Anime Clicker codes (October 2023) - Free boosts and more

Image of a door opening to orange mist in Anime Clicker.

Image of a door opening to orange mist in Anime Clicker.
October 13, 2023: We've checked for new Anime Clicker codes.

The latest and greatest Anime Clicker codes will give you a massive boost in anything from Yen to actually multiplying each click you do in this wacky Roblox game. If that's what you want, you've come to the right place. There are a few codes available right now, and that's not always the case - so great timing.

Anime Clicker codes generally arrive in time for a new update, a LIKE, Plays, or Favourites milestone, or even just whenever the developers feel like giving the game's gargantuan playerbase a little present.

Looking for more roblox codes? If the general codes in that linked page aren't what you're looking for, we suggest checking out Anime Punching Simulator codes, Critical Legends codes, and Weapon Fighting Simulator codes as well. They're three new very popular games you might want to try.

New Anime Clicker codes (October 2023)

  • SHIPPUDEN - gold boost
  • GETSUGATENSHOU - gold boost
  • STANDPOWER - gold boost
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS - 600 present points
  • UPDATE6 - luck boost
  • SAITAMA - gold boost
  • DRAGON - Free Click Boost
  • 50KLIKES - Click Boost
  • dawn - 2x boost
  • SuperYen - Yen boost
  • ONEPUNCH - Gold Boost
  • WELFARE1 - Free Boost
  • WELFARE2 - Free Boost
  • WELFARE3 - Bunny Pet
  • BUNNY - Free Boost
  • TITAN - Free Boost
  • X2CLICKS80K - 2x Click Boost
  • YenExtra2 - 2x Yen boost
  • twitter10k - 2x Click Boost
  • DemonClicker - Yen and Click boosts
  • TitanicLikeGoal - Yen and Click boosts
  • FeelingLucky - Yen and Click boosts
  • ClickingPower - Click boosts
  • LikeYenBoost - 2x Yen boost
  • ClickBoost - Click boost
  • ShradenCapped - 2x Yen Boost
  • SuperClicks - 2x Click boost
  • LuckyLikeGoal - 2x Luck boost
  • MonsterYen - 2x Yen boost
  • Release - 1k Yen
  • Update2 - Free boost

Expired codes:

  • GiftOfGiving - 500 Presents

New Anime Clicker codes is set to arrive when the game gets 125k Likes.

Here's how to use Anime Clicker codes.
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How do I use Anime Clicker codes?

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  • Launch Anime Clicker (officially called Anime Clickers Simulator) on your Roblox account
  • Tap or click the Twitter logo icon on the right side of the screen
  • Type your Anime Clicker codes into the box and hit the 'Claim' button
  • That's it!

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Using Anime Clicker codes is as easy as can be. Unlike some other anime-inspired Roblox games out there, you don't need to spam the public chatbox with codes and risk being called a spammer - the socially anxious players out there can rest easy knowing there's a quick simple way to redeem Anime Clicker codes. Just follow the steps above.

How do I find more Anime Clicker codes?

If you don't trust us to put new Anime Clicker codes in here as soon as they drop, we're going to let you know how best to find them yourself.

Anime Clicker codes drop in a lot of different places, so you're going to need to bookmark a few pages and set up lots of sometimes meaningless notifications to keep ahead of us.

Not feeling discouraged yet? Alright. To find the latest Anime Clickers codes before we do, you'll want to follow @do_BigR and @AnimeClickerSim on Twitter. On top of that, you'll want to keep a close eye on the Anime Clickers game page whenever you go to play it - new codes can sometimes be posted to the game description there.

Lastly, sign up for Discord if you haven't already and join the Anime Clickers server. That's a great place to get an early look at new content and be the first to get a new code or two.

What's in the new Anime Clickers update? - Anime Clicker update 34 patch notes

  • New BORU boss
  • Combining Station in AC City
  • BORU egg (three new companions)
  • Bug fixes and slight performance improvements

Anime Clicker Update 34 brought a few tweaks to the One-Punch Man update that came before. A combining station was added to the AC City hub and dishes out rewards for Punch Shards dropped by the new BORU boss, and a BORU egg with three new companions was added as well. There's a game rebalance in the works which will likely be in effect by the time you're reading this. If you're stuck on a world, this will help.

You can get rewards beyond Anime Clicker codes by verifying your Twitter account in-game.
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How can I get more Anime Clicker freebies?

Beyond just playing the tutorial to nab a free pet, you can actually get a few Anime Clicker freebies just by verifying your Twitter account.

If you took the above advice and followed the two game developers on Twitter, just walk on down to the Twitter board in-game, type your Twitter username into the box there, and hit the 'Verify' button.

If the bot detects you've followed then both, you get a permanent boost added to your account that increases your Clicks and Yen yields by a whopping 20 percent. That's a massive difference and well worth seeking out.

And that's all you can expect from Anime Clicker codes for the time being. As promised, we'll keep this list updated with the latest codes so that you don't need to trawl the internet whenever anyone in chat says one just dropped. For more, check out Clicker Simulator codes for free boosts in a similar game.

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