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The Best Genshin Impact Kokomi build

Looking for the best Genshin Impact Kokomi build? Kokomi is an upcoming playable character in Mihoyo's massive open-world game, and we know a bit more about her compared to some other upcoming characters.

Kokomi, or Sanganomiya Kokomi, to use her full name, first appeared during the Genshin Impact 2.0 trailer. She's the leader of the Sangonomiya Resistance movement opposing Raiden Shogun, otherwise known as Genshin Impact Baal.

However, based on Mihoyo's subsequent info drop about Kokomi, it seems she's perhaps not quite as militant as her title would suggest. The character card calls her the 'Hibernating Homebody Strategist', though she's considered wise and shrewd as well.

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What Is the Genshin Impact Kokomi Release Date?


Kokomi will release in Genshin Impact 2.1 "World Floating Under the Moonlight", and Mihoyo confirmed that she will be showcased in the second Event Banner for that update, following the Raiden Shogun and Sara one, as stated on the game's official Twitter account.

Genshin Impact 2.1 "World Floating Under the Moonlight" will probably release sometime in early September, assuming Mihoyo continues with its six-week update pattern.

Is There a Kokomi Banner?

We don't have any exact banner info, but as there are three characters slated for 2.1, it might follow a similar structure to 2.0, with one character releasing first, then two others later on. If this is the case, we suspect Baal will be the headlining character, and Kokomi will come later in September.

Reliable leaker Genshin Intel believes the Kokomi banner will also include Keqing's weapon, the four-star Star Seeker sword.

The Best Genshin Impact Kokomi Build

Kokomi is a five-star Hydro catalyst-user, and in some ways is a little like a souped-up Barbara, only that her extremely strong healing abilities also deal damage. Similar to Sayu's Muji-Muji Daruma, Kokomi's Bake-Kurage both heal you and deals damage to nearby opponents.

The damage dealt by these jellyfish scales is based on Kokomi's max HP, as does the amount of healing, which means it's a good idea to either build her towards Hydro damage or build on her healing abilities.

Role Best Weapon Alternate Weapon Best Artifact Alternate Artifact
Hydro DPSSkyward AtlasSolar PearlHeart of DepthNoblesse Oblige
HealingPrototype AmberThrilling Tales of Dragon SlayersMaiden BelovedThe Exile

What Are Kokomi's Skills?


Kokomi is ideally used as a Support character since her abilities provide healing, and her Bake-Kurage deals Hydro damage periodically even when Kokomi isn't the active character. As with Xingqui's burst, this allows you to set up plenty of elemental reactions. Thanks to Honey Hunter World for the details!

Skill Effect
Normal AttackPerforms three consecutive attacks dealing Hydro damage.
Charged AttackConsumes stamina to deal AoE Hydro damage after casting time.
Plunging AttackKokomi plunges to the ground, damaging enemies inbetween, and dealing AoE Hydro damage on impact.
Kurage's OathSummons a Bake-Kurage that heals nearby allies at intervals and attacks enemies with Hydro damage based on Kokomi's max HP. Also applies wet to Kokomi.
Kaijin CeremonyDeals AoE Hydro damage to enemies and wraps Kokimi in a water cloak that boosts regular attack and Bake-Kurage damage. It also applies healing to regular attacks based on Kokomi's max HP, and lets her walk on water.

Kokomi's Passive Talents

Kokomi also has some very cool passive talents:

Passive Talent Effect
Haworthia CasketIf Kokomi's Bake Kurage are present when she uses Kaijin Ceremony, its duration is refreshed.
Song of PearlsWhen wearing the Ceremonial Garment created by Kaijin Ceremony, Kokomi's normal and charged attack damage bonus is increased further based on 15% of her healing bonus.
Princess of WatatsumiDecreases swimming stamina consumption for your party by 20%.
Flawless StrategyKokomi obtains a 25% healing bonus, but her crit rate decreases by 100%.

What Are Kokomi's Constellations?

Kokomi's constellations further increase the effectiveness of her healing, but mainly add bonuses while she's wearing the Ceremonial Garment from her Kaijin Ceremony burst.

Constellation Effect
At Water's EdgeWhile wearing the Ceremonial Garment from Kaijin Ceremony, the final attack in Kokomi's combo unleashes a fish that deals 30% of her HP as Hydro Damage
The Clouds Like Waves RipplingCharacters with 50% HP or less recei 4.5% extra healing based on Kokomi's max HP from Baka-Kurage, and 0.6% from Kaijin Ceremony's healing attacks.
The Moon, A Ship O'er the SeasIncreases the level of Kaijin Ceremony by three. Max upgrade level is 15.
The Moon Overlooks the WatersWhile wearing the Ceremonial Garment from Kaijin Ceremony, Kokomi's attack speed is increased by 10%, and normal attacks restore 0.8 energy. This effect can occur every 0.2s.
All Streams Flow to the SeaIncreases the level of Kurage's Oath by 3. Max upgrade level is 15.
Sango IsshinWhile wearing the Ceremonial Garment from the Kaijin Ceremony, Kokomi gains a 40% Hydro damage bonus for 4 seconds after her attacks heal a character with 80% HP or more.
Genshin Impact's Kokomi casting a Hydro spell
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What Are Kokomi's Character Ascension Materials?

Kokomi's character ascension materials are a mixture of resources from across Inazuma, plus the usual Hydro ascension lazurites. Here's what you'll need:

  • Varunada Lazurite
  • Dew of Repudiation
  • Sango Pearls
  • Spectral Husks

Of course, the Inazuma-based resources won't be available until we make our way to Watatsumi Island in version 2.1 (if leaks are to be believed).

What Is Kokomi's Weapon?

It's possible that Kokomi will arrive with a special catalyst, though leakers haven't shared any information about the resistance leader having a specific weapon as of yet. We'll be sure to let you know as soon as more details arrive.

If you're looking for extra guides to help you out in Inazuma, we've also got a full list of Sakura Bloom locations and Electroculus locations, as well as guides to the best Ayaka build, Scaramouche build, and Thoma build. Get reading!