Persona 6 Confirmed Via Recruitment Website

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Persona 6 has basically been confirmed, thanks to a recruitment website used by Atlus. Following on from yesterday's news about Persona's 25th anniversary plans, we discovered that "seven new projects" would be announced between September 2021 until Autumn 2022, and Persona 6 is likely amongst them.

While a reveal was already teased within a set of anniversary merchandise - which features all major protagonists alongside a "secret" panel - some fans spotted a job listing on Japanese recruitment portal Green Japan. Within, it becomes apparent that Atlus Japan are actively seeking new hires to join their development team.


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Persona 6 Confirmed Via Recruitment Website

Crucially, that page also features interviews with several current Atlus employees, giving potential recruits an understanding for the company's culture. One of those is from Naoto Hiraoka, current managing director of Atlus' consumer software division. As translated by Persona series fansite Persona Central, they accessed Hiraoka's interview, where he stated:

Thanks to the large amount of support we received for “Persona 5,” we have gotten a sense of accomplishment. But we can’t stop there. When we created “Persona 4,” there was pressure that it had to exceed “Persona 3.” Now, we will have to create a “6” which exceeds “5.” However, exceeding “5” will be difficult with the current staff. I would like to surpass this tall hurdle with everyone who joins us in this recruitment. The workplace is perfect for those who want a creative challenge when it comes to bringing games to the world.

Having hit 15 million sales, it's unsurprising Atlus wish to build upon that success, arguably surpassing parent series Shin Megami Tensei to become one of the biggest JRPG franchises going. Following Persona 5 Royal, Persona 4 Golden's PC port and Persona 5 Strikers' individual successes, a Persona 6 seemed inevitable, and we'll keep you informed when we learn more.