The Best Genshin Impact Ayaka Build

Aiming to put together the best Genshin Impact Ayaka build? Genshin Impact's Ayaka is a powerful five-star character and the spotlight character in Genshin 2.0’s first banner. She’s heir to the Kamisato family and, as her introduction trailer tells us, was trained in the ways of etiquette and sword fighting. Ayaka and her story quests are the Traveler’s focus upon arriving in Inazuma, but in battle, the princess of the Heron Court excels as a fast-moving DPS character.

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So, without further delay, here is our Genshin Impact Ayaka build guide.

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When Is the Genshin Impact Ayaka Rerun?

Ayaka's first rerun begins April 18, 2022, and runs for three weeks until the next update lands.

Who Are Ayaka's Four Stars?

This time, Ayaka is joined by:

  • Sayu
  • Rosaria
  • Razor

What Is The Best Ayaka Build?

Secondary Stat
Mistsplitter Reforged
Critical Damage
Gain a 12~24% Elemental DMG Bonus for all elements and receive the might of the Mistsplitter's Emblem. At stack levels 1/2/3, Mistsplitter's Emblem provides a 8/16/28~16/32/56% Elemental DMG Bonus for the character's Elemental Type. The character will obtain 1 stack of Mistsplitter's Emblem in each of the following scenarios: Normal Attack deals Elemental DMG (stack lasts 5s), casting Elemental Burst (stack lasts 10s); Energy is less than 100% (stack disappears when Energy is full). Each stack's duration is calculated independently.
Amenoma Kageuchi
After casting an Elemental Skill, gain 1 Succession Seed. This effect can be triggered once every 5s. The Succession Seed lasts for 30s. Up to 3 Succession Seeds may exist simultaneously. After using an Elemental Burst, all Succession Seeds are consumed and after 2s, the character regenerates 6~12 Energy for each seed consumed.
Sacrificial Sword
Energy Recharge
After dealing damage to an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40~80% chance to end its own CD. Can only occur once every 30~16s.

Mistplitter Reforged is intended as Ayaka's signature weapon and will run again alongside her banner starting April 18. It's an excellent fit if you're lucky enough to get it, with the highest attack among all swords and the added bonus of at least two Elemental damage buffs thanks to its passive skill.

If you're unhappy with Ayaka's long skill cooldown, you may want to try the Sacrificial Sword. Not only does it have high Energy Recharge - good for the Energy-hungry swordswoman - but it also has a high chance of ending the wielder's skill cooldown.

The craftable Amenoma Kageuchi is also a solid choice and helps offset Ayaka's Energy Recharge problem. The generous secondary attack buff also makes up for the weapon's low base attack, and as with all craftable weapons, you can actually benefit from the highest level of the passive skill since you can just make as many as you need.

Whatever your weapon of choice, Blizzard Strayer is the ideal Artifact set for Ayaka. Even without her Skill, she's an endless source of Cryo damage thanks to her alt-dash imbuing normal attacks with Cryo.

What Are the Best Team Comps for Ayaka?

Since Ayaka's abilities make her a great Main DPS, the team we build around her must complement her skills. Kazuha and Xingqiu will trigger reactions by combining their Elements with Ayaka's, and Diona will provide enough sustain for the team to survive in combat.

Genshin Impact weapons for Ayaka
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What Are the Best Weapons for Ayaka?

Weapon Name
Obtaining Method
Mistsplitter Reforged
Crit Damage
Mistsplitter's Edge: 12% Elemental damage bonus for all elements. Obtains Mistsplitter's Emblem when normal attacks deal elemental damage, elemental burst is used, and energy is less than 100%. Each Emblem increases elemental damage by a further 8%/16%/28%.
Prototype Rancour
Physical Damage
Smashed Stone: On hit, normal and charged attacks increase attack and defense by 4% for six seconds. Stacks four times.
Amenouma Kageuchi
Iwakura Succession: Gain one Succession Seed after casting an elemental skill. Seeds last 30 seconds, and you can hold a maximum of three. Using an elemental burst consumes seeds and recovers six energy per seed.
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What Are the Best Artifacts for Ayaka?

Artifact Name
2 Piece Bonus
4 Piece Bonus
Blizzard Strayer
Cryo Damage +15%
Crit rate +20% when attacking enemies afflicted with cryo. Increases a further 20% if the enemy is frozen.
Gladiator's Finale
Attack +18%
Normal attack +35% for sword, polearm, and claymore wielders
Pale Flame
Physical Damage 25%
Attack +9% after using an elemental skill. Stacks twice and, at second stack, boosts the two-piece bonus by 100%
Genshin Impact Ayaka skills
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What Are Ayaka's Skills and Talents?

Ayaka uses a regular sword, and her skill deals heavy cryo damage. She also gets an alternate sprint skill that lets her walk on water, making Ayaka highly valuable for travelling in Inazuma.

Normal Attack
Performs up to five rapid sword strikes
Charged Attack
Consumes stamina as Ayaka sheathes her blade and unleashes a flurry of sword energy
Plunging Attack
Plunges from midair to deal AoE damage to all enemies in Ayaka’s path
Elemental Skill - Kamisato Art: Hyouka
Ayaka creates a swirling cryo vortex that launches enemies Kamisato Art: Senho (Ayaka Alternate Sprint) Ayaka cloaks herself in fog and can walk on water The fog dispels when Ayaka stops sprinting and inflicts enemies with cryo. Her normal attacks deal cryo damage as well
Elemental Burst - Kamisato Art: Soumetsu
Summons 'Frostflake Seki no To' that deals continual cryo damage for five seconds, then explodes and deals AoE cryo damage
Talent#1 - Fruits of Shinsa
10% chance to receive double the product when Ayaka crafts weapon materials
Talent#2 - Amatsumi Kumitsumi Sanctification
After using Hyouka, Ayaka’s normal and charged attack damage increases by 30% for six seconds
Talent#3 - Kanten Senmyou Blessing
After Senho’s fog applies cryo to enemies, Ayaka receives ten stamina and, for 10 seconds, an 18% increase in cryo damage
Genshin Impact Ayaka Constellations
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What Are Ayaka's Constellations?

If you get to pull Ayaka multiple times, you will eventually reach a level of the constellation that will turn her into an excellent DPS unit, with improvements on all her Skills and their respective cooldowns, making Kazuha a great tool to tackle the offensive in combat.

Snowswept Sakura
When normal or charged attacks deal cryo damage, there’s a 50% chance of reducing Hyouka’s cooldown by 0.3 seconds
Blizzard Blade Seki no To
Ayaka's elemental burst creates two additional 'Frostflake Seki no To' that each deal 20% of the original’s damage
Frostbloom Kamifubuki
Increases Soumetsu’s level by 3, up to a maximum of 15.
Ebb and Flow
Enemies damaged by Soumetsu’s 'Frostflake Seki no To' have defense reduced by 30% for six seconds
Blossom Cloud Irutsuki
Increases Hyouka's level by 3, up to a maximum of 15.
Dance of Suigetsu
Every ten seconds, Ayaka gains a buff that increases charged attack damage by 298%. This resets 0.5 seconds after a charged attack connects

If you want more of where that came from, be sure to check out our guides to the best Genshin Impact Baal build, Thoma build, Sayu build, and Yoimiya build. Best of luck on your adventure through Teyvat!

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