Genshin Impact Sakura Bloom Locations

Looking for all Genshin Impact Sakura Bloom locations? These beautiful blossoms are just one of the new character ascension materials that Mihoyo has added alongside Inazuma, and they are vital for allowing you to level the new Cryo sword-wielder, Kamisato Ayaka.

Lucky for you, like most other character-ascension flowers, including the Windwheel Aster, Cecilia, and Wolfhook, these are fairly easy to find, and they typically congregate in the same area.

In this Sakura Bloom locations guide, we'll help you find this character ascension material so you can create a strong Ayaka build and get her performing at her best.

Where Do I Find Sakura Blooms in Genshin Impact?

There are various Sakura Bloom locations on Narukami Island, but they mainly congregate in its center, surrounding the sacred Sakura tree at the heart of the Grand Narukami Shrine atop Mt. Yougou. This makes a lot of sense from a lore perspective, considering the sacred Sakura is connected to all other trees in the forest around it.

As with Inazuma's Electroculus locations, the 30 Sakura Blooms are dotted across the main island; you can see them via the interactive map below from Map Genie.

How Do I Harvest Sakura Blooms?

Sakura Blooms appear as floating clouds of purple-ish blossom, and it's not immediately obvious how to harvest them. In order to pick up the Sakura Bloom, you have to hit it with the Electro element using one of your characters. After you've done this, the Sakura Bloom becomes harvestable. Think of it a little like Dandelion Seeds in Mondstadt, where you have to hit them with Anemo before you're able to pick them up. Note that the Blooms respawn every two days, so you might need to wait if you want to harvest a lot of them.

Character Ascension Materials

Alongside other materials, you're going to need a lot of Sakura Blooms to ascend both Ayato and Ayaka completely. Here's how many you need for each level ascension cap:

  • Level 20 - three Sakura Blooms
  • Level 40 - ten Sakura Blooms
  • Level 50 - 20 Sakura Blooms
  • Level 60 - 30 Sakura Blooms
  • Level 70 - 45 Sakura Blooms
  • Level 80 - 60 Sakura Blooms

So that's where and how to get Sakura Blooms! If you're looking for more handy tips while exploring Inazuma, be sure to take a trip over to our Genshin Impact section. We also have info on how to get to Inazuma and even some details about what's potentially coming in Genshin Impact 2.1. Best of luck exploring the new region!

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