Legends ReWritten Blessings Tier List - Best Blessing for July 2022

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July 6, 2022: We added the Demon Blessing to the Legends ReWritten blessings tier list.

Trying to build the best warrior? You'll want to follow the official Legends ReWritten blessings tier list for that. Players still have a lot of common questions about the game's combat mechanics. Like many other action-focused Roblox adventures out there, some equipables are better than others, with even developers having built the game with a tier list in mind. Read on and heed their guidance.


Because of the official nature of the Legends ReWritten blessings tier list, you shouldn't expect buffs or nerfs to affect your options. And new blessings should slot straight into the current tiers.

For what it's worth, we have tier lists for a bunch of the best Roblox games out there, from Shindo Life and Blox Fruits to King Legacy and Project Star. And if you're just cruising from one new Roblox game to another on the hunt for the next big thing, we suggest Tower Defense: Shinobi codes, True Piece codes, and Monument of the Dead codes for a whole heap of freebies.

Legends ReWritten Blessings Tier List - Official Rankings

Tier Blessing
AKira, Rinee, Godspeed, Demon
BSusanoo, Chakra, Kagune
CHealer, Phoenix

In an unusual twist, the game's developer has its own Legends ReWritten blessings tier list freely available on the project's Trello page.


Where it's usually up to the players to compile the necessary combat data to accurately rank in-game equipment, the official tier list suggests each blessing was designed with a specific tier in mind. Follow the rankings above if you trust the judgement of the game's designer. If that doesn't work out for you, check out the player rankings below.

Legends ReWritten Blessing Tier List - Player Rankings

Tier Blessing
SWarudo, Rinne
BSusanoo, Kagune
DHealer, Wind

With so many players asking for a Legends ReWritten tier list in the game's Discord server, it should come as no surprise to see others chime in with their own rankings.


The table above is one example of an active player's blessings tier list. Though not radically different from the official version, this one does give an alternative S-tier blessing to aim for if Warudo isn't feasible. It also lumps Healer down at the bottom with Wind, which is another slight deviation from the intended design.

You can roll for something on the Legends ReWritten blessings tier list through the main menu.

How Do I Get a New Blessing in Legends ReWritten?

In Legends ReWritten, blessings are the main gacha element. Like rolling for a Breathing Art with Slayers Unleashed codes or a Bloodline with Shindo Life codes, you roll for blessings using Legends ReWritten codes. You start off with three free spins, but you'll need to top those up with codes, Robux, or quest rewards if you ever need to change your blessing.


You can use these spins by opening up the menu, tapping the Magic tab, and hitting the roll button beneath the blessings slot.

When Will a New Legends ReWritten Blessing Release?

We currently don't know when a new Legends ReWritten blessing will arrive. The game launched a number of months ago now, but there's been no talk of spicing up the combat with a new blessing just yet. Wit raids coming in the very new future, though, there's every chance one or two new blessings could launch alongside it.

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