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Genshin Impact Electroculus Locations - How To Find All Collectibles in Inazuma

Where are the Genshin Impact Electroculus locations? Genshin Impact’s 2.0 update, 'The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia', is finally here, and with it comes new characters, a fresh story, and another region to explore. The new story chapter will see the Traveler and Paimon exploring the many islands of the Inazuma region, a nation ruled by the merciless Electro Archon, in their search for the Traveler’s sibling.

The nation of Inazuma is a place full of flora, fauna, and curious locations such as ruins, temples, and, of course, Statues of The Seven. Today we’re going to talk about the Genshin Impact Electroculus locations. Electroculi are a substance that has accumulated Electro energy. You will need to collect as many as you can to offer them to the local Statues of The Seven and help reinstate the power they have lost over the years.

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What is a Genshin Impact Electroculus?

The Electroculus (Electroculi in plural) is an adventure item that you can find across the Inazuma nation. It helps you level the Statues of the Seven in that nation, which will give you various bonuses depending on the statue’s current level.

You need to progress to a certain point in the game before starting to collect them since they are locked behind the main story progression. Thankfully, they will show up in the minimap along with a sound effect whenever you get within proximity of one of them.

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Genshin Impact Electroculus Locations #01-#37

  • 01: Between two trees on an island.
  • 02: On top of the roof of the Hiiragi household.
  • 03: On top of the higher pillar. Use Electrogranum to deactivate the barrier.
  • 04: Floating up in the sky, use Electrogranum to propel yourself and get it.
  • 05: Obtainable during the quest 'A Strange Story in Konda'. In front of a fox statue.
  • 06: Obtainable during the quest 'A Strange Story in Konda'. Behind an Electro barrier. Use Electrograna to be able to walk through it.
  • 07: The Electroculus is sitting on the top of a pole.
  • 08: On top of a rock, you can climb a nearby tree and glide from there.
  • 09: On top of the tree on the cliff; you will need to climb.
  • 10: On top of the main building.
  • 11: From the bottom ground level of the island, you can go through a tunnel that guides you underground, where you can find the Electroculus floating in mid-air.
  • 12: Find the three Seelies. The first is hidden under the mountain, the second is where the Waverider spawn point is, and the third is inside an Electro bubble. Once you obtain them, you can use the Electrogranum to propel yourself up in the air and get it.
  • 13: Floating on top of a tall rock that you can climb.
  • 14: You will find an abandoned shrine that needs the Rust-Worn Key to be opened. You can obtain the key doing the quest 'A Strange Story in Konda'.
  • 15: Floating at the entrance of the building.
  • 16: Floating mid-air on the top part of the waterfall; you need to glide from above.
  • 17: Obtainable during the quest 'Yougou Cleansing'; it’s floating up in the air, you can get it while descending through the hole before the boss fight.
  • 18: Floating near the edge of the cliff.
  • 19: On top of the shrine statue; you can glide from the nearby trees.
  • 20: Floating up in the air, use the Electrograna to reach it.
  • 21: After crossing the bridge, you can spot it floating above some wooden boxes.
  • 22: Next to a fox statue, in plain sight.
  • 23: Go behind the estate and glide from there. You can spot the Electroculus floating a few meters below the edge of the cliff.
  • 24: You need the memento lens for this. Scan the fox statue and a passageway opens, with the Electroculus inside.
  • 25: Go through the passage on the previous point. At the end, a Seelie will guide you to the surface of another island. The Electroculus is floating up in the air, so you need to use the Electrograna to reach it.
  • 26: You need the memento lens for this. Use the lenses on the statue and you will obtain Electrograna to bypass the barrier. Use again once inside to fly out of it.
  • 27: This Electroculus is underground, near the new boss battle.
  • 28: Glide from the cliff; the Electroculus is floating right below.
  • 29: Floating above a cylindric ruin.
  • 30: Underground, you need to find 3 Electrograna to bypass the barrier.
  • 31: On top of a deactivated Ruin Guard. There’s a hole above the cave, so you don’t need to bypass the barrier.
  • 32: Floating up in the air next to a waterfall; you can glide from the cliff above to get it.
  • 33: Behind a barrier that you can ignore completely just by climbing the stone gate since it’s open at the top.
  • 34: Floating on top of the shrine roof.
  • 35: Floating up in the air, use the Electrograna to get it.
  • 36: Floating above a small wooden shrine.
  • 37: On top of a pine, so climb to obtain it.
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Genshin Impact Electroculus Locations #38-#65

