Shindo Life Tier List - Best Shindo Storm Characters and Bloodlines

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September 25, 2022: We're updating the Shindo Life bloodline tier list soon.

A Shindo Life tier list exists for the same reason any other tier list does: to ensure you're running the best character combo possible in this action-packed and highly competitive Roblox brawler. Skill will always be the biggest deciding factor in the outcome of a fight, but running in with characters and bloodlines that simply aren't good won't help.


Keep up with the best and worst as buffs and nerfs come into play and you'll up your chances at victory no matter the situation. Read on to find more wisdom.

If Shindo Life isn't the only Roblox game you frequent, you might want to check out some other guides. We have a bunch of codes for games like Blox Fruits, Slayers Unleashed, and even Shindo Life itself. Anime Fighters Simulator codes are coming in for the big new update as well.

The best Shindo Life Shindo Storm character tier list.

Shindo Life Tier List - Best Characters for Shindo Storm League

Tier Character
SSeishin, Ryken Shizen, Raion Rengoku, Riser Akuma, PTS Deva, Azim Senko, Bankai Akuma, Ghost Korashi
AAilee Minakami, Zeno Dokei, Shiver Akuma, Shindai Akuma, Satoru Akuma, Pika Senko, Odin Saberu, Apollo Sabaku, Atomic, Borumaki, Narumaki, Forged Rengoku, Golden Jokei, Dangan,
BAlphirama Dangan, Renshiki, Minikami, Menma Azarashi, Giovanni Shizen, Ryuji Kenichi, Bruce Kenichi, Dio Senko
CKau Cobra, Okami, Raion Akuma, Bankai Akuma
DAshen Storm
FShiba Glacier, PTS Raion

Referring back to the Shindo List tier list is a habit you need to form. The Shindo Storm PvP mode drops a bunch of players into a battlefield not with their hand-picked skills and stats, but those of a pre-set character instead.

There are around 36 different Shindo Storm characters to choose from right now, but outside of the first two you get for free, you'll be paying millions of coins to unlock each. Buy one before looking at the tier list above and you might just make a costly mistake.

The developers are currently pushing hard for Shindo Life PVP to take off, with exciting videos to prove it. If you're interested in putting your skills to the test, consider keeping track of the changes. Shindo Storm and Arena-X modes are getting private servers real soon.

Shindo Life Bloodlines Tier List

Tier Bloodline
SXeno-Dokei, Ghost-Korashi, Bankai-Akuma, Borumaki, Deva-Sengoku, Deva-Rengoku, Blood
ASirachia, Satori-Akuma, Raion-Rengoku, Rykan-Shizen, Raion-Akuma, Akuma, Kamaki, Dio-Senko, Kenichi, Bubble, Narumaki, Shindai, Minakami, Senko, Tengoku, Tsunami
BShiver-Akuma, Riser-Akuma, Light-Jokei, Sengoku, Rengoku, Ink, Renshiki, Ashen-Storm, Bolt, Odin-Saberu, Shizen, Apollo-Sand, Paper, Clay, Wanziame, Dangan, Giovanni-Shizen, Inferno, Mud, Pika-Senko, Vine, Tengoku, Typhoon
CVariety-Mud, Sound, Shadow, Seishin, Dokei, Azim-Senko, Jokei, Mecha-Spirit, Kocho, Eternal, Kaijin, Azarashi, Emerald, Kerada, Shizen, Nectar, Smoke
DStorm, Dark-Jokei, Saberu, Sand, Gold Sand, Cobra, Kokotsu, Okami, Black Shock, Ice, Atomic, Crystal, Explosion
ELava, Frost, Scorch, Steam, Glacier

The Shindo Life Bloodlines tier list is looking pretty healthy right now. For a game that's filled to the brim with this many combat variations, you'd expect balance to be virtually non-existent. And while some Bloodlines are certainly useless given how likely they are to be bested by others, the upper tiers aren't dominated by newer, rarer Bloodlines like you'd expect.

There's no immediate reason to spend all your rolls on the newest Bloodline: it isn't likely to guarantee you a win for long. Either stick with an average pick you know best or aim to practice with something higher up. Just avoid the D and E tiers if you can.

Shindo Life Sub-Ability Tier List

Another integral part of any Shindo Life build is your choice of sub-abilities. Though they typically fit into one of three categories; Martial Arts, Modes, and Misc, we've focused solely on the top Misc abilities for now. Refer back to the Shindo Life Sub-Ability tier list above whenever you're rerolling your character. There's nothing worse than rolling away the best Shindo Life sub-ability.


How Do I Unlock More Shindo Storm Characters?

You can jump into the Shindo Storm mode in Shindo Life even before you make your first character. That's because they're not needed in this mode. Shindo Storm uses pre-set characters similar to Street Fighter or Dead or Alive. You pick your favourite and head straight into battle.

The problem with this system is that you're only given immediate access to two of the 30+ Shindo Storm characters. They're not bottom-of-the-barrel types, but they're not the best, either. To unlock more Shindo Storm characters, you need to spend a lot of coins. Typically over two million, in fact.

So long as you have the money to do this, just click on any locked character on the selection screen. You should see an option to purchase them with your in-game currency. Do that and you'll permanently add them to your squad.

When Will We Get a New Shindo Storm Character?

Simply put, a new Shindo Storm character will likely arrive whenever enough new Bloodlines are introduced to warrant a new character who uses them.


Shindo Life is always getting updates both big and small, but the details are always a little harder to come by. Without being well-versed in the Shindo Life experience, patch notes can sound like gibberish. And if you've never stepped foot in the Shindo Storm mode from the main menu, you likely won't even know what it is. Just keep an eye on the Shindo Life Trello board. If one is in the works, it'll pop up on there first.

How Do I Level Up Bloodlines in Shindo Life?

  • War mode (PVP)
  • Orange or Green quests (PVE)
  • Training Log with an auto clicker (AFK)

Once you've settled on your favourite Bloodline, you'll want to level it up. A new Bloodline isn't going to be very strong if you're at a high level yourself, so you'll need to work to level it up just like anything else.

Right now, the War mode is a great way to level up Bloodlines. Green and Orange quests would be another great option for PVE content. And when you're away from your device, using an auto clicker is advised. Set this up around a Training Log and you'll earn EXP while you're away.