Anime World Tower Defense tier list (January 2023) - best units for normal and endless

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January 2, 2023: We checked our Anime World Tower Defense tier list for new characters

To stay competitive in Anime World Tower Defense on Roblox, you will want to have strong units. But with the game's multiple modes of increasing difficulty, you want the best units. That's where the Anime World Tower Defense tier list comes in. While having skill and game knowledge is key, having top tier units can help you take on all content in the game.


In any game, keeping up with what units get buffed and nerfed and where they end up in the meta is key to staying on top.

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Anime World Tower Defense tier list

Tier Unit
S TierPurgatory, RedHair, Unlimited, Manala, Charuto (Chakra Mode), Capsule Girl, DarkHollow, Barust, RedArcher, DragonEye, Cotaro
A TierTodororo, Jonos, Hoku (100%), Silent, Veshita (SSGJ)
B TierSoulPanther, PinkHairBoy, Kasuke, Konghan (SSJ), Shizaku
C TierKroly, Ruffy, Takashi, Kongkun (SSJ), HunterKid, Killer, Pane, Salo (TS), Veshita (Majin), Sanjiro
D TierArter, VirtualSwordman, BeastMask, PsychicBoy, BlackLeg, Koolin, Misuko, OneEyeMonster, Charuto, Salo, Tobara, Blossom, Kasuke (Akatsuki)
F TierKoji, Hoku, Veshita, Uchigo, Kongkun, Ruffy, Almon, Vuno, Kasuke

Checking in on the Anime World Tower Defense Tier list is something that you'll want to do reguarly. This is a preliminary day one tier list, and there's bound to be movement.

The game currently sports around 56 units over two different banners, so there's some choices to be made.


Moe units should be added to the game quickly, as the developers are taking community feed back and suggestions on new characters to add. In addition to units, the devs are also getting feedback on game ideas, possibly for new modes, so keeping up with the tier list to account for those will be important.

Which Anime World Tower Defense banner has the best units?

Obviously keeping up with this tier list will give you the knowledge to know which characters are at the top of the meta. But since there is a good number of units in the game already, and multiple banners to choose from, which one should you roll on?

Currently, most of the S tier and A teir units can be found on "Banner 1". One specific unit to note here is Todororo, which is only a Rare unit. Since this unit is A tier, you'll want to roll on "Banner 1" to try for this strong accessible unit, while trying to snag some S Tier units.


That being said, "Banner 2" has one of the best units in the game, Red Archer. This unit is so strong that it had to be nerfed, hours after the game released. Banner 2 also has a bunch of the Mid Tier units. This can be useful to help fill out your team while you're looking for the best units.

And there you have it! This tier list should give you the best early advantages in knowing which units to roll for in the gacha. If you're looking for some more codes for other Roblox games, check out our Project Avatar, King Legacy, and A One Piece Game codes lists.