Anime Adventures tier list - best characters ranked (August 2022)

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Anime Adventures Banner in Roblox
August 17, 2022: The Anime Adventures tier list isn’t expected to change until the next major update. Check out the current standings below.

One thing you'll always want to know with a competitive game is who the best characters are. That's where our Anime Adventures tier list comes in to help. If you play Roblox and love anime games, you're probably playing Anime Adventures already, but you're likely not playing it efficiently.


We're going to rank all the characters in the game from S Tier to D Tier so you know which units to go for to build the best team possible. Having the best units to make the best team is important to be able to take on all content availbe in the game.

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Anime Adventures tier list - best characters for August 2022

Tier Unit
SDio, Diabolo, Itach, Torch, All Might, Marada, Rangoku
AGoku, Broly, Blue Goku, Jotaro, Payne, Aaron, Goku Rose
BBleach, Sanji, Sasuke, Luffy, Karyoin
CJoe, Sakura, Piccola, Johna, Luffo
DJio, Krillo, Zoru

As you'd expect, tier lists can change over time. As more characters are released, or characters are buffed and nerfed, things will move. You'll want to make sure that you check back regularly to our tier list to make sure that you're on top of the meta and ahead of the competition.


There's a bunch of content planned to be added to the game, so having this tier list will help you to conquer that content early. But how do you go about getting these units? Keep reading.

Summon Screen in Anime Adventures in Roblox

How do I get Anime Adventures units?

  • Tap the "Summon" icon on the left hand side or walk over to the Summon section of the central hub.
  • Select how many spins you want to purchase.

In order to spin for these units, you'll need to first load up Anime Adventures from within Roblox. Then, when you're in the central hub, you can either tap the Summon icon on the left hand side, or you can walk over to the Summon section of the centre hub.

Then you'll see a screen that will allow you to pick how many spins you want to do. There's a total of 6 units per "banner", and the banners refresh every hour. You'll also see that you have Legendary unit pity protection, so with each spin, you'll get increased odds to get a legendary unit.

Is the new Anime Adventures banner any good?

Rarity Character

According to the developers, the Anime Adventures banner added on July 9, 2022 includes two characters that are worth pulling for. If you need either Broly or Erwin, consider spending your spins on this one. They'll help. They're very rare, but you'll be happy if you get them.


And that's that! With this tier list, you should be able to find the best units to take on all content in the game and be ahead of the competition.

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