The best Android FPS games

Screenshot from Call of Duty Mobile

Screenshot from Call of Duty Mobile

If you’re a devoted Android gamer, chances are you’ve seen the range of downloadable FPS games on the market. There are countless titles out there, and the wave of new releases can seem daunting. But fear not, as we’ve got a breakdown of the best Android FPS games to help you choose which digital battlefield you want to tear up next.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional competitive shooters or gritty zombie thrillfests, we’ve hand-picked the best of all FPS subgenres out there. So, without further delay, these are the best Android FPS games.

Of course, if you're an Android owner and you've already got your FPS fix, there are plenty of other games out there. We've got a Genshin Impact tier list and AFK Arena tier list for you to check out. That's alongside a YuGiOh Master Duel deck tier list to use!

Here are the best Android FPS games

Screenshot from Call of Duty Mobile
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Call of Duty: Mobile

First up is one of the world’s most popular FPS franchises. Call of Duty: Mobile brings everything you love about CoD to handhelds, with deep multiplayer, a battle royale mode, and even the fan-favourite zombies mode. The snappy CoD gameplay is back too, with more concentrated 5v5 game modes, which ensure you’re always in the middle of the action.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a portable love letter to CoD fans, with a continuous season scheme ensuring there’s always something new to try out. On top of the range of modes and weapons, it also brings over classic maps like Nuketown for mobile gamers to enjoy. CoD Mobile is a popular one, and for very good reason.

Screenshot from Hitman Sniper
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Hitman Sniper

Next is another mobile version of a beloved console franchise – this time Hitman. The game casts you once again as the brooding Agent 47, but instead of a range of weapons, this time it’s all about sniping. As with other Hitman games, you’ll take out high-value targets in a range of extravagant locations. Each and every part of your sniper rifle is customisable, meaning you can hone 47’s weapon exactly to your liking.

More than just a sniper simulator though, Hitman Sniper is a bona fide entry in the Hitman canon. It boasts over 150 unique targets to take down, and even adds something totally new to the Hitman formula: a zombies mode.

Screenshot from Modern Combat 5
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Modern Combat 5

While Modern Combat 5 might look like a Call of Duty clone on the surface, it actually offers a clever tweaking of the FPS formula from Gameloft. It’s one of the few Android FPS games to include a campaign, where you play as an elite soldier betrayed by your former allies. From there, you travel across locations like Tokyo and Venice to exact brutal revenge.

Of course, there’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy multiplayer action too. With ten classes to choose from, you can deeply customise your soldier, unlocking new weapons as you progress. Gameloft even offers a ‘pubstomp’ mode, where elite players can show casual fans just how skilled they are.

Screenshot from N.O.V.A. Legacy
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N.O.V.A. Legacy

If Modern Combat is inspired by Call of Duty, then N.O.V.A. definitely takes cues from Halo. This futuristic shooter also comes with its own story mode, where you play as Kal Wardin. He’s an elite operative tasked with suppressing the villainous Colonial Administration in a range of increasingly unique sci-fi locations.

Of course, there’s a multiplayer mode here too once you’re done with the campaign. You can test your skills in a 4v4 deathmatch, with private lobbies to boot – if you want to stomp on your friends online, that is. N.O.V.A. is one of the most enduring sci-fi shooter franchises on mobile for a reason, and Legacy is the definitive iteration of the series.

Screenshot from Critical Ops
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Critical Ops (C-OPS)

In Critical Ops, you get to align with either side of the law for multiplayer combat. You can join the Coalition to join an elite S.W.A.T. team, armed with the best weaponry, or the rag-tag criminals of the Breach. From there, Critical Ops is a multiplayer shooter that refreshingly contains no gameplay altering in-app purchases whatsoever.

Yes, develop Critical Force Ltd. promises a totally fair experience, where you can’t pay to unlock the best weapons. Of course, that isn’t to say that competition isn’t encouraged. In fact, there are dedicated competitive modes where the strongest players battle it out, from areas as diverse as dingy alleys to airport hangars.

Screenshot from PUBG Mobile
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PUBG Mobile

While it’s mostly a third-person game, you can play the world-renowned battle royale in first-person, so we’re counting it here. The quest for the elusive victorious chicken dinner hits handhelds in PUBG Mobile, with console-level visuals. Impressively, it also retains 100-player lobbies, a feat unmatched by most of its rival mobile games.

If you’ve played any battle royale game before, you’ll know what to expect from PUBG Mobile – but it’s one of the genre’s founding fathers for a reason. All of the PC version’s features are here, from various maps to in-game vehicles. It’s made more balanced by only matchmaking with mobile players, making it a solid on-the-go battle royale experience.

