World of Stands tier list (March 2023) - Best and worst stands for WoS 1.2

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A house in World of Stands.
March 10, 2022: We've updated the World of Stands tier list to include King Crimson. Read on to find out how to unlock it.

The next big JoJo game is almost here, and we're already in the process of piecing together the definitive World of Stands tier list to kick off your adventure. While still in a deep testing phase, this new and popular Roblox anime homage is playable right now.

The World of Stands tier list is subject to intense fluctuations. Just because it sits high on the World of Stands tier list now, doesn't mean it will later on at launch.

Until the game opens up again, peruse our Roblox guides hub to find more experiences to while away the hours. You'll find a few new Pet Simulator X codes, too. Oh, and we'd be remiss not to point you to our World of Stands codes guide.

World of Stands tier list (January 2023) - Best stands for launch

Tier Stand
SStar Platinum, Killer Queen, Silver Chariot
AKing Crimson, The World, Magician's Red, Echoes
BSticky Fingers, Weather Report, Vampire
CAnubis, Red Hot Chili Pepper

As the game is still very much in the early stages of life even years into developers, there aren't too many stands available, which limits both the size of the list and the detail it can offer. Even still, there are some clear winners when it comes to the powers you're able to wield in this emerging Roblox game.

Stands like The World and Star Platinum have a lot to offer - as they tend to. Their worth will depend entirely on a person's skill, but those able to master the abilities of these two World of Stands champions should be able to keep the game competitive.

The World of Stands tier list puts Star Platinum at the top.
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At the other end of the World of Stands tier list is Sticky Fingers. While it's certainly not weak, Sticky Fingers requires a certain degree of skill to utilize properly. Its first Power Move doesn't rely on precision, but the rest do. Timing is everything, so if you don't have that sort of patience in battle, consider something else.

At the end of the day, the World of Stands tier list is beholden to stand rarities rather than busted powers. In fact, the game's Trello has a post that just lists any Stand as S-tier and anything else as F-tier, suggesting the developers are hoping to strike a balance.

Even still, it makes sense that stands that are harder to obtain would rank higher and perform better. There are plenty of gacha games out there that introduce rare characters or abilities that ultimately just aren't as good as some more common offerings.

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That doesn't seem to be the case with the World of Stands tier list right now, but it's early days. The more stands that arrive over time, the higher the chance of a rarer stand falling below a more common one. It's just how these things work.

How to get King Crimson in World of Stands

According to the developers, you can get King Crimson with your typical Stand arrows. It's a Legendary, though, so your chances will be incredibly slim.

Is there a World of Stands Tiktok?

Like any good Roblox game these days, there's a World of Stands Tiktok account you can follow. It's not too dissimilar to the game's Twitter account run by SpicyWater.

Is there a World of Stands Trello link?


Looking to keep up with the game's ongoing development? That's what the World of Stands Trello is for.

Though many Roblox developers have opted to leave the traditional Trello board approach behind in recent months, the World of Stands Trello is still there to dish out the finer details surrounding the game's progression.

Anubis sits at the bottom of the World of Stands tier list.
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When will we get new stands in World of Stands?

World of Stands 1.2 dropped a new Stand, King Crimson. It's expected that each major patch will see another release, so expect another in World of Stands 1.3.

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