Project Slayers map - All locations list

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Image of a Roblox character in Project Slayers.
December 12, 2022: A bunch of new Project Slayers map locations are in for UPD 1.

Want to get to grips with the Project Slayers map? This new Roblox game based on the Demon Slayer anime has fast become one of the most popular experiences on the user-generated platform. Filled with different areas to explore, having a map at your disposal is a great way to make sense of it all.


In this Roblox guide, we'll break down the details you need to know about the Project Slayers map. That includes what it is, how to access it, and exactly which areas can be found on this ever-useful resource.

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All Project Slayers map locations

  • Kiribating Village
  • Zapiwara Cave
  • Butterfly Mansion
  • Zapiwara Mountain
  • Ushumaru Village
  • Waroru Cave
  • Kabiwaru Village
  • Abubub Cave
  • Final Selection
  • Ouwbayashi Home
  • Wind Trainer
  • Dangerous Woods
  • Slasher Demon
  • Ouwohana
    • Nomay Village
  • Cave 1
  • Frozen Lake
  • Village 2
  • Mist Trainer Location
  • Wop’s Training Grounds
  • Beast Cave
  • Wop City
  • Mugen Train Station
  • Akeza Cave
  • Cave 2

If you want to know all of the locales within the Project Slayers map, we've got handy list of them all above. Each place tends to have a different boss within, as well as some places housing reroll features, attribute unlocks, and more.

What is the Project Slayers map?

The Project Slayers map is the in-game utility that lets you see exactly where you are in this vast Roblox world. Once you unlock it and equip it from your inventory, you can see which of the various locations you're currently in, alongside a list of all the other POIs in the game.

Using the Project Slayers map is very handy if you're trying to fight a specific boss, or meet up with friends. In a world as expansive as this one, it'll fast become one of your most used resources.

Image of all the locations in Project Slayers.

How do I open the Project Slayers Map?

To find the Project Slayers map, you need to have first made a character within the game. This doesn't take too long, and then leads on to the tutorial. Fortunately, you don't need to get through all of it, including the detailed combat segments.

Instead, all you need to do is finish the segment where you learn about movement and climbing. From there, the game provides you with a fighting style and map in your inventory. Check the second slot and equip the map to see all of the locations within the Project Slayers map.

One thing you should know is that not all locations on the map are immediately accessible. You generally have to spend currency on unlocking different regions, which could take a while of grinding.

That's it for our look at the Project Slayers map. While you get to grips with this vast Roblox realm, feel free to also read up on how to join Project Slayers private servers in the game.