Vinland codes - Best private servers for Shindo Life (November 2022)

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The Vinland zone in Shindo Life.
November 1, 2022: If you're looking for some peace and quiet, these Vinland codes should help.

With another Shindo Life update comes another reason for everyone to flock to another specific zone. We're looking at Vinland codes today to get you into some Shindo Life private servers where you'll mostly be left alone to farm for the new Renshiki 2.0 requirements. The quieter the zone, the easier a time you'll have.


Beyond just listing out Vinland codes for Shindo Life, we're going to explain a little about this new village. Last time, we looked at Shindai Valley codes: an older zone that got a new lease of life with the mid-May update. This time, however, we're looking at an entirely new village, so there are a few questions that need answering.

For more Shindo Life goodies, you can't go wrong with Shindo Life codes. We also have a Shindo Life tier list if you're looking for the absolute best equips you can find for PVP in the ever-popular Roblox game.

All worknig Vinland codes - Shindo Life private server codes

  • HQFNga
  • vkMu6F
  • HFO9ei
  • MMk2pU
  • owBb29
  • ELZcEo
  • 63VXHm
  • Axu1kv
  • d21hMi
  • AWz5Ja
  • VsGEVB
  • g6y7aQ
  • 81Rar9
  • ogAXDd
  • u3s3Nu
  • PUC6w6
  • jcMStE
  • DKL2S_
  • BxycYy
  • pDTQse
  • b4AO6J
  • _BrcF7
  • dCrPjK
  • PpSz6n
  • wHcDoL
  • GCT8Ej
  • i9rLqX
  • 1HwhEQ
  • F_RaNs
  • RF9Gu3
  • 4HR6OQ
  • uLj379
  • xXbomV
  • -YQlIW
  • UnWVg3
Vinland codes get you into private servers in Shindo Life.

How to use Vinland codes in Shindo Life

To use any of the above Vinland private server codes, you need to boot up Shindo Life first.


Press play on game's main menu to hop to the world select screen. Here, you want to put one of the Vinland codes above into the box in the top-right of the screen (sometimes hidden by the leaderboard).

With that done, tap on the Vinland area - the small, surrounded border in the top-right quadrant of the map, and join as normal. The Vinland server code should kick in and take you to a much more quiet, private server.

What is Vinland Village in Shindo Life?

Vinland is a new "sub-village" added to Shindo Life with its 144 update released on May 29, 2022. Beyond the signature Renshiki 2.0 rework, Vinland exists as a new hub for a lot of previously available bosses beyond Rinshiki like Shindai Akuma, Shiver Akuma, and Raion Rengoku.

By moving the popular enemies to Vinland, farming for those sub-abilities should be a fair bit easier, with Vinland private server codes serving as a way to make it easier still.

Why should I use Vinland private server codes?

Using Vinland codes in Shindo Life can drastically speed up the rate at which you get sub-ability drops from enemies.


The rates don't increase, but by hopping into a private server rather than a public one, you'll be around like-minded players who all want the same thing. Team up with them to beat enemies faster, help each other get drops, and otherwise dodge people who might just be there to cause trouble.

What drops in Vinland Village?

Whether you're hopping into public or private Vinland servers, you'll be looking at the same drops either way. With so many bosses there, you can expect the following:

  • Three Shindai Akuma sub-abilities
  • Shiver Akuma stun
  • Raion Rengoku's iframe skill with high damage potential
  • Renshiki's taijutsu
  • Renshiki Stage Two
  • Renshiki weapon

According to Youtuber Sombiscuit, those last three can be considered better than the full Samurai Spirit set, so you know it's worth trying for.


And that's it for this brand-new Shindo Life area. Go for the quests, or go for the loot. Either way, Vinland Village codes will get you into quiet servers where you can play without bother. Between farms, though, check out the latest Reaper 2 codes for the new update. It's a similar combat-focused Roblox game.