Zenless Zone Zero Tier List (May 2024)

Zenless Zone Zero main character
Credit: Mihoyo

Zenless Zone Zero main character
Credit: Mihoyo
May 29, 2024: We've updated our Zenless Zone Zero character tier list in preparation for launch.

Attention proxies! As the Zenless Zone Zero 2nd beta Test wraps up, you can have opportunities to explore and experience the diverse capabilities of various Agents in combat. Our Zenless Zone Zero tier list guides you in selecting the most effective Agents as you prepare for the game's official release, expected on July 3, 2024.

We will also guide you on how to perform a ZZZ reroll if you don't get the agents you want. This guide will provide insights into which agents stand out and are worth looking for to help you gear up for new commissions and thrilling battles in Zenless Zone Zero.

We will update this guide regularly with new characters, changes, and more, so bookmark this page or return more often. If you want to know more all the characters listed below, check out our Zenless Zone Zero characters and Zenless Zone Zero pre-registration if you'd like to pre-register. With the game so close to launch now, too, we've even prepared a Zenless Zone Zero banner guide that explains everything you need to know about the pity system and more. You can also visit our Zenless Zone Zero codes section to stay on top of any upcoming freebies.

And if you're in the mood for something that's still Mihoyo-made, we've also got a Genshin Impact tier list to keep you busy.

Zenless Zone Zero tier list (May 2024)

Here’s our Zenless Zone Zero tier list, based on our personal experiences with the beta test. Remember that these ranking details may change as we approach the Zenless Zone Zero release date.

Zenless Zone Zero tier list


Ellen Joe
Nicole Demara
Ben Bigger
Billy Kid
Zhu Yuan


Grace Howard
Alexandrina Sebastiane
Von Lycaon
Koleda Belobog
Nekomiya Mana
Soldier 11


Anby Demara
Anton Ivanov
Corin Wickes

Zenless Zone Zero Best Characters

S Tier Agents

We paid close attention during the game's closed beta tests to find out where each character excels. Some naturally perform better than others in the game's fast-paced combat system, which implements hacking, slashing, quick-time events and more to set itself apart from Mihoyo's other games.

These Agents are good in both combat performance and mobility, which makes them top-tier choices in Zenless Zone Zero. You must prioritize rolling these agents because they offer exceptional on-field performance with minimal material and weapon investment. These agents' efficiency and effectiveness make them ideal picks for your starting game.

  • Ellen Joe: She's an S Rank Ice Element Agent from Victorian Housekeeping Cp., and excels in eliminating enemies with her massive Ice elemental damage. She can freeze and continuously damage enemies and shutter them, making her top-tier Ice elemental DPS.
  • Nicole Derama: She's an A-Rank Ether element Agent and is available for free to all players. She's good in crowd control and support to trap enemies, creating an advantage for allies' environment.
  • Ben Bigger: He's an A-Rank Fire Element Agent and is available after completing the 2nd Main Story Chapter. He excels in countering enemies through blockings and returning their attacks with times ten damages, making him good as a defensive wall and powerful offensive force.
  • Billy Kid: He's a free A-Rank Agent who deals Fire element damage to enemies. He is good at mobile combat style with dual pistols firing, allowing him to attack multiple enemies while evading their assaults simultaneously.
  • Zhu Yuan: She's a Limited S Rank Ether element Agent that defeats enemies by bombarding them with bullets. Her attack range and ability deal significant Ether damage with Enhance Shotshells, enabling her to eliminate enemies standing in her way.

Zenless Zone Zero key art
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Credit: Mihoyo

A Tier Agents

These Agents complement S Tier Agents in a team and perform adequately in various battles. Although they can perform on their own, their capabilities may be lesser in terms of damage output compared to S Tier Agents or overcoming challenges in their play style.

  • Grace Howard: She's an S Rank Electric Anomaly Agent that deals AOE Electric Elemental damage to enemies. She can inflict significant AOE Electric damage and reduce enemy defences, making her an ideal sub-DPS/Support Agent.
  • Alexandrina Sebastiane: She's an S Rank Electric Elemental Support Agent and excels in crowd control and applying the Shocked status to large groups of enemies. She can also evade enemy attacks, making her ideal for supporting allies on the battlefield.
  • Von Lycaon: He's an S Rank Agent who deals with Ice Elemental damage to enemies and excels as one of the game's premier daze-focused agents. His fast attack and abilities can fill enemies' Daze meters, allowing him to stun them which creates opportunities for allies to launch Chain Attacks.
  • Koleda: She's an A-Rank Agent dealing fire elemental damage and stands out as a potent Daze-centric character. She can raise enemies' Daze meters for additional Fire elemental damage to stunned inflicting significant damage.
  • Nekomiya Mana: She's an S Rank Agent who specializes in dealing with Physical damage. Her agile mobility and multi-hit attacks can raise enemies' daze bars and evade incoming attacks, which makes her a user-friendly choice against large enemy groups.
  • Soldier 11: She's an S-rank Agent who specializes in dealing with Fire Elemental damage. Her powerful skills and abilities can unleash massive amounts of Fire Elemental damage, making her a good choice if you're seeking a top-tier Fire DPS option.
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Credit: Mihoyo
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B tier Agents

These Agents rank lowest among the agents in the game because of their less potent skill kits or low mobility, making them less effective in gameplay. However, you can still integrate them into your team, but you must invest significantly to make them viable, which is costly.

  • Anby Demera: She's a free A Rank Agent who deals Electric Elemental damage. However, her damage output and mobility are lower than those of more powerful agents specializing in Electric Elemental damage like Nicole and Billy.
  • Anton Ivanov: He's an A-Rank Agent who deals with Electric Elemental Damage. However, his clunky playstyle and low mobility hinder his effectiveness compared to other Agents specializing in Electric elemental damage. It limits his ability to support teammates on the battlefield.
  • Corrin Wickes: She's a free A Rank Agent who excels in dealing physical damage to enemy groups. However, her inability to trigger elemental reactions and slow attack animations limit her effectiveness. Also, her lack of mobility further hinders her damage output compared to other Agents.
  • Soukaku: She's an A-rank Agent who inflicts Ice elemental damage on enemies and can freeze them with her abilities. However, her underwhelming damage output and challenging skill kit make her a high investment choice compared to other Agents with similar abilities.

Is it possible to perform a reroll in Zenless Zone Zero?

As of writing this piece, you can't perform ZZZ reroll as it is still in beta mode with limited access. However, when the game is fully released, the process might be the same as other Hoyoverse games.

In Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, you can reroll using multiple addresses as the five-star rates are low so you must do it many times. It's also time-consuming and not that worth it. These are just assumptions based on these games, and we're unsure if it works the same with ZZZ.

But if you still like to try, follow the steps below:

  • Start the game and complete the tutorial segment to unlock the gacha system (approximately one hour).
  • Roll for characters in any banner.
  • If unsatisfied with the roll, log out of the account.
  • Make a new account using a different email address.
  • Repeat these steps until you get your desired agent.

That's all for our Zenless Zone Zero tier list guide for now. Make sure to bookmark this page for more updates and changes. If you're looking for hoyo fun in the meantime, check our Honkai Star Rail tier list and Honkai Star Rail codes or our Genshin Impact codes.

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