codes (July 2024)

The results of codes.

The results of codes.
July 12, 2024: A new code is now added, redeem it now!

Ready for the ultimate survival in Today we are here with new codes that you can redeem in-game and get freebies like gems, energy, tickets, and more. is a fun game where you will fight to survive the evil zombie waves. codes can only be released by their developers and also have an expiration date. So redeem all the unique codes at the earliest.

All the codes that we have mentioned can give you free rewards like energy, coins, gems, pets, chest keys, and much more. Also, these codes are released for a limited period, so redeem them ASAP and get your free rewards now.

You can also check out the list of best weapons in from our tier list and pick your favorite weapon. Then, check out our Vampire Survivors evolution chart if you're stumped on that one too.

New codes (July 2024) Working Codes

New LesserHeat200 Gems, 20 Energy, and 3 Special Op Tickets
COMEBACK100 gems, 2 Revival Coins, Pawerful Pet Chest Key
anniversary 100 gems, 10 Energy, 20k Gold
LUCKY2023200 gems, 10 Energy
Using codes in the game.
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How do I redeem codes in

Redeeming codes might be quite hectic, but don't worry we have made it easy for you. Simply follow the steps given below and redeem all codes in-game. codes can't be redeemed in-game, you have to go to the official redemption website of Also, you will need your player ID which you can find in-game, so make sure to copy it already before entering the redemption page.

  • Get your player ID
    • Go to the middle tab in-game and press the cog icon in the top-left
  • Go to the gift page
  • Enter your UID in the first box
  • Enter your code in the second box
  • Enter the verification code (to the right) in the third box
  • Hit redeem

Where are my code rewards?

Because most people will be logged into the game when they redeem the gift codes, it can appear as if they haven't been delivered.

The simple reason for this should be that you just need to reboot the game to have your code rewards appear in the mailbox. You'll find the mailbox icon on the center tab screen to the top-right - opposite the cog icon where you found your user ID.

Once you've redeemed all the working codes, relaunch the game to claim the rewards from your mailbox. This refreshes your account, making it appear much sooner than if you simply waited or played a match.

Getting the Discord code.
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How to get more codes codes typically come from the game's social media channels - so Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes they're freely posted as plain text on a status update, but sometimes they're hidden in images posted there as well.

The post in question will typically say whether there's a code in the posted image, though, so don't go staring at every image for an hour each. We'll post any codes here anyway, so you shouldn't even need to worry about trawling these channels anyway.

Through the official Discord channel, you can get a personal code each month. Here's how to do that:

  • Sign up for Discord if you haven't already
  • Join the Discord server
  • Complete the permissions check to unlock the server channels
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  • Tap into the redeem-gift-codes channel
  • Tap the "get gift-code" button
  • Enter your UID (found in-game)
  • Claim the rewards

This method doesn't toss out a code for you to redeem. Instead, it just sends the rewards straight to your game. Either reload the app or play a round to have them appear in your mailbox.

Using Discord Nitro to earn a second code each month.
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How to get a second Discord code

Did you know you can get two monthly codes and not just one? Though it's rarely mentioned on the server, anyone who uses a Discord Nitro boost on the server can claim a second gift code in the second half of the month.

To boost the server, tap the little downward arrow in the top-right corner of the server banner image. You'll generally find it in the top left of the Discord app (on desktop) just to the right of your server list.

Boost the server this way and you'll be able to use the steps above to claim a code between the 1st and 14th of each month, and again from the 15th to the end of the month.

When do new codes come out?

There's no rhyme or reason around new codes right now. The game is relatively new, so it's hard to say whether new codes will drop solely for seasonal events or whether they'll drop for smaller things like download milestones. Discord codes, on the other hand, refresh each month, so you can always get one new code per month. There's a slight delay on the first of each month as codes are added to the bot, but you'll be able to get them easily enough before the next month rolls around and invalidates them.

Is there a Discord link?

If you want to play the game at some pro level, you'll be glad to hear that there is a Discord link you can use to join up with other dedicated players.

It's not the kind of game we'd say to take seriously enough to dedicate yourself to a busy Discord server, but if you're the type to theory craft the best weapons and equipment, you'll get a kick out of the 100k-strong community.

Why are my codes not working?

It may simply be a case of trying to redeem a code that has since expired. Be sure to check back with us regularly, as we'll keep this list up to date with any new codes we can find. We'll also confirm any that have expired, so you know which ones are worth trying. Expired codes


Expired Codes

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And that is all you need to know about codes as of this writing. There are always new codes every week, so expect that there will always be freebies waiting out there! For other games, though, check out Ni no Kuni Cross World codes and Genshin Impact codes. They're two graphically impressive mobile games you can play on the go.

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