Project Hero Quirk Tier List - All Quirks and Powers

The Project Hero tier list is in.
January 17, 2022: We clarified the new Cremation quirk and removed some irrelevant sections further in the Project Hero quirk tier list.

A Roblox Project Hero quirk tier list is ready and waiting to see you through this brand new adventure. Modeled after the My Hero Academia anime and manga franchise, the "quirks" (superpowers) featured throughout serve as equippable powers here. And some are better than others.

Though it's still too early into the game's life to call this a definitive Project Hero quirk tier list, it should serve as a good point of reference when building your character. As you level up and learn more quirks, you'll want to focus on the ones that are understood to just be better.

This is far from the first time we've pieced together a tier list for a new Roblox game. We have a bunch of them in our tier list hub, covering some of the most popular experiences around. We have a Tower Defense: Shinobi tier list, Shindo Life tier list, and even a Legends ReWritten blessings tier list as well. Oh, and here's a list of the latest Project Hero codes while we're at it.

Project Hero Quirk Tier List - Best Quirks

Cremation, Fierce Wings, Overhaul, Quirkless, Hellflame
Acid, Half Cold Half Hot (HCHH), Leech, One for All, Muscle, Electricity

The above Project Hero quirk tier list uses a common tier list as base but switches some quirks around based on player feedback. Some early tier lists saw Leech as an inferior quirk, but a little more testing proved this to be a gross understatement. As such, Leech is one of the better quirks in the game, earning it a top spot on the current Project Hero tier list.

Even going Quirkless has proven to be worthwhile for some players. The effectiveness of a quirk will always ultimately boil down to an individual person's level of skill, but a quirk high on the Project Hero quirk tier list can either require little training or just be incredibly powerful in the right hands.

How to spin for quirks high on the Project Hero tier list.
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How Do I Get New Quirks in Project Hero?

  • Redeem the latest codes for free spins
  • Visit the Quirk Lab near the spawn
  • Talk to Groody there to spin for new Quirks

Given the game has no tutorial to speak of, knowing how and where to get new quirks in Project Hero can be a little tricky. To get them, you need to use the Project Hero codes to accumulate spins. Then, with spins in your account, you need to head to the Quirk Lab to the right of the spawn point near the park.

Talk to Groody in the lab to spin for new quirks. The idea is to aim for quirks high on the Project Hero quirk tier list, but you should ultimately settle for whichever quirk you think is fun.

And that's for the Project Hero quirk tier list right now. Have fun with your favourites while they last. While their damage may drop off in the future as balance patches come into effect, they'll likely remain just as entertaining. Skimming through the Project Hero Trello board can keep alert you to the developer's plans, so be sure to check out it from time to time.

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