Pixel Piece codes (February 2023) - Free beli and fruits

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A screenshot from Pixel Piece.
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February 7, 2023: We're still waiting for the 85k likes Pixel Piece code, but a few others are still working below.

It's not the weekend without a new Roblox One Piece game, and Pixel Piece codes have landed to mark the occasion of another release. If you've been waiting for this take on the genre from Brazilian team WorldUp Studios, your time has come. Check out the codes for Pixel Piece below for a head start.


Released on January 27, 2023, just finding Pixel Piece on Roblox was a struggle at launch. The team's Discord was shut down just hours before release, leaving nothing but a few Twitter accounts to pick up the problems. Rest easy, though: we've scoured the web for a working Pixel Piece game page link. You'll find that below, too.

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New Pixel Piece codes (February 2023)

  • shutdown! - Five race spins, 500 Beli, and 15m XP Boost
  • sorryforthis! - Stat reset and 2k Beli

The following Pixel Piece codes were last checked and confirmed expired on February 7, 2023:

Expired codes

  • No Pixel Piece codes have expired.

How to use Pixel Piece codes

Until the game reopens, we can't say for certain how to redeem Pixel Piece codes.


Expect either a codes box in the menu somewhere, or a Twitter/Gift icon on the screen that you can press to make the code redeem box appear. We'll update this with the confirmed steps when the game re-opens.

When will Pixel Piece release again?

Though Pixel Piece released on January 27, 2023, the game went offline just a few hours later. The team's Twitter hasn't actually announced it yet, though, so there's no way to know for sure just how long it'll be down.

As for when Pixel Piece will be back up, we don't know that, either. Until the team gives a statement, we're just sat waiting for it to come back.

How to play Pixel Piece - Pixel Piece game link

Having trouble finding the game? New releases can take a while to appear on the Roblox search results. And with the game's Discord server being down, too, it's no surprise that many players are finding it hard to find the game.

To make things easier, we've found the Pixel Piece game link you can use to go straight to the game page. If you're on mobile, it'll open your Roblox app. If you're on a PC, it'll take to you to the correct Roblox game page.


From there, just hit the big play button to launch and play Pixel Piece.

What's the max level in Pixel Piece?

The max level in Pixel Piece is 200. There's a good chance it'll increase with the game's first update, but that's the max level you'll be aiming for if you're grinding the game early.

When is the next Pixel Piece update?

The first big Pixel Piece update is set for Friday, February 3, 2023. That's just one week after the release of the game.

Update 1 could get delayed if the current launch bugs prove harder to fix than expected. It wouldn't be the first time a Roblox game update has been pushed back.


How do I get more Pixel Piece codes?

With the game's Discord being closed at the moment, there are only a few places to look for new codes for Pixel Piece.

There's the official Pixel Piece Twitter account, first of all. Two codes dropped there on launch day. For a few other potential places, keep an eye on the Twitter accounts of the two main developers @hell_devBR and @Kiwii_001. You can even try the World Up Studio group page.

What fruits are in Pixel Piece?

According to the game page, there are eight fruits in Pixel Piece right now. On your travels, you'll be able to pick up Ice, Flame, Bomb, Kilo, Cry, Spin, Invisible, and Smooth.

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