A One Piece Game Codes - Free Beli and Resets (May 2022)

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Image of two Roblox characters swinging into battle in A One Piece Roblox Game.
May 14, 2022: A few new codes for A One Piece Game dropped over the weekend for Update 8. They're listed below.

Need a list of working A One Piece Game codes? You've stumbled upon the right place, because we've compiled all the coupons you can redeem in this latest Roblox game from Boss Studios. Unsurprisingly based on the hit One Piece anime, it'll be known as Millennium: Remastered down the line.

Our list of A One Piece Game codes will not only break down the freebies available in the game, but we'll also explain what they unlock, as well as exactly how you can get them. That's followed by a deeper look at the game's future release, tied closely to its growing Trello page.

Once you're done with these codes, we've got plenty of other Roblox games for you to enjoy. Check out our Slayers Unleashed codes and King Legacy codes for free items in two of the platform's biggest RPGs. On top of that, Pet Simulator X codes are perfect for those trying out the adorable animal game.

Table of Contents

All Working A One Piece Game Codes

  • UPDATE8 - 100k Beli (NEW)
  • 120KSUBS - DF Reset (NEW)
  • UPDATE7.5 -150k Beli
  • 155KLIKES - 100K Beli
  • 170KLIKES - Devil Fruit Reset

The following A One Piece Game codes were last checked and confirmed expired on May 14, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • UPDATE7 - 150k Beli
  • MAINTENANCE - Devil Fruit reset
  • UPDATE7TOMORROW - Double XP for ten minutes
  • SORRY4BUG - 100k Beli (NEW)
  • 125KLIKES - Devil fruit reset
  • MOCHITOMORROW - 2x XP for 30 minutes
  • RESETSDF - Devil fruit reset
  • 25MVISITS - 200k Beli
  • 110KLIKES
  • HangukMansae
  • EasterPreHype - devil fruit reset
  • 100KLIKES - 100k Beli
  • 200KMEMBERS - Fruit reset
  • 90KLIKES
  • KingLuffyAndAlopek - 100k Beli
  • SORRYWEFIXED - Reset Devil Fruit
  • 75KLIKES - 75k Beli
  • 100KTWITTER - 200k Beli
  • VIZTHEGOAT - Fruit removal
  • 60KLIKES
  • 55KLIKES - 100K Beli
  • 50KLIKES - 100K Beli
  • FruitsComeTomorrow - 100k Beli
  • 40KLIKES - 150k Beli
  • 20KLIKES - Beli
  • KOREA - 50k Beli
  • MILLIONAIRES - 100k Beli
  • TESTING - 100k Beli
  • THOUSANDLIKES - 50k Beli
  • SORRY - 100k Beli
  • 5KLIKES - 100k Beli
  • 3KLIKES - 100k Beli

These codes all expired in late March after a clean slate was issued, unbanning any exploiters and giving them a second chance.

Image of the code redemption screen in A One Piece Game.
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How to Use Codes in A One Piece Game

The good news is that redeeming A One Piece Game codes is quite simple, and is identical whether you're on PC or mobile. Here's how to do it:

  • Load up A One Piece Game from the Roblox game page.
  • Hit the Menu button in the bottom-left.
  • Tap the Twitter bird icon.
  • Choose a code from our list, paste it into the text box, then hit Redeem.
  • If the code is valid and working, you'll get a message saying what you've unlocked.

What Are A One Piece Game Codes?

A One Piece Game codes are free redeemable coupons you can use to snag some gifts in the Roblox game. Their contents are entirely dependent on the developers, but you'll find that most Roblox games use codes to gift free currency, items, or upgrades.

In the case of A One Piece Game, codes are currently your go-to for Beli, the main currency. You'll use it to purchase new boats on your nautical journey, either from the dedicated boats tab on the home screen or via merchants found across the map.

The Beli provided from codes are usually quite valuable, with hundreds of thousands on offer, so you should be able to waltz in and purchase a ship of your choice to get started.

How Do I Get More A One Piece Game Codes?


Since the game is technically still in the testing phase, you can expect even more A One Piece Game codes to land in the near future. As such, we've compiled a few places to check for new codes, so you can always redeem the latest codes as they drop.

First, it's worth keeping an eye on the official A One Piece Game Roblox page. It's loaded with information on updates and the state of pre-release testing, so don't be shocked if coupons arrive there in the future. For the time being, though, we recommend joining the Boss Studios Discord, and following the Twitter for all the new codes.

Is There A One Piece Game Trello?

If you want the very latest on A One Piece Game's release, we recommend joining the A One Piece Game Trello board. It's got everything from community links to details on the fighters, fruits, and boats you can get in the game. You may not find codes there, but it's a very reliable source for all things A One Piece Game.

That's it for our A One Piece Game codes guide! Be sure to check back soon for the latest freebies, as even more are bound to arrive once the game fully releases. In the meantime, grab some Arsenal codes and Anime Clicker codes for other hits on the Roblox platform.