Anime Fighters codes - free boosts and more (August 2022)

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Image of two Roblox characters duelling in Anime Fighters Simulator.
August 18, 2022: Two Anime Fighters codes just dropped. Get stuck in.

Did you know that anime fighters codes can fast-track your progress? Whether through luck boosts to help your drops, yen boosts to get you stacks of cash, or EXP boosts to speed up the leveling process, staying on top of the latest codes will give you loads of opportunities to grow your team in record time.

As you might have guessed, Anime Fighters Simulator is an anime-themed Roblox game where you gather popular characters from across different anime franchises and use them to build up a powerful team used to beat the baddies across each anime-themed island.

Find yourself cycling through the most popular Roblox anime experiences? For more free Roblox game goodies, see our lists of All Star Tower Defense codes, Shindo Life codes, Slayers Unleashed codes, and Project Slayers codes which we update throughout the week to bring you the very latest info. We've also got some general Roblox codes for you to redeem.

Table of Contents

All working Anime Fighters codes

  • SummerEvent2 - some goodies
  • DungeonRefund3 - free goodies and a dungeon cooldown reset
  • DungeonRefund2 - free goodies and a dungeon cooldown reset
  • AFSAnniversary - free goodies
  • SummerEvent - free goodies
  • MiniUpdatePog - free boosts
  • SoulAcademy - free boosts
  • SorcererEmpire - free boosts
  • Thanks900k - free boosts
  • LandOfHeroes - free boosts
  • LandOfGuts - free boosts
  • AFSAnniversary - free boosts
  • FashionEmpire - free stuff
  • WorldOfGames - Free goodies
  • 800klikes
  • TimeTravelTokyo
  • PassiveBug2
  • PassiveBug

The following Anime Fighters Simulator codes were confirmed inactive and expired on August 18, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • DungeonRefund
  • NinjaCityRaid
  • NinjaCity
  • 800klikes
  • TheHole
  • 700klikes
  • 2k22
  • otrademark
  • PsychicCity
  • ToadBoi
  • HalfBillion
  • 1MilFaves
  • Sub2Numerous
  • Sub2foxpanda
  • Sub2codenex
  • Sub2Veyar
  • BronzePiece_
  • RealDaireb
  • Thanks600k
  • KingdomFour
  • IceWastes
  • DivineColosseum
  • FlameCity
  • Christmas
  • NewSulley750k
  • cyclxnee
  • Thanksgiving
  • SlimeyIsland
  • 200milcrazy
  • Nice300k
  • AlchemyLand
  • EpicShutdown
  • LuckIsland
  • Gold500k
  • SpookyIsland
  • ShutdownCode
  • DestinyIsland
  • NinjaRaid
  • CrimesIsland
  • SCity
  • Pog400k
  • Thanks150k
  • SorryForShutdown
  • CurseHigh
  • Insane200k
  • Craftbug
  • EmptyWorld
  • Yeet250k
  • UpdateDelay
  • TicketCode
  • Epic150k
  • 50MilThanks
  • Sulley500k
  • Nice200k
  • VirtualCastle
  • 100kRecord
  • Sulley300k
  • ChimeraIsland
  • Almost100k
  • Pog125k 
  • GhoulCity
  • Magic100K!
  • 60kCCU
  • SlayerCorps
  • Magic100k
  • Awesome50k
  • AttackOfGiants
  • Super75k
  • Sulley100k
  • EpicCode
  • MegaLikes
  • SuperLikes
  • ManyLikes
  • Lucky30k
The Anime Fighters Simulator code redemption page and menu
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How do I redeem Anime Fighters Simulator codes?

  • Open Anime Fighters Simulator
  • Tap the Twitter bird symbol on the left side of the screen
  • Copy a code from our list into the box
  • Press redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

Anime Fighting Simulator uses a similar system to most of the other big Roblox anime games. To redeem your Anime Fighters Simulator codes, just click or tap the Twitter icon (the bird) on the left side of the screen, type the code into the text box that appears, and hit the green button.

