Project Star Tier List (March 2024)- Best Stands and Styles

Project Star Tier List

Project Star Tier List
March 27, 2024: We reworked the intro and added a section detailing the state of game updates.

Looking to see if your favourite Stand sits high on the Project Star tier list? We stand with you. Knowing which is the best tool for the job in this new high-quality Roblox JoJo game can take the pain out of some of the more difficult quests, dungeons, and grinds.

If you're hopping into the hyped-up game with little JoJo knowledge to draw from, we even go through the painstaking process of explaining what a Stand is. A little context can go a long way, after all.

If you're the type to play multiple Roblox experiences back-to-back, you'll probably get some use out of our Roblox guides hub. We have stacks of code guides in there for popular anime games like Slayers Unleashed and Shindo Life as well as more relaxed titles like Pet Simulator X and the upcoming SharkBite 2.

The Cream stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ranks high on the Project Star tier list.
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Project Star Tier List

Best Stands

Project Star Tier List


Prime Star Platinum The World
The World




Star Platinum
Magician’s Red
Silver Chariot
Death Thirteen


Hierophant Green
The Fool
Hermit Purple


Tower of Gray

The Project Star tier list above includes every Stand introduced during the Project Star Part Three release - the first public release of the game.

With Parts four through eight listed on the Stands section of the Project Star Trello board already, expect additional Stands to be made available through future game patches and updates. Expect to see this tier list change dramatically as new Stands are added and others are buffed or nerfed.

Best Styles

Project Star Tier List


Bubble Hamon









One not-so-concrete aspect of a Project Star tier list is the game's various combat styles. You'll start the game with little more than a kick, block, and punch as part of the 'Basic' style, but you'll unlock others as you go. These alternate styles can add many more moves to your repertoire, demanding decent situational awareness, reaction times, and keybinds.

By weighing up their strengths, weaknesses, and general ease of use, we've built a great combat style Project Star tier list to use as a reference. Whether you're a combat king or queen or just a beginner looking for a fun time, the tiers above should help you work out which style will suit you best.

The World stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ranks among the best on the Project Star tier list.
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What Is a Project Star Stand?

Being based on the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise, it should come as no surprise to hear that Stands are a common focus of the popular anime and manga series. They're essentially manifestations of energy that resemble powerful people. They're used to do battle. If you've seen or heard of the classic "Za Warudo" meme, you've encountered a Stand.

Originally named after figures of the Arcana, the franchise later adopted things like well-known or obscure American album names as additional Stands. If you've played a game like Persona, Stands are basically the Persona each character summons behind them to attack their foes. Another example would be the Shadows from the Xbox 360 JRPG Blue Dragon. It's simple stuff, really.

When Is the Next Project Star Stand Releasing?

Although the Project Star Trello board details multiple phases of new content, the developer has since announced that the likelihood of updates happening is quite low. The developer noted that Project Star wasn't even originally planned to release. Hastily written code, other projects, and even school commitments all make updating the game very challenging. They haven't ruled out the updates arriving in the future, but they did essentially say the chance is low.

Is Project Star Dead?

For the time being, it would appear that Project Star is dead. Though it looked like an ambitious game with a long life ahead of it, before the end of the year, the developers announced that ongoing support was never really their plan and that if the game does ever get the updates outlined in the launch Trello, it would be far into the future.

And that should be everything you need to know about the Project Star tier list right now. Though the game is stuck in limbo, it's still worth playing if you haven't had the chance already. As such, the tier list is still relevant. If you'd rather play a current JoJo Roblox game, World of Stands is the next big one on the horizon. And yes, we do already have a World of Stands codes list ready for launch.

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