Pixel Piece best fruit tier list - Best fruits for launch

Pixel Piece best fruit tier list

Pixel Piece best fruit tier list

Just getting started in the latest Roblox One Piece game? You'll want this Pixel Piece best fruit tier list before you start paying out for mediocre fruits. There aren't too many in the game right now, but that doens't mean it isn't easy to use the wrong ones. There's always some kind of hierarchy in these kinds of games, and we're going to show you how to make the most of it.

Like any Roblox One Piece game, the best fruits in Pixel Piece are the hardest ones to get. Generally speaking, the harder they are to find, the more powerful they are. And that's not just in terms of raw strength. The rarer a fruit is, the lower the chance of your opponent having dealt with them enough to know how to effectively counter them. So keep that in mind.

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Pixel Piece best fruit tier list - Best fruits for launch

Though far from a developer-approved tier list, we've used tier lists from countless other Roblox One Piece games to work out this Pixel Piece fruit tier list. They all use the fruits from the anime and manga and often rely on past games to decern the pros, cons, and combat styles.

Pixel Piece Best Fruits Tier List




Kilo Kilo





Again, this isn't a confirmed list, so don't rush to get a Pixel Piece fruit that's high on the tier list if you don't believe it's as good as we think. Each fruit also relies heavily on your own skill and practice, too. If you don't know what one at the bottom of the list does, you won't beat it even with one from the top of the list. That's just common sense.

When is the next new Pixel Piece fruit?

We don't know for certain when a new Pixel Piece fruit will arrive, but with the game getting a major update on Friday, February 3, 2023, there's a good chance one will arrive then.

For some final Roblox hits, check out the latest PLS DONATE codes. It only recently got the popular feature, so it's seeing a surge of popularity with record-high player counts.

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