A One Piece Game Lunarian race - Abilities and how to get

A winged character using the Lunarian race in A One Piece Game.

A winged character using the Lunarian race in A One Piece Game.

The new Lunarian race in A One Piece Game has just landed as part of the Roblox experience's latest update, and players are eager to get their hands on it. With a totally new fighting technique on offer, you'll definitely want to unlock the Lunarian race to take on enemies in the hit anime-inspired game.

In this Roblox guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about the Lunarian race in A One Piece Game. That mainly comprises two key topics: how to get the new race, and the moves and abilities you can harness.

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How do I get the Lunarian race in A One Piece Game?

First of all, you'll need to know exactly how to get the Lunarian race in A One Piece Game. For those with prior experience with the game, it'll come nice and easily.

Just like all other races in AOPG, getting the Lunarian race primarily boils down to luck. You'll have to perform a race reroll to unequip your current race and randomly spin for a new one. If you get lucky, it'll land on Lunarian ready for you to test out.

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The Lunarian race performing the flight move in A One Piece Game.
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What does the Lunarian race do in A One Piece Game?

Crucially, the new Lunarian race comes with a range of buffs that passively impact your fighter's stats. Namely, those with the Lunarian equipped will get 20% damage reduction, alongside a 30% damage boost. Evidently then, it's a hugely powerful race designed with attacking players in mind.

You also get access to a new item in your inventory, called Lunarian Flight. This is a new move exclusive to the race, which gives your character flaming wings. As expected, Lunarian Flight lets your character harness those wings to soar in the air.

It's a really quick way of getting around, though sadly you can't combine Lunarian Flight with any melee or ranged attacks. Even better, it doesn't use up your stamina bar, and you can fly for as long as you like without it running out.

That's it for our look at the Lunarian race in A One Piece Game! For even more on the biggest Roblox games around, feel free to grab some Fruit Piece codes, as well as Blox Fruits codes!

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