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SharkBite 2 Codes - Free Shark Teeth and More

Image of a skeletal shark from SharkBite

Fans of the Roblox game SharkBite rejoice, as SharkBite 2 codes are coming soon. This sequel to Abracadabra Studios’ original shark-hunting game was announced in August this year, with a full release due soon. It’ll completely up the ante from the original, which positioned you either as an innocent fisherman caught in a shark’s prowling grounds - or the sharp-toothed predator itself. What follows is an asymmetrical multiplayer experience where it’s either kill or be killed.

Our SharkBite 2 codes will help you find your feet when the game fully releases in the future. The original game’s codes gave you plenty of Shark Teeth, the main currency which let you buy new sharks, boats, and equipment. We expect SharkBite 2 to function in a very similar way, based on the announcements from Abracadabra so far. The sequel will introduce a brand-new map, customisable boats, and exciting new ways to play as the sea-based predator.

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All Working SharkBite 2 Codes

  • Currently, there are no working SharkBite 2 codes, as the game has yet to launch.

This list was last updated on October 18, 2021. We’ll update this page the second SharkBite 2 codes are live and public.

Expired codes:

  • No SharkBite 2 codes have expired yet.

What Are SharkBite 2 Codes?

While the code system hasn’t been confirmed by Abracadabra Studios yet, you can safely bet that codes will operate in a similar way to the first SharkBite game. In that game, they provide you a free boost of Shark Teeth - usually 50 per code. It’s a nice gift from Abracadabra to help give new players and dedicated fans alike the chance for some free cash to spend on upgrading their boat or shark.


SharkBite 2 codes will almost definitely provide the same boost of in-game currency. However, as this sequel looks set to expand on the framework provided by the original, new codes could add other bonuses too. It’s too early to say, but using codes to their full potential will be crucial once SharkBite 2 comes out.

How Do I Use SharkBite 2 Codes?

  • Boot up SharkBite 2, either via the game’s Roblox page on PC (which isn't live yet), or the mobile app.
  • Click the Twitter logo to access the code redeem page. We don’t know precisely where on the HUD this will be, but in the first SharkBite, it’s on the left of the screen.
  • Type in the code as you see it on this page, and hit redeem.
  • If the code is valid and working, you’ll get a message telling you what new goodies you’ve received.

It's worth mentioning that the steps above outlining how to use SharkBite 2 codes are completely unconfirmed. The game hasn't released yet, but by looking at the original SharkBite code redemption method, we can imagine the process will remain largely the same.

How Do I Get More SharkBite 2 Codes?

Since SharkBite 2 is a highly-anticipated Roblox release, you can bet that the developers will be releasing plenty of codes to drum up hype and give players a much-welcomed extra boost. As with the first game, there are a few reliable avenues to check for new codes. Firstly, it’s worth monitoring several Twitter accounts related to the game. There’s the official Twitter for Abracadabra Studios, as well as the accounts of the two co-founders, Simon and Opplo.

On top of that, you should join the SharkBite Discord server, where updates and codes will appear on release. Of course, it’s worth bookmarking this page too, as we’ll be updating it with SharkBite 2 codes as and when they drop.

When Is the SharkBite 2 Release Date?

SharkBite 2 was announced by Abracadabra Studios on August 7, 2021, but there has been no further information since that announcement. The news came around six weeks after the original SharkBite hit one billion visits. Sadly, the announcement only said the sequel would be "coming soon." As such, a SharkBite 2 release date is hard to predict and completely unofficial. We'll see you there, though.