  • 38: Below the water. You need to use the Electrograna to propel yourself up in the air, and from there use a plunge attack. This will make you descend low enough to get the Electroculus.
  • 39: Under the rock bridge, floating above the water.
  • 40: You can use the Electrograna or glide from a nearby tree to get it.
  • 41: Floating inside the watchtower.
  • 42: Inside an Electro barrier, so you need to use an Electrograna to bypass it.
  • 43: Next to the house, sitting in plain sight.
  • 44: Solve the Electro puzzle to open a cave; the Electroculus will be inside.
  • 45: On top of the mast of a raft.
  • 46: In the water, so you need to swim or create an ice walkway to get it.
  • 47: Under the roof of the wooden structure.
  • 48: Floating up in the air, use the Electrograna to propel yourself up and get it.
  • 49: Floating up in the air, in the stone tunnel. You need to glide from above to obtain the Electroculus.
  • 50: Inside the ruins, obtainable by entering from above.
  • 51: Floating next to the small wooden shrine.
  • 52: Inside the house with coal boxes outside.
  • 53: This Electroculus is at the top of the water area, accessible after blowing up the rift.
  • 54: To get this Electroculus, you need to climb up the house to the right, reach an Electrogranum, and walk through the barrier.
  • 55: Floating close to the stone ceiling in this tunnel. It can be tricky to obtain, but gliding from above seems to be the only way.
  • 56: Floating up in the air, inside the cave.
  • 57: Floating up in the air, hidden by leaves.
  • 58: Glide from the edge of the cliff; it’ll be inside a tree on the cliffside.
  • 59: On top of a tree.
  • 60: Inside a cave that you can access from the sides.
    61: Floating up in the air on a small cave next to the bridges.
  • 62: Inside an area only accessible after finding three keys.
  • 63: Below the cliff, glide down carefully from the teleport point on top of the cliff and you can’t miss it.
  • 64: Inside a wooden house on the cliff.
  • 65: In the Domain’s cave, use the cannon to open it.
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Genshin Impact Electroculus Locations #66-#95

  • 66: Floating between two rocks.
  • 67: On top of the ship.
  • 68: On top of the mast of the shipwreck; you need to use Electrograna to get it.
  • 69: Break the Electro rock behind it to get Electrograna, then fly into the barrier to grab it.
  • 70: Inside an Electro barrier, floating between two bones. Get a nearby Electrograna to bypass the barrier.
  • 71: Floating above the giant bone.
  • 72: Floating beside the edge of the cliff.
  • 73: Floating right under the giant bone.
  • 74: Underneath the platform, above some bushes.
  • 75: Complete the puzzle and you will obtain the necessary Electrograna to get it.
  • 76: On top of the boat.

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  • 77: Floating in plain sight. Climb on top of the tent and glide to get it.
  • 78: Near the cliff, beside the small wooden shrine.
  • 79: There’s an Electrograna right to the north. Get it to zip your way up and get this Electroculus.
  • 80: Climb up the mountain above the Domain. You will spot a square-shaped hole in the floor. Glide through it to get the Electrculus.
  • 81: Floating in plain sight, on top of a rock.
  • 82: Floating up in the air, use the Electrograna to reach it.
  • 83: Floating between two trees.
  • 84: Follow the two Electro Seelies from the fangs, then jump in the hole.
  • 85: Inside a cave with a Seelie, accessible from the side.
  • 86: This one is high above in the sky, so it won’t show up in the minimap. Get Electrograna and propel yourself up to obtain it.
  • 87: Floating in mid-air under a tall rock.
  • 88: Go to the beach and you will find a small cave guarded by two Treasure Hoarders.
  • 89: Beneath the cliff arc, sitting above a branch; you can glide from above to get it.
  • 90: On a small island, in plain sight. Swimming can be difficult without anything to replenish your stamina, so you should use a Cryo character to create a walkway, like Kaeya or Qiqi.
  • 91: Above a broken tree.
  • 92: Below the cliff edge; you can glide down to obtain it.
  • 93: Left to the shrine there’s a hole; you can glide down to obtain it. It’ll be floating next to a bird’s nest.
  • 94: You will see an Electro barrier near the crossroads, so get an Electrograna and bypass the barrier.
  • 95: Floating up in the air, so use the Electrograna to get it.

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