Zenless Zone Zero tier list - All characters ranked

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Zenless Zone Zero main character

The game may not be out yet, but that doesn't stop the community from ranking the playable characters. Here is our work-in-progress Zenless Zone Zero tier list!

Information about Zenless Zone Zero is still a little thin on the ground. That said, we have been introduced to some characters that we can play as and have been shown some previews of combat within the game. It seems similar to Hoyoverse's other titles like Genshin Impact, but in a different setting with a different theme.


Check out our hub on what we know so far about Zenless Zone Zero, and our voice actors list to see if your favourites make an appearance. We've also got a Genshin Impact tier list to keep you busy in another Hoyoverse title.

Zenless Zone Zero tier list

Our tier list is based on community rankings from the beta, and what we've seen in trailers and sneak peeks posted by Hoyoverse. Check out the rankings below!

Rank Character
SBilly the Kid, Nicole, Nekomata
AAnby, Corin Wickes, Ben Bigger, Koleda Belobog
BAnton Ivanov, Von Lycaon, Soldier 11

We're not fully sure about what roles characters will have, or even most of their weapons. Even so, we assume they will have their own upgradeable weapon types, and perhaps an elemental form of damage as well.

Zenless Zone Zero characters

We've seen a sort of duo of main characters, Wise and Belle. This brother and sister own the record store, Random Play' They are likely to be like the Traveler in Genshin Impact, where players can choose one of them to play as. We are currently not sure if you can battle with them.


Zenless Zone Zero seems to have a few groups of people that we can use in battle. We assume the system will be like Genshin Impact, where you choose certain characters to form a team. Here are the groups we know about.

Gentle House aka The Cunning Hares

  • Nekomiya Mana aka Nekomata
    • Tricksy Nekomata lives to take down Hollows, and as a member of the Cunning Hares, gets to do so often. Expect cat puns while using her in your team.
  • Billy The Kid
    • Billy is a cool cyborg with a very cyberpunk feel, and an obsession with The Starlight Knight TV show, bringing it into his personality. His weapons are The Girls - his special made, high-calibre revolvers.
  • Nicole Demara
    • Creator of the odd-job agency The Cunning Hares, she and her team live to tackle Hollow-related crises. She knows the streets of New Eridu like the back of her hand, but does not play by the rules.
  • Anby Demara
    • The shy 'sister' of Nicole should not be underestimated. She's calm and composed, but fights with years of knowledge and training.

Belobog Heavy Industries

  • Koleda Belobog
    • She may be small, but don't dwell on it - or else you may feel the wrath of her giant hammer. As her name suggests, she runs Belobog Industries, though won't be seen sat at a desk.
  • Ben Bigger
    • Self-professed 'math nerd' is Ben, the humanoid grizzly bear. He works for Belobog, and can provide heavy damage in combat. He's likely to fill a tank role.
  • Anton Ivanov
    • On-site project manager Anton strives to help those in need, and will be a quick damage unit on the field.

Victoria Housekeeping Co.

  • Von Lycaon
  • Lycaon, a personal attendant for the Victoria Housekeeping Company, is a true problem-solver. He is a support character, and is truly loyal.
  • Corin Wickes
    • Known for using a chainsaw, or an axe, she's a quiet individual that will not shy away from any problem.

There is another character, Solider 11, that comes into play. However, it is currently unknown which faction she belongs to.

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