YBA Tier List - Best Stands for Your Bizarre Adventure

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Screenshot from Your Bizarre Adventure, showing a Roblox character with their anime-inspired Stand behind them
January 20, 2022: This time, we didn't need to make any changes to our YBA tier list.

The Roblox sensation Your Bizarre Adventure isn't short of potential stands to lead into battle, so our YBA tier list is here to help inform your decision. With so many heroes up for grabs in the anime-inspired fighting game, we've got all the details on which warriors are best suited to victory.

Our Your Bizarre Adventure tier list will go through each and every stand in the game, ranking them by their skill points and power. As such, you can see which characters are most useful in combat, and which might be worth avoiding. We'll also run through how to get more stands, and how to reroll if you fancy a fresh start.

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YBA Tier List

Ranking Stand name
SThe World Over Heaven, Killer Queen Bites the Dust, D4C Love Train, Made in Heaven, Star Platinum: The World, Chariot Requiem, Gold Experience Requiem, Tusk Act 4, C-Moon, King Crimson Requiem
ASix Pistols, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Anubis, The World, Aerosmith, King Crimson, Dirty Deeds Done Cheap
BStar Platinum, The World, Whitesnake, Crazy Diamond, Gold Experience, tusk Act 3, White Album
CPurple Haze, Hierophant Green, Scary Monsters, Hermit Purple, Tusk Act 2, The Hand, Beach Boy, Killer Queen, Sticky Fingers, Magician's Red
DSilver Chariot, Cream, Mr. President, Tusk Act 1

As you can see, there aren't too many different stands in Your Bizarre Adventure, making it slightly easier to navigate which characters are best to choose. The good news is that none of the characters are locked behind a paywall, meaning you've always got a chance of getting one just by playing through the game.

Our YBA tier list is sorted by cumulative skill points per character: the amount of power they have in their base, non-upgraded form. Of course, if you were to play more and upgrade characters, their skill points could well increase to alter the rankings, but this is based on the characters you'll get straight out of a random drop.

What Is the Best YBA Stand?

If you're brand-new to the game and want to know which YBA stand to focus on, there are a few characters to keep in mind. As per our tier list, the most powerful base character is The World Over Heaven, boasting a skill rank of 75. That's just one better than the 74 of Killer Queen Bites the Dust, making those two the characters who pack the most punch in battles. As such, these are the Your Bizarre Adventure stands worth aiming for, as they'll serve you very well across the entire game.


Equally, it's worth keeping an eye out for the stands that are rarest and tougher to unlock. The rarest YBA stand is Whitesnake, who has just a 1% probability of coming from Stand Arrows. That's followed by Star Platinum and The World at a 1.5% chance each, meaning these are the toughest stands to get your hands on, even if they aren't necessarily the best.

How Do I Get More YBA Stands?

Now you know which YBA stands are the best, it's time to find out how to get more. That's done with Stand Arrows, a type of in-game consumable item that lets you spin for a new stand. You can find these strewn across the arena in general gameplay, or purchase them from the Arcade. They come with varying levels of Worthiness, with 1 Worthiness deemed the worst, and so on. It should be noted that Stand Arrows with low Worthiness aren't guaranteed to drop a new stand, as they could just break without giving any reward. Therefore, you'll want to try and get the best Stand Arrows possible.

Once you've got some, all you have to do is select the "Use" option, then see what you get. There's no way to predict or ascertain which Your Bizarre Adventure stand you might get, so it's all down to sheer luck.

YBA Reroll Guide

If you aren't happy with your current YBA stands and want to start from the beginning, then you can always reroll and go back to square one. This will give you another chance to get some S-tier characters with your Stand Arrows.

Quite conveniently, YBA actually contains a Stand Reroll item. Using this will let you try a random spin one more time, so you can try once more to get the hero you desire. It's a benefit you get from purchasing the YBA Game Pass, letting you boost the odds of pulling certain characters. You'll get new spins on top of that, but beware that this costs Robux, and you cannot do it without spending real money.