Soul War codes (October 2023) - Free rerolls and cash

Roblox Soul War Codes

Roblox Soul War Codes
October 13, 2023: Soul War has now ended its development, so we don't expect any more codes to arrive.

Looking to get ahead of the curve in another Bleach-inspired Roblox game? These Soul War codes are just the ticket. We're constantly updating our list of the latest codes for Soul War down below. Check back regularly, and you should avoid the disappointment that comes with finding a code that's already expired.

Soul War is a slightly older Roblox game right now, but it's had a new lease of life in 2023 thanks in part to the Bleach anime revival. Getting its first big update shortly after its re-release, things are looking up for the game, and using codes is one way to catch up with the rest or stay ahead of the newcomers grinding their way to the top.

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New Soul War codes (October 2023)

  • !code FINALUPD2
  • !code FINALUPD1
  • !code KUZTWIPE! – Free Wipe
  • !code VIZARDREWORK! - 10,500 YEN
  • !code SORRYFORPING - Free rewards
  • !code FREEMINA - Race reroll
  • !code BANFLAME - 8,500 YEN
  • !code 4.0RELEASE - XP Boost
  • !code CaydeTheW - 6,900 YEN
  • !code KUZTWIPE! - Free wipe
  • !code SORRATANA5! - Soul Key reset
  • !code SORRATANA4! - Stat Reset
  • !code KILLFEI - XP Boost
  • !code PROMOTESOKAKU - XP Boost
  • !code 10MVisits! - 2x XP

Expired codes

  • !code VizardK - 10,000 YEN
  • !code DasALotOfMoney - 20k Yen
  • !code WoahVFX! - Race Reroll
  • !code UpdateSoon! - 2XP
  • !code SoMuchYen! - 20k Yen
  • !code AttemptCodeFix! - 30M XP Boost
  • !code AttemptCodeFixTwo! - 7.5k Yen
  • !code LateNightHotfix! - 30M XP
  • !code BossRaidsUpNext! - 5k Yen
  • !code ZangetsuSoon! - RACE REROLL
  • !code 9MVisits! - 15k Yen
  • !code DEVXYOU - 2x XP BOOST
  • !code 031803
  • !code ZangetsuTime! - 10k Yen
  • !code IchigoTime! - Random Race
  • !code LateNightUpdate! - SP reset
  • !code SorryShutdownCode! - 15k Yen
  • !code WhyAreCodesNotWorking! - 7.5k Yen
  • !code DevsCookin! - 2k XP
  • !code RaidsAreBack! - 7.5k Yen
  • !code Sorry4TheWait4Raids! - Sword Reroll
  • !code Sorry4TheWait4Raids2! -Shikai Reroll
  • !code ZangetsuAndSenbon! - 30m XP Boost
  • !code oSyoSyoSy! - Sword Reroll (ONLY IN KARAKURA TOWN)
  • !code Min2UPD1ReiatsuReRoll! - Reiatsu ReRoll (ONLY IN KARAKURA TOWN)
  • !code ApexIsSorry - Shikai Reroll
  • !code Sorry4TheShutdown1!
  • !code Sorry4TheShutdown2!
  • !code Sorry4TheBug3!
  • !code Sorry4TheBug2!
  • !code Sorry4TheBug!
  • !code GamesBack!
  • !code Update2
  • !code Cross!
  • !code Adoniscantscript!
  • !code MaloniTrash!
  • !code Update2soon!
  • !code 8MVisits!
  • !code SenbonzakuraSoon!
  • !code ixstudiosix!
  • !code RandomCash!
  • !code 10Days!
  • !code CrazyCommunity!
  • !code SORRY!
  • !code 4KPLAYERS!
  • !code RobloxServers
  • !code Update2ExpBoost
  • !code RerollUpdate1
  • !code CashMoneyUpdate1
  • !code WereSorryUpdate1
  • !code CashMoney23
  • !code 3kPlayers!
  • !code RaceReroll12024444
  • !code 2KONRELEASE
  • !code Release2023
  • !code RACEREROLL2
  • !code RACEREROLL
  • !code ANTICHEAT
  • !code SINNER
  • !code BYAKUYA
  • !code BUGFIXES
  • !code SUB2ARICKUU
  • !code UPDATE2
  • !code UPDATE1
  • !code 3MVISITS
  • !code 50KMEMBERS
  • !code 1MVISITS
  • !code 2MVISITS
  • !code 10KLIKES
  • !code WEAREBACK
  • !code EVENRICHER
  • !code NEWPOWER
  • !code THANKYOU
  • !code XPBOOST
  • !code FREEWIPE
  • !code FREEMONEY
Roblox Soul War Codes
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How to use Soul War codes

To redeem Roblox Soul War codes, you first have to boot up the game. You can do this through the game's Roblox page. From here, just paste one of the codes above into the chatbox and you should get your free goodies. All of the codes have "!code" before them. This is a prompt that lets the chatbox know what you're trying to do.

If you miss this, you will just end up saying whatever code you put in. It seems likely that, as the game continues to grow and change, we will see more codes come out. We will update you right here when we do.

Soul War patch notes

Soul War latest update patch notes

  • Fixed a bug where exile NPC won't spawn
  • Added a new hell gate spawn
  • Removed heavy charge upgrade
  • Increased hell gate spawn chance
  • Increased exile requirement
  • Fixed sinner gate not making you a sinner if your rank is above 5 while being a human

The latest Soul War patch notes are in. The patch dropped on April 24, 2023.

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