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Project Slayers Flame Breathing BDA location and how to get it

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Promotional image of three heroes in Project Slayers
August 7, 2023: We've updated our guide to Project Slayers Flame Breathing BDA.

Wondering how to get Project Slayers Flame Breathing BDA? Project Slayers UPD 1 just added a bunch of new locations, clans, bosses, BDA, weapons, and just about anything else you could possibly have wanted from a patch months in the making. That's a long time for popular Roblox games.

Down below, we'll quickly go through where to find Project Slayers Flame Breathing trainer, the skills it comes with, and how the Rengoku clan can help. They're a powerful combination of skills you won't want to miss out on for the Mugen Train arc of the game.

For more on this hit Roblox adventure, check out Project Slayers codes. There are a few new ones in for the first few days of the patch. Then, check out the updated Project Slayers map and Project Slayers tier list.

How to get Flame Breathing BDA in Project Slayers

All you need to do to get Flame Breathing in Project Slayers is be level 75. That's it. The new area you'll need to travel to in order to unlock the new BDA is locked to level 50, but you'll need to be level 75 to get the BDA.

Once you're at level 50, just fast-travel to Wop City: you'll find this on the Ouwohana region list. Train up in this region to 75 if you need to, but if you're already at that point, continue on.

Now that you're in Wop City, run passed the small staircase with the dungeon timer at the top and under the big flag. Keep going diagonally across toward the Rengoku portrait on the screen.

Soon enough, you'll come across the Flame Trainer standing beneath the canopy of a tall building. Talk to him without a breathing skill equipped and you'll get Flame Breathing.

If you need a visual aid, YouTuber SAGEz has a very informative video you can check out as well.

How to get Rengoku clan in UPD 1

Though your odds are astronomically low right now, there's every chance you'll get the Rengoku clan simply by spinning for it.

One of the latest codes gives 18 spins, so that's 18 chances of pulling Rengoku clan for free if you're one of the lucky few. The codes expire the weekend after the update, though, so you'll need to be quick as well.


After that, you'll just have to use spins as and when you get them. Rengoku isn't exclusive for this time period and will be available forever, so even though you might not get it in the early days of the update, you'll surely see it someday if you keep trying.

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