Reaper 2 Codes - Free Race Rerolls and Dangai

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January 24, 2022: We added a new Reaper 2 code and checked the validity of the other Reaper 2 codes.

If you're just starting out in developer Iconic Anime Productions' action-packed game. Reaper 2 codes are for you. This competitive Roblox game is still in development, but after a large-scale stress test, the game has finally gone live. And, as such, the hunt for the latest Reaper 2 codes has begun.

Reaper 2 is worth a shot if you're an anime fan with a love for the legendary Bleach series. The game is notably inspired by the hit manga and anime, bringing some story bits and recognizable characters into a seemingly sizeable RPG adventure. Along the way, you'll complete quests to level up, fill out a large skill tree, and use your newfound powers to crush the competition.

While you're here, we also keep up-to-date lists of the latest Shindo Life codes and Project Hero codes. We've even got a Project Hero quirk tier list, packed full of tips that'll give you the edge you need. For classic games, check out our All Star Tower Defense codes for some freebies.

All Working Reaper 2 Codes

  • 100kMembers - Secondary reroll (NEW)
  • raceREROLL - Race reroll
  • freeDANGAI22 - Dangai reroll
  • newSecondary?? - Shikai reset
  • RELEASERACEREROLL1 - Race reroll

The below Reaper 2 codes were last checked and confirmed expired on January 24, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • DANGAI4FREE - Ten minutes of Dangai
  • COOLRACEREROLL - Free race reroll
  • COOLSECONDARYREROLL - Free race reroll
  • Racereroll1 - Free race reroll
  • Racereroll2 - Free race reroll
  • Racereroll3 - Free race reroll
Here's how you can use Reaper 2 codes in-game.
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How Do I Use Reaper 2 Codes?

  • Start Reaper 2 via the game page on the Roblox website
  • Navigate your way to the in-game menu by pressing 'M'
  • Scroll through the menu until you see the 'Codes' button
  • Copy and paste Reaper 2 codes from the list above into the box and hit redeem
  • Find your rewards in your in-game inventory

Using Reaper 2 codes is relatively straightforward. You can use them as soon as you enter the game. Just press 'M' to bring up the menu, scroll through until you see the 'Codes' button, and paste your Reaper 2 codes in one-by-one. Hit submit to claim the rewards.

What Are Reaper 2 Codes?

Reaper 2 codes are your standard Roblox freebie codes that grant you an assortment of handy rewards. In this case, you can expect to earn free race resets by redeeming the latest codes. There's a chance that future codes will offer alternative rewards, such as in-game currency, but that's currently unconfirmed.

How Do I Get More Reaper 2 Codes?

The best places to look for new Reaper 2 codes are the game's Discord server and the developer's Twitter account. We'd also suggest keeping an eye on Reaper 2's Trello to stay up to date on any incoming updates or changes.


As always, if you're not up for sifting through social media accounts, you could always just bookmark this page right here and check back over time, as we'll be sure to add the latest Reaper 2 codes as soon as they drop.

When Is the Next Reaper 2 Code?

With the game now live, new Reaper 2 codes should come thick and fast. One was released alongside the game, but it isn't clear yet when more codes will appear.

Other Roblox games tend to release a lot of codes early on as bugs are ironed out and servers are brought offline by little glitches, exploits, and hotfixes. There's no saying that will happen with Reaper 2 codes, but any launch issues will give the developers reason to add new codes.

Outside of that, concurrent playercount, likes, or favourites milestones will likely cause more Reaper 2 codes to appear in time.