Piece and uses its idea of devil fruits: a mysterious food-stuff that grants the eater superpowers. The best ones can be diffucult to find or even sometimes just very expensive. And while the best won't mean an easy victory, they can certainly help close the skill gap in PVP.

For even more Roblox game freebies, be sure to take a look at our lists of Shindo Life codes, All Star Tower Defense codes, and Anime Fighting Simulator codes, all of which we update on a regular basis. Anime Punching Simulator codes are proving popular right now as well.

All Working Blox Fruits Codes

  • SUB2GAMERROBOT_RESET1 - stat reset
  • Sub2NoobMaster123 - 15 minutes of double XP
  • Sub2Daigrock - 15 minutes of double XP
  • Axiore - 20 minutes of double XP
  • Bignews - in-game title
  • TheGreatAce - 20 minutes of double XP
  • TantaiGaming - 15 minutes of double XP
  • StrawHatMaine - 15 minutes of double XP
  • kittgaming
  • fudd10_v2 - $2
  • Sub2OfficialNoobie - 20 minutes of double XP
  • Sub2UncleKizaru - stat refund
  • SUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP1 - 30 minutes of double XP
  • Fudd10 - $1
  • Bluxxy - Boost
  • Starcodeheo - 2x EXP boost
  • JCWK - 2X EXP boost
  • Magicbus - 2x EXP boost
  • Enyu_is_Pro - 2x EXP boost
  • Sub2Fer999 - 2x EXP boost

The following Blox Fruits codes were confirmed as expired on September 24, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • UPD17
  • EXP_5B
  • RESET_5B
  • UPD15
  • XmasExp
  • XmasReset
  • Update11
  • PointsReset
  • Update10
  • Control
  • UPD14
  • ShutDownFix2UPD17
  • UPD16
An in-game screenshot of Blox Fruits code redemption section and menu
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How Do I Use Blox Fruits Codes In Roblox?

  • Open Blox Fruits
  • Tap the small Twitter bird symbol on the left of the screen above the compass
  • Copy a Blox Fruit code from our list and enter it in the box
  • Tap redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

Using the latest Blox Fruits in Roblox is really easy. Rather than having to put each code into the chat box and risk spamming with spelling mistakes, all you need to do is tap the Twitter bird icon in the lower-right part of the screen. Paste your Blox Fruits codes into the box one-by-one (hitting redeem after each) to claim your freebies.

Blox Fruits Update 17 Part 3 release date countdown

Blox Fruits Update 17 Part 3 release date countdown


After a bunch of teases, we’ve finally learned that Blox Fruits update 17 part 3 is finally set to release on September 10, 2022 after a delay that should have had it arrive the day prior.

Sadly, no exact time has been announced, but the game's Twitter did say it would arrive "tonight."


Given that the last update arrived at around 6pm PT (2am UTC), we can imagine the same will be true for this one, so we've set the Blox Fruits update countdown to reflect that.

How Do I Play Blox Fruits?

  • Log into Roblox
  • Visit the Blox Fruits game page by clicking the link or using the search bar
  • Press the big play button
  • Create your character if you haven't already
  • Have fun!

Blox Fruits is a completely free Roblox game. You don't need to pay any Robux to launch or enjoy it, but you can spend Robux to get some of the best Fruits real fast - as well as some other helpful boost. To get started, just log into your Roblox account, navigate to the Blox Fruits game page, hit the play button, and get living your best pirate life.

How do I get more Blox Fruits codes?

The best way to get yourself some extra freebies In Blox Fruits is to keep an eye on the developer's Twitter or join the official Discord. As with most Roblox games, Discord is a great way of finding out about new updates coming to the game, as well as any potential codes that might drop alongside it.


And that's it for Blox Fruits codes right now. New ones don't drop too often, but they do on the odd occasion. If you're deep into this game, check out the Blox Fruits Haki guide and the Blox Fruits best fruits tier list as well. They'll help you become a PVP champ.