Genshin Impact Thoma - Everything We Know

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What do we know right now about Genshin Impact Thoma? Well, Thoma is a new character introduced in the Inazuma update as a close friend or retainer of the Kamisato clan. Mihoyo teased his addition to the game in the 2.0 update livestream, though as of yet, there's no sign of him as a playable character in Genshin Impact.

Leakers suggest that will change in the next few updates before Mihoyo starts adding other figures long in development. We could see Thoma as soon as Genshin 2.1, though much is still unknown about Ayaka's friend and servant.

Genshin Impact Thoma: Everything We Know

Read on to find out more about the Genshin Impact Thoma release date, banner, speculative build, and more. We'll continue to update this guide as more information arrives about Genshin Impact's Thoma in the lead-up to his arrival.

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Genshin Impact Thoma Release Date

On the latest Livestream, Genshin Impact 2.2 Update's first playable characters were announced, where they finally confirmed Thoma as a new Four-Star playable character in one of the future banners.

Is There a Genshin Impact Thoma Banner?

While Mihoyo hasn't given Thoma the same attention as Kokomi or Raiden Shogun yet, it's almost guaranteed he'll get a banner at some point. Even aside from leakers' inside information, there's the fact that he carries a Vision in the Ayaka introduction trailer.

So far, there's no Vision user in the game that isn't either playable or reportedly in development as a playable character.

Who else the Thoma banner will include remains uncertain, though. If he's a four-star character - which seems likely given Yoimiya's release in the 2.0 update - he might feature in another character's rerun banner as Yanfei did.

A brief moment in the Genshin 2.0 trailer shows a series of character portraits in an Electro Vision: Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu, followed by Kokomi, Thoma, and what looks like Sara.

The first three are the new characters in Inazuma's first banner, so it seems possible Kokomi and Thoma could be the first pair of the 2.1 banner, or perhaps the second, if Baal and Sara are the first.

Genshin Impact Thoma Build and Abilities

There's currently no Thoma leak pointing to his abilities, so suggesting a build is impossible right now.

Yoimiya will be a DPS-oriented character, so we suspect Mihoyo might have Thoma play a broader role, perhaps as a Support character. That would also fit with his position as aide to the Kamisato family, though it's just speculation at this point.

Genshin Impact Thoma Weapon

The leaks show Thoma as a polearm user, but there's no official confirmation of that just yet. We'll update this guide as soon as more concrete info surfaces.

If you're looking for more guides to help you out in Inazuma, we've also got lists full of Sakura Bloom locations and Electroculus locations, as well as an Ayaka build guide.

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