If the code was entered correctly, is still valid, and you haven't used it before, you should get a message saying it was successfully redeemed.

What do fragments do in Anime Fighters update 31?

Anika, one of the game's developers, confirmed on Discord after Anime Fighters Update 31 that "fragments have no use in game yet. No secrets/divine announcement in char will get fixed soon."

You heard that right: Anime Fighters fragments don't do anything just yet, despite what the in-game message would suggest. They will: eventually. Just not right now.

How Do I Get More Anime Fighters Simulator Codes?

As always, the best places to get more Anime Fighters Simulator codes are the official Discord, Twitter, and YouTube channel. These are all good ways of keeping up to date with the game and getting any freebies directly from the developer when they're released.


That said, if you don't want to spend your time checking Discord and Twitter, feel free to check back with this list on a regular basis, as we'll update it whenever new codes drop.

Anime characters fight in the foreground as an explosion is set off in the background and the colossal titan leans over the wall
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How do I play Anime Fighters Simulator?


To play Anime Fighters Simulator, all you've got to do is head to the Roblox website. Once you're there, search for the game name. This brings up a variety of options, so be sure to click on the first result to open the game page. Then simply tap 'play' and get started with the game.

If you scroll further down the page, you can also find some useful links to the Anime Fighters Simulator YouTube, Twitter, and official Discord.

How do I get a Mythical unit? - Mythical pity Anime Fighters

Mythical Cost (Yen)
Piccolo/Penny the One320k
Itachi (Musashi)1.5m
Jotaro (Dr. Dolphin)8m
Mihawk (Mike)60m
All Might (Shining Hero)350m
Rengoku (Flame Knight)7.2b
Arima (White Reaper)27b
Netero (Buddha)90b
Heathcliff (Landmine)400b
Coyote (Falcon)1.75t
Gojo (Blindfold)6.5t
Saitama (Bald Man)18t
Gilgamesh (Gilded King)265t
Yuno (Spirit Warrior)1.04Q
Roy Mustang (Flaming Hot)3.25Q
Rimuru Tempest (Friendly Slime)9.36Q
Hibana (Sakura Captain)19.44Q
Adam (Father)75.8Q
Natsu (Salamander)188.8Q
Frost-hime (Emilia)588.8Q
Sawyer (Denji)182E

Though the game doesn't like to say it, there is actually a Mythical Pity.

Anime Fighters typically only shows you how many pulls you need to do to guarantee a Legendary unit on your next - which you'll see at the top of the rates on any given gacha - completely disregarding the cost of doing so.


Beyond that, though, there's a hidden value - measured in Yen spent on that particular banner - which drops a guaranteed Mythical once you hit it.

You'll see the values above, but be warned: they're incredibly high. Where it only takes 60k Yen worth of pulls to get a Legendary from the Ninja banner, it takes 1.5m Yen to hit the Mythical Pity - that's nearly 10 Legendary Pity pulls (or 2000 pulls) before you hit the Mythical Pity in Anime Fighters. It's rough, but it's reliable.

What's new in Anime Fighting Simulator? - AFS Summer event part 2 patch notes

  • Clone machine in Summer Island
  • Get clone tokens from beachballs and dungeons!
  • BONUS Limited divine in Summer Island!
  • Summer dungeons drops summer reroll tokens
  • Buffed dupe machine
  • Updated lightspeed passive
  • Dungeon drops buffed
  • Added summer lucky passive
  • Fixed Abaddon model
  • Fixed golden beachballs
  • Many other minor improvements and bugfixes

And that's everything there is to say on Anime Fighters codes and other things for now. For more Roblox fun, check out clicker simulator codes, Anime Clicker codes, and maybe even Weapon Fighting Simulator codes as well. For something a little different, the Anime Battlegrounds X tier list is worth paying attention to.