Screenshot from Zombeast
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Now, for something a little more atmospheric. Zombeast is a single-player zombie FPS, where you’re the sole survivor of an undead apocalypse, forced to stave off brain-eating enemies. It’s visually reminiscent of recent zombie titles like Dying Light, with a plethora of brutal melee weapons, devastating firepower, and some hulking undead monsters to kill.

Each mission encompasses a single day of this post-apocalyptic nightmare, where you have to eliminate a certain quota of zombies before you reach sanctuary for the night. There’s also an infinite horde mode, where you can battle it out to see how long you’d last in this brutal zombie armageddon.

Screenshot from Dead Effect 2
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Dead Effect 2

If Zombeast doesn’t have enough undead action for you, then Dead Effect 2 will do the job brilliantly. This futuristic FPS takes place on a Dead Space-style spaceship overrun by zombies, with most of the crew already dispatched of. You’ll sneak your way through the zombie-torn ship to scavenge for weaponry, take out rogue machinery, and get to the bottom of the infestation.

Dead Effect 2 boasts 30 hours of single-player gameplay, and endless replayability thanks to a barrage of upgradeable weaponry and armour. You’ll also want to try out the brutal in-game swords, which gorily slice up zombies into disembodied chunks.

Screenshot from Ninja's Creed
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Ninja’s Creed

Ninja’s Creed might be the most unique game on this list, as this FPS doesn’t have a gun in sight. Instead, you take control of an elite masked assassin who opts for the traditional bow and arrow instead of bullets. In the sandbox-style levels, you have to track down your target and take them out as stealthily as possible. You’ve also got special powers to help along the way, with an Assassin’s Creed-style Eagle Vision to give you X-ray insight into your target’s movements.

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On top of the story missions, you can partake in firefights with armed grunts, daily takedown missions, and an ongoing ‘hunting list’ of targets to deal with. If assassination is your thing but guns are too easy, then Ninja’s Creed might be the answer.

Screenshot from World War Heroes
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World War Heroes

Lastly, World War Heroes is the Android equivalent to traditional war FPS games like Medal of Honor and Brothers in Arms. This shooter sends you back to WWII for classic multiplayer action. With modes ranging from deathmatches to capture the flag, and seven unique 20th-century stages, this is one for the military history fans.

Yet more than just boots-on-the-ground action, World War Heroes also lets you drive the hulking tanks across the battlefield. If you want to use era-accurate weaponry and tear apart enemies in a historical setting, then World War Heroes is worth looking into.

Screenshot from Standoff 2, showing the first-person player with a purple knife
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Standoff 2

If you're a fan of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, then Standoff 2 will appeal greatly. It's currently still in the beta stages, but you can download the game on the Play Store to try out the three game modes across six maps. It boasts a wealth of firearms and melee weapons with a staggering range of skins, meaning you'll always have a new goal to strive towards.

You'll plant and defuse bombs, take down enemies, and communicate with teammates - all from your mobile device. With the game's roadmap planning more modes, weapons, and competitive play, now is the time to dive into Standoff 2.

Screenshot from Blitz Brigade, showing a green alien fighting against a first-person soldier in front of a UFO
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Blitz Brigade

This bubbly, colourful Android FPS will definitely strike a chord with Team Fortress 2 players. Its alternate-history plot examines a scenario where the leaders on both sides decide to condense the conflict into a small arena, rather than across the globe. Cue a range of zany PvP battles, and a focus on team-based fighting with friends shooting alongside you.

On top of that, a lot of the FPS staples that you'd expect are present in Blitz Brigade. There are seven different pre-built classes, based on which types of weaponry you want to focus on. As well as that, you can extensively customise your arsenal, adjusting your character's skills to complement your play style. With four different modes, over 100 weapons, and an array of visually charming maps, Blitz Brigade brings casual FPS fun to mobile.

Screenshot from Shadowgun Legends, showing several futuristic fighters preparing for a battle
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Shadowgun Legends

Next on our list is a mobile FPS similar in visual style to the N.O.V.A. series. It covers all bases of competitive shooter gameplay, with a single-player campaign and PvP multiplayer modes to enjoy. Of course, it brings the genre into the future, with a Halo-style world filled with large mechs and robots to mow down.

It's an immersive multiplayer experience too, with co-op missions and competitive matches to enjoy. Similar to Destiny, there's a hub world called Brno where you can meet up with friends and find new teammates to fight alongside. It's a looter-shooter at its core, so if you want a mobile FPS that can keep you busy for hundreds of hours, look no further than Shadowgun Legends.

There’s a rundown of must-play FPS games if you’re an Android owner. We’ve also got a look at the best Android action games and the best free Android games if you're looking for more recommendations.

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