Zenless Zone Zero codes (February 2024)

Zenless Zone Zero main characters
February 26, 2023: We've checked if there are new Zenless Zone Zero codes.

The game may be a way off so far, but we've already had one successful beta test for Zenless Zone Zero. It stands to reason, then, that in future beta tests or small releases, we may see some Zenless Zone Zero codes.

Hoyoverse has added gift code functionality to all of its other titles, including Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact, and Tears of Themis. We expect that some will come for Zenless Zone Zero, too. What they could give us does remain a mystery, but will likely include in-game currency, weapon upgrade materials, and EXP materials for our party members.

Check our hub on what we know about Zenless Zone Zero and when it might release, and a voice actors list to see if your favourites make an appearance. Here is a tier list for when the game goes live, based on what we know from the beta.

New Zenless Zone Zero codes (February 2024)

Zenless Zone Zero codes

No codes yet. Come back later!
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Will Zenless Zone Zero have codes?

Nothing is confirmed yet, but it is highly likely that Zenless Zone Zero will have redeemable codes. Hoyoverse will probably make a website for to redeem them. Either that, or we will be able to do it in the game menu as with their other titles.

When is Zenless Zone Zero releasing?

So far there isn't any estimate for when Zenless Zone Zero will come out. We keep getting trailers and gameplay footage that looks finished and nicely polished, but we can't say for sure when the game may release.

Hoyoverse is constantly working on Genshin Impact updates, but is preparing Honkai: Star Rail for launch too. This also does not have a release date. It is likely that we will get Star Rail first, with Zenless Zone Zero coming after, as having two major releases around the same time is unlikely. This may place Zenless as a late 2023 release or even beyond.

How to get Zenless Zone Zero codes

Hoyoverse's codes tend to pop out of nowhere. Genshin Impact codes usually arrive with their update live streams, but can be found by players in Discord servers or on social media. The same goes for Honkai Impact.

Therefore, we assume that any codes will be released in update videos for Zenless Zone Zero, or via the official social media accounts, including Discord. The codes will likely give us useful materials for upgrading character units, weaponry, or outfits - it all depends on what's in the game.

There will be currency involved here too, and perhaps even more valuable items with the game's release. Think of something akin to the wish items that are used to pull new characters in Genshin.

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