Fruit Piece codes (October 2023) - Free boosts and gems

Image of two anime characters in Fruit Piece.

Image of two anime characters in Fruit Piece.
October 16, 2023: We've gone over new Fruit Piece codes.

In need of Fruit Piece codes? This game based on the One Piece fracnhise is one of the biggest anime titles to land on the Roblox platforms in recent weeks. If you want to get started with a bunch of boosts and helpful resources, then redeeming codes is the best way to go about it.

In this Roblox guide, we'll break down all the Fruit Piece codes you can redeem right now. That's alongside a look at exactly what each code unlocks, as well as a breakdown of the code redemption process to make things nice and easy.

For even more Roblox, check out our Shindo Life codes and Project Slayers codes. Those are two of the biggest games on the platform right now. We've also got some more general Roblox codes for extra cosmetic items.

New Fruit Piece codes (October 2023)

  • LIKE4MORE - 5 minutes of double XP and 10 minutes of Beli
  • 100LIKES - 10 minutes of double XP and 10 minutes of Beli
  • RESETSP - SP reset
  • RESETDF - DF reset
  • FREEBIES - 5 minutes of double XP, 5 minutes of Beli, 5 minutes of mastery, 25 gems
  • UPDATE1HYPE - DF reset
  • RELEASE - 10 minutes of double XP

Expired codes:

  • UPDATE2HYPE - Stat reset
  • NEXTUPDATEHYPE - 15 minutes of double XP
  • TWINNEM - Stat reset
  • WELIVE - 10 minutes of double XP, Beli, and mastery
  • 100KVISITS - Stat reset
  • 1.5KLIKES
  • 150KVISITS
Image of the Fruit Piece code redemption screen.
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How do I use Fruit Piece codes?

Redeeming Fruit Piece codes is a fairly easy process. While the actual redemption method is simple, the game is known to lag if you're inputting a bunch of codes at once, especially on mobile. Regardless, here's how to use them:

  • Boot up Fruit Piece through Roblox.
  • Tap the Menu button on the bottom left of the main screen.
  • Tap Codes, and paste in a code from our list.
  • Hit Redeem.
  • If the code is working, you get a notification saying so, and can see your inventory expand!

What are Fruit Piece codes?

Fruit Piece codes are freebies you can use to grab extra items in the Roblox game without having to grind. Codes are a fairly common process across the platform, with the contents of each one depending on the generosity of the devs. Luckily for Fruit Piece players, Boss Studios is very kind with the frequency and contents of codes, so you'll be fine.

The current Fruit Piece codes offer free gems, XP boosts, and stat resets. All are useful in their own way, with the first two letting you level up and purchase new abilities much more quickly than if you played without codes. If you've made a build you aren't totally happy with and want to start over again, then the stat reset codes will give you that blank slate.

How do I get more Fruit Piece codes?

As a game that's only set to skyrocket in popularity, the chances are you'll be wanting more Fruit Piece codes already. Luckily, the dev seems to dish them out quite frequently. We've compiled a few places for you to check for codes, so you never need to miss out on a freebie.

Firstly, it's worth following the game on Twitter and subscribing to the YouTube channel. Both platforms come with the promise of codes, so you can snap them up while on your daily trawls through social media. There's also a Discord server to join, which is brimming with players eagerly anticipating the next freebie.

That's it for our look at Fruit Piece codes! While we wait for a few more to arrive, feel free to redeem these Pet Simulator X codes and Blox Fruits codes to pass the time.

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