The best free Android games for 2023

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Image of four characters looking up in Sky: Children of the Light.

Looking for the best free Android games? It can feel at times like the Google Play store is filled with the same copy-paste base builders, unimaginative licensed games, and more gacha than you could fit into an entire lifetime. A great many of these arguably aren't worth your attention, but in this sea of filler lie a number of real free-to-play gems that are well worth a look.

In this list of the best free Android games, we've highlighted our favourites from most of the genres you are likely to find on mobile. We recognise these games as some of the best free-to-plays that the platform has to offer, either for being fun or because they don't aggressively insist you dole out your cash to keep having a good time. If you're looking for a more tactically demanding challenge, we also keep a regularly updated list of the best Android strategy games.


Here are the best free Android games

Genshin Impact

A screenshot of Stormterror roaring at the Traveller and companions

There's a reason Genshin Impact is still extremely popular well beyond its launch. This open-world action-RPG has sky-high production values, a gorgeous art style, and fun hack-and-slash combat. Plus, Mihoyo's post-launch support has so far been nothing short of exceptional. We are constantly getting new characters, quests, bosses, and as of version 2.0, the brand-new region of Inazuma.


Considering the Traveller's quest will take them to all seven regions of Teyvat before the end, it's likely that Genshin Impact is going to be around for years to come. Considering how much free content that will consist of, it's hard not to think of Genshin Impact as one of the best free Android games.

If you're in need of some handy tips in Inazuma, we have a map of all the Genshin Impact Electroculus locations, an Ayaka build guide, and lots more.

Alto's Odyssey

A screenshot of Alto's Odyssey with a landscape and a temple in the background

Fancy a relaxing endless runner to soothe your nerves? Alto's Odyssey is an indie sand-surfing game that sees you rush down desert slopes and skate gracefully along the sides of dunes. Its Zen mode in particular is extremely relaxing, letting you ride the desert sands endlessly, listening to an uplifting soundtrack, and watching scenery slide past in the background.

This mode also features none of the usual fear of failure you'd expect to see in an endless runner; if you do happen to fall off your board, simply hop back on and keep going. The ride never ends.


Legends Of Runeterra

The mountain climbers in Legends of Runeterra

Though Hearthstone is generally considered the most popular mobile card game, Legends of Runeterra is hard to beat in terms of its high production values, breathtaking art, and refreshing approach to the CCG formula. By combining the game's champions to build a deck and experimenting with cards from their home regions, you can create incredibly powerful synergies.

Legends of Runeterra does sometimes fall into the same meta problem that Hearthstone does, where you often face the same deck, but Runeterra has so many diverse and powerful champion combinations that it's really anyone's game.

Among Us

No matter what you think of Among Us' popularity, it's hard to deny how much fun it can be, especially when you consider that it's free on mobile. The name of the game is simple: try to complete your work tasks and sus out the imposter before they murder everyone in the group.


It's a social deduction game based on the classic party past-time 'Mafia', and you can either play it with strangers or alongside a group of friends.

Sky: Children Of The Light

If you're on the lookout for something a little more wholesome, Sky: Children of the Light is a great pick. This game is based on fun interactions with strangers as you travel through a ruined Ghibli-like kingdom, making friendships with people on the same journey.

You can use gestures, customise your appearance by finding spirits to unlock cosmetics, and even establish relationships with other players, gaining the ability to hold hands, hug, and unlock text chat with one another. Most important of all is that you can fly, taking to the skies in each of the game's distinctive realms.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

There are a number of popular MOBAs available on Android, including the much-loved Mobile Legends, but Wild Rift features a level of polish that you'd expect from the League of Legends developer. It's accessible, features smart tutorials, and its monetisation system is pretty fair, avoiding pay-to-win elements by largely revolving around cosmetic skins.


It's that same League of Legends experience you're used to but optimised for the mobile platform. If you're wondering which characters are best, be sure to take a look at our League of Legends: Wild Rift tier list.

Call of Duty: Mobile

It's hard to find many decent first-person shooters on Android, but Call of Duty: Mobile does a good job of translating its popular series to the platform. With features like the ability to automatically shoot, the game feels well-optimised across the board for touchscreen devices and on-the-go play.

Like Warzone, it's also built around seasons, and it regularly receives new features, weapons, and modes to keep things fresh. Best of all is that you can go a long way without paying a single penny.

The Battle of Polytopia

Looking for a great free Android strategy game? The Battle of Polytopia streamlines the typical 4X gameplay of titles like Civilisation and compacts it into faster-paced matches. Rather than playing for hundreds of hours, you now only need to make the most minimal of time investments, and you still get an experience comparable to any of the big 4Xs, including city-building, technologies, armies, and exploration.


For similar suggestions, see our list of the best Android strategy games.

Pokémon GO

Even though five years have passed since everyone first took to the streets, Pokémon GO is still incredibly popular and a great pick if you're looking for a location-based Android game. This continued popularity is in part due to Niantic's ongoing support for GO, with plenty of in-game events and activities to keep players interested.

It's also great if you just want a free game to get you out and about. Ramble around your town looking for rare Pokémon, take over gyms, and build rivalries with random strangers. It's a great time.


Old School Runescape

Ever feel nostalgic for the old days of gaming? That simpler time where you'd play Runescape, then describe your exploits in detail to your school friends the next day? Well, you can relive that fantasy on Android with Old School Runescape. This MMORPG came out in 2013 and brings back the classic version of the game from 2007, letting you explore Gielinor as you remember it. And while you can still subscribe for added benefits, the base game is completely free. Get exploring!

Asphalt 9: Legends

If you're looking for a fantastic free Android racing game, you could do a lot worse than Asphalt 9: Legends. Race all sorts of iconic real-life cars and either take full control, or use the game's direction and boost system, made specifically for phone screens. You can also upgrade your ride and kit it out however you want. As racing games go, Asphalt 9 offers the thrill and quality of a console experience, but on mobile.


Pokémon Unite

If you're looking for a fun and free Android game, Pokémon Unite is a great option. Take charge of your favourite Pokémon and face-off against opponents in a 5v5 arena battle, defeating wild Pokémon, and evolving your own to become strong enough to defeat the opposing team. Pokémon Unite is a fun twist on the typical mobile MOBA formula and even offers cross-platform play between mobile and Switch.

Brawl Stars

Supercell's topdown arena-shooter is the perfect pick if you're looking for a quick and easy multiplayer game. Each of its diverse roster of characters features a simple dual-stick control scheme—one for movement, one for attack. You also have an ultimate power that you can use, varying from supercharged guns to a melee rush. Brawl Stars also has lots of different modes, from territory control, to sports, to a good ol' fashion deathmatch, and its quick matchmaking times mean it's the ideal mobile multiplayer game in a lot of ways.


Clash Royale

Another great free-to-play game from Supercell is Clash Royale—a competitive card-based tower defense game. In each match, you send units from your deck against a rival monarch, trying to smash down their castle before they do the same to you. However, Clash Royale's strategy is all about countering and pushing, using your units at the perfect moment to maximise their impact on a game, similar to how you would build upgrades at certain key moments during a regular tower defense. With so many deck, card, and champion options, it's also relatively easy to build yourself a decent deck even as a no-spend player.