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Genshin Impact Codes - Free Primogems for September

Searching for Genshin Impact codes to get some free Primogems? Genshin Impact continues to be one of the hottest and most downloaded free-to-play games around, and while you can grind for Primogems and Mora, it can take a fair amount of playtime, even if you do it with the best Genshin Impact weapons and armour.

Trying to get the most desirable characters can take a long time, which has resulted in some fans complaining about the game's gacha mechanics. Thankfully, there's normally a healthy number of Genshin Impact codes that'll help get you some way towards your goal.

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Keep reading for the latest Genshin Impact codes, and be sure to check out our list of all Genshin Impact Electroculus locations and guides to the best Baal build, Kokomi build, Aloy build, and more.

All Working Genshin Impact Codes:

  • GENSHINGIFT - 50 Primogems and three Hero's Wit (never expires, only one use)

These Genshin Impact codes were checked and confirmed as expired on September 23, 2021.

Expired Codes:

  • PT8SG36HK4X6
  • CB7UU6KT2H59
  • GenshinEpic
  • GenshinGalaxy
  • GBNA9J5H9Y4H
The Genshin Impact code redemption screen on miHoYo's website
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What Are Genshin Impact Codes?

Mihoyo has been handing out Genshin Impact codes for a long time now, every once in a while, typically around the time of an update stream. These codes often offer free Primogems, Mora, or resources such as EXP materials, food, and Enhancement Crystals. While this method of obtaining rewards may not be as helpful as spending real money for in-game currency, getting a couple of freebies always helps to proceed further into the game. Genshin Impact codes function similarly to Honkai Impact codes, assuming you're familiar with Mihoyo's earlier release.


You can obtain a number of Genshin Impact codes quite easily, then redeem them using the game's official redemption site. Just be sure to double-check that you are logged in with your character and add the codes to the correct server you're playing the game on, or you won't get the rewards.

How Do I Get More Genshin Impact Codes?

You can get more Genshin Impact codes in several ways, including in giveaways such as the new Twitch Prime Campaign, on social media pages like Mihoyo's Twitter account, or the most common way, through the regular livestreams, where an average of three Genshin Impact codes are shared per stream. We will periodically update this page with every new batch of codes that come along, so check it out as often as possible!

Keep in mind that Genshin Impact codes are available for a limited time only, so be sure to claim them as soon as they release or you will miss these handy rewards. The only exception would be the introductory gift code, which is currently the one permanent Genshin Impact code, although you can only redeem it once.

How Do I Get Free Primogems?

Primogems are an important resource for many players of Genshin Impact, since gathering enough of these gems can allow you to get five-star characters and weapons from banners. You can get more free Primogems through various ways, which include:


Doing Daily Commission Quests

Once you unlock the Adventurer's Guild, the guild will assign you four Daily Quests each day. Completing these quests will reward you ten Primogems each, and once you report back to the NPC Katherine at the Adventurer's Guild, she will give you another 20 Primogems.

Exploring the World

You can earn Primogems by earning in-game achievements and opening treasure chests in the wild. These chests and achievements award different amounts of Primogems depending on their rarity, so keep in mind to go for the rarest ones as often as possible.

Participating in Events

Genshin Impact has in-game events every two weeks that give you free Primogems and various resources or loot. Completing the event missions usually rewards you with hundreds of free Primogems.

The in-game mailbox where you collect the rewards from Genshin Impact codes
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How Do I Get Free Mora?

To obtain Mora, the normal currency in Genshin Impact, you need to do various things in-game that involve either completing quests or exploring the world of Teyvat. You can also earn Mora by participating in several events. You'll even get some Mora via your in-game mail thanks to, for example, a specific character's birthday celebration. Here are some other ways to earn free Mora:


Doing World Quests

World Quests will reward you with Mora when you finish them. The amount of Mora that you will receive will vary according to how long or difficult the quest is, so it's suggested to go for the more complex ones first.

Exploring the Map

You can earn free Mora by opening treasure chests or breaking boxes that are lying around out in the wild. While the wooden boxes will only give you a few coins each, the chests will award different amounts of Mora depending on their rarity, so keep in mind to go for the rarest ones as often as possible.

Participating in Events

Genshin Impact has in-game events every two weeks that give you free Primogems and various resources, with Mora being one of them. Completing the event missions usually rewards you with lots of resources.

As a Gift in Your Mailbox

You can also receive Mora as part of a character's birthday celebration, a new update releasing, or as a reward after a long maintenance period or a sudden situation that prevents you from logging in.


The Latest Genshin Impact Giveaways

Genshin Impact has several giveaways that award you with special items like Primogems, food, or EXP materials. These can be collabs with a specific gaming platform, a reward campaign through Prime Gaming, or even just in-game emails that celebrate the birthday of a specific character.

Genshin Impact Prime Gaming Rewards

The current giveaway campaign is the Genshin Impact Prime Gaming collab. Since last month, players have been receiving redeemable Genshin Impact codes on their Prime Gaming pages. While these can be shared with anyone and aren't tied to your account per se, you can only claim one of them to avoid any abuse of the system.

To obtain this Genshin Impact Prime Gaming reward, you need to follow these steps:

  • Create an account on Twitch
  • Subscribe to Twitch Prime
  • Redeem the Genshin Impact Prime Gaming rewards

And voila! Now you have the Genshin Impact Prime Gaming reward, which will give you several items such as free Primogems, Mora, EXP materials, and even food.

"Passage of Clouds and Stars" Login Bonuses

In celebration of Genshin Impact's one year anniversary, from September 28 you'll be able to claim up to ten Acquaint Fate from login bonuses over seven days, alongside a number of other rewards. Simply open the game every day to claim your freebies.

The Wanderlust Invocation banner in Genshin Impact
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What Are the Current Genshin Impact Banners?

There are three current Genshin Impact banners: one event banner, a weapon event banner, and a standard banner. While the first two rotate after a few weeks, the standard banner, called 'Wanderlust Invocation', always remains the same.


Reign of Serenity Banner Event

The current event banner, Reign of Serenity, introduces two new characters to the roster: Baal and Sara. These two Inazuma characters are great additions to any team, especially Baal, who is a great Electro polearm user that acts as a powerful DPS. The banner's other two characters are Sucrose and Xiangling, who are good at Anemo support and Pyro damage, respectively.

Epitome Invocation Weapon Event Banner

The current event Banner, Tapestry of Golden Flames, introduced a new five-star weapon to the roster, named Thundering Pulse. The two five-star weapons showcased are great additions to any team, especially the Skyward Blade, which is a powerful sword for units like Bennett or Xingqiu. The banner's other weapons are the Sacrificial Sword, Rainslasher, Dragon's Bane, Sacrificial Fragments, and the Favonius Warbow, which are also great additions to your arsenal.

Showcased Weapons Rarity Category
Engulfing LightningFive-starPolearm
The UnforgedFive-starClaymore
Sacrificial BowFour-starBow
The WidsmithFour-starCatalyst
The BellFour-starClaymore
Favonius LanceFour-starPolearm
Lion's RoarFour-starSword

Wanderlust Invocation Standard Banner

The standard banner, Wanderlust Invocation, features every non-event character on its roster, as well as several five-star weapons. This banner uses a different wish category than the other two, which can be easier to obtain by ascending characters or doing missions and daily missions.

And that's it! Now you know everything related to Genshin Impact codes and where to get free Primogems. If you're still hunting for more Genshin guides, be sure to check out our detailed explanations of the best Scaramouche build, Thoma build, and Sara build. We hope you find them helpful!

An earlier version of this guide was written by Nico Parungo.