Project Avatar codes (August 2023) - free trait and element rolls

The starting area of Project Avatar.

The starting area of Project Avatar.
August 7, 2023: We've added a bunch of new Project Avatar codes.

Another weekend, another new Roblox game. This time around, we're looking at Project Avatar codes. This game from Madhouse Productions is only in early testing right now, but it's racking up the visits to position it as one of the top growing Roblox games for the month of June.

Things are early for this game right now, but we'll be adding any new codes released for as long as the game remains popular. So if you're hoping to roll the new meta traits and skills, you'll want to keep a close eye on this page.

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New Project Avatar codes (August 2023)

  • !ROADTO10MIL - 1500 Yen (New)
  • !BIG1MIL - Family Roll (New)
  • !DJKHALED - Element Roll (New)
  • !WETHEBEST - Trait Roll (New)
  • !JUICEWRLDDID - 750 Yen (New)
  • !1500FOLLOWERS - Family reroll
  • !1200MEMBERS - Element reroll
  • !COMEBACKSOON - Skin reroll
  • !BIGLIONISBACK - 750 yen

Expired codes:

  • !UPD153
  • !SYNTEURO - 15K
  • !Sub2BigBeefy - FAMILY
  • !JULYFOURTH - 5k Yen
  • !HAIRWORKING2 - Hair
  • !ONEKFAVS - Skin
  • !GGLION - Skin
  • !SEVENKMEMBERS - Element
  • !TWOKFAVS - Element
  • !THXLION - Talent
  • !BDAYWEEK - Talent
  • !LIKENFAV - Trait
  • !THUMBSUPPLS - Trait
  • !MULLAHHH - 750 Yen
  • !WELUVLION - Family
  • !DAWEEKEND - Family
  • !V119 - Trait Reroll
  • !TRAINERFIXED - Trait Reroll
  • !MADHOUSE - Trait Reroll
  • !GOATSTATUS - Skin Reroll
  • !AVATARPROJECT - Element Reroll
  • !CONTENTUPDATES - Talent Reroll
  • !BOBRUFUS - Family Reroll
  • !CHEFTACKO - Element Reroll
  • !RETSUNOTETSU2 - Element Reroll
  • !LAZGOCRAZY - Element Reroll

More new Project Avatar codes are dropping throughout the game's early release. If the servers go down for an update, check back here for new codes.

Redeeming codes in Project Avatar.
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How to redeem Project Avatar dodes

  • Launch Project Avatar
  • Type your Project Avatar code in the chatbox
  • Hit send

Project Avatar uses a chatbox system for codes, meaning you need to type the codes into the chatbox to activate them. This is similar to Slayers Unleashed codes and Demonfall codes, so check those guides as well if you're not sure.

Simply put, you just need to type (or copy and paste) one of the Project Avatar codes above directly into the chatbox in the game with no other words or characters. Hit enter to send the message and you'll be prompted to use the reroll or whatever other reward the code dished out.

How do I get more Project Avatar codes?

Right now, there are two clear ways to get more Project Avatar codes: Twitter, and Discord.

The game's developer is frequently dropping up-to-date code lists on the Project Avatar Twitter, so follow them and enable notifications if you want to get Project Avatar codes the second they drop.

For even more codes, you could turn to the Project Avatar Discord channel as well. New codes tend to drop here before they're published to Twitter in longer lists.

These generally appear whenever the game goes down for maintenance or an update, so pay close attention to the updates channel in there to get new Project Avatar codes at speed.

For more Roblox codes, check out our hefty Roblox codes guide. It's a great place to find some new games on the platform to play. We have some pretty old ones in there if you're into the classics. YBA codes are all new for the big Update One YBA release as well, so check out our matching YBA tier list if you like JoJo games.

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