King Legacy Fruit Tier List - Every Fruit Ranked for July 2022

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Fruits in King Legacy
July 5, 2022: There's still no word on a new fruit for the 3.5 update. We're itching to update the tier list, but nothing has changed.

Looking for the best King Legacy Fruit tier list for your next big Roblox adventure? We've got you covered with the sweet and sour details. Whether you've just found a new fruit or are searching for the very best, we've rounded up each and every King Legacy Fruit into this convenient tier list.

Just leave it open on your phone, tablet, or another PC screen, and you'll always know the worth of what you're about to hunt down or buy. You wouldn't want to make a costly mistake.

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King Legacy Fruit Tier List - Which Fruit Is Best?

Tier Fruits
SSand, Phoenix, Love
ASpike, Human, Magma, Venom, String, Light, Gas, Snow, Gravity, Dragon, Spirit
BPaw, Barrier, Dark, Dough, Wolf, Ice, Shadow, Rumble, Flame, Allosaurus, Brachio, Op, Quake, Spinosaurus, Mammoth
CSpin, Bomb, Buddha, Smoke
DGiraffe, Leopard, Gum, Human

King Legacy has a moderate amount of Fruits to pick and choose from. Each fits into one of three categories: Paramecia, Logia, and Zoan.


They all have their uses, but while some focus on aiding in their user's traversal and transportation, others forego that in favour of damage-dealing abilities. The distinction separates some Devil Fruits as being great for PVP, PVE, Raids, or simply for getting around.

Those high on the King Legacy Fruit tier list strike a balance between damage and mobility. Any further down are either too rare for what they offer, require other Devil Fruits to really be of much use, or just focus on mobility and little else.

How Do I Get King Legacy Fruits?

The Black Market in King Legacy is found inside a blue building near the spawn.
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There are a bunch of different ways to obtain each King Legacy fruit: you can find them in the world, buy them using currencies at the Black Market in the blue building to the left of the Spawn Island spawn, or pick them up straight from the in-game shop for Robux.

If you're looking for a particular type of Fruit, the tables below split them all into one of three categories. Read on to find out how much each costs on the Black Market:


King Legacy Paramecia Fruits

Fruit Rarity Beli Price Gem Price Robux Price

Paramecia fruits are miscellaneous, meaning the abilities they grant fall somewhere between or around the other two categories. They can grant simple short-range attacks like the Bomb fruit, or, like the Barrier fruit, offer more complex movesets that can help set up powerful combos in both PVE and PVP.


King Legacy Zoan Fruits

Fruit Rarity Beli Price Gem Price Robux Price

Zoan fruits are animalistic in nature. Once consumed, they turn the player into the animal described. While largely focused on mobility and rarely practical in battle due to having bigger hit-boxes, the Zoan Fruit category currently contains two top-tier Legendary Fruits.

King Legacy Logia Fruits

Fruit Rarity Beli Price Gem Price Robux Price

Logia fruits are Elemental in nature. If names like Flame, Shadow, and Light didn't tip you off, they're the equivalent to tossing out fireballs and thunderbolts from your fingertips. There may not any Legendary Logia Fruits, but a bunch of them rank highly on the King Legacy Fruit tier list regardless.

How Do I Find King Legacy Fruit Spawns?

Each King Legacy fruit is locked behind a unique spawn system. Where games like Shindo Life have static respawn times and locations for in-game abilities and equipment, tracking King Legacy Fruits is virtually impossible without a paid GamePass.


A random fruit spawns every 30 minutes under (or on top of) a tree. This can be anywhere on the map. As they despawn after 30 minutes if not claimed, players only have that long to completely search the entire King Legacy world.

Unless you have a fruit that enables you to fly, it's largely not worth attempting without the Fruit Position GamePass to point you in the right direction.

What Is the New King Legacy Fruit?

The new King Legacy fruit added on October 23 was the Spike Fruit, no more have been added since then.

The King Legacy Spike Fruit is also sometimes known as Toge Toge No Mi. It's an uncommon Paramecia Fruit with plenty of close-range damage potential. It's considered a great fruit for farming mobs and, after primary testing, looks to be an inexpensive yet surprisingly effective PVP fruit.


When Is the Next King Legacy Fruit?

The next King Legacy fruit was expected to drop around December. This didn't happen. There's no estimated date for the update now, and we don't know whether a new King Legacy fruit will be added alongside it. We'll just have to wait